BioGains was launched with a three-part mission:

1. To produce the healthiest food and supplements within the health and fitness industry;

2. To develop delicious recipes that change the way people diet and consume protein; and

3. To help create a more sustainable planet that is free of animal cruelty

It took us two years of product sourcing and development – including a lot of trial and error. But we were finally able to unveil our product line offering essential plant-based products that are all USDA certified organic – the highest (and hardest) level of ‘organic’ labeling that is possible to attain.

Now, we’re in the kitchen every day. We’re working to develop delicious recipes that you’ll LOVE to eat. Because we believe you’re much more likely to achieve your health and fitness goals when you’re looking forward to your next delightful meal – not when you’re dreading it.

We’ve mastered developing the organic products your body needs and the recipes that make you want to eat healthier. We’ve given you the tools to create a healthier you.

And you’ve run with it.

We’re very appreciative of the community that has developed and the support we’ve received from those that are vegan, vegetarian or just want to consume healthier, plant-based foods.

Because of you, and your support, we’ve been able to work toward fulfilling our final, and most important, mission – to create a more sustainable planet that is free from animal cruelty. We’re working toward this goal by developing two initiatives:

The 1-for-1 Tree Planting Initiative – It’s very simple. For every product we ship out – we plant one tree in one of America’s National Forests. This initiative is extremely important given that our National Forests are in danger. Wildfires, insects and diseases are becoming an increasing danger to our trees. Planting new trees supports wildlife recovery, improves water quality, mitigates climate change and improves the world’s sustainability. Not to mention, our National Forests provide a home to over 3,000 species, including more than 400 endangered species. Planting trees today will help create healthy forests for us today and for our future generations.

The Stop Animal Cruelty Fund – We have pledged to donate a minimum of 20% of our proceeds to our Stop Animal Cruelty Fund. Through this fund, we aid those who are fighting save animals throughout the America. We’ve been fortunate to assist some heroes who have dedicate their time to rescuing animals in need. We support those who work to bring down illegal dog-fighting rings and who campaign for stronger animal cruelty laws and against cruel farming and experiment practices. We also support animal rescues who are in need of resources to buy food and supplies, provide animals with shelter, and to cover medical expenses for animals in need.

We cherish any opportunity we have to jump in and assist wherever we can. Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance to you or if you know of a rescue in need.

And thank you so much for embracing us. Together, we'll continue to change the world.