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Pea protein powder is the closest plant-based alternative to whey protein that you’ll find. It contains a whopping dose of 80% protein per serving, which gives it a higher protein ratio than whey. Our pea protein offers 12 grams of protein per 14 gram serving. It contains only one gram of fat (and zero grams of harmful saturated or trans fats), one gram of carb, one gram of sugar and zero grams of cholesterol.

Consuming pea protein is a quick, healthy injection of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti-oxidants and amino acids. Pea protein powder is also completely free of gluten, lactose and dairy. It’s highly soluble and one of the most easily digestible forms of protein available. And since approximately 65% of people who consume protein powders suffer from symptoms such as bloating and fatigue, pea protein is rapidly becoming more and more popular among athletes that are working to build muscle.