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Organic Chia, Hemp & Pea Protein Three Pack

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Most of our customers come to us looking for healthy, vegan-friendly, plant-based protein options. But, often times they’re not sure which protein is the best option for them. We created the three-pack variety bundle so that you can try each protein and see their unique benefits for yourself. You can make any delicious, highly nutritious recipe that you can think of with this bundle!

It includes one pack each of our chia protein, hemp protein and pea protein. Each offering a slightly different nutritional profile. All of them offer a different nutty flavor and blend perfectly with a variety of baked goods and foods – instantly boosting their nutritional value and making them exponentially healthier.

The bundle offers a total of 1.5 pounds of organic plant-based protein which amounts to 48 servings. If you’re just starting to boost your foods with plant-based protein, then this is the option for you!


Enjoy a Few of Our Favorite Protein Recipes: