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Pea Protein: The Many Uses and Benefits

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian looking for dairy-free protein sources, you must have heard about pea protein. Pea protein is a plant-based protein and is primarily considered the best muscle building plant-based protein. Many of the vegans who have tried out pea protein believe that it is better than whey protein. The […]

Is Almond Milk Vegan? YES!

Today, many people are becoming vegans as they don’t want to consume dairy products or animal-based foods. They don’t want to consume foods that are produced by causing cruelty to animals. This is why plant-based proteins such as almonds, peas, soy and hemp are in great demand. Almond milk has become the most popular among […]

Best Vegan Protein Sources: The Top 8

Over the last few years, veganism has become increasingly popular. Many people are shying away from eating products that have been produced by methods that cause unnecessary cruelty to the animals. And since animal-based foods typically are high in protein, vegans or others who stop eating meat must find other ways to boost their protein […]

Low Carb Donuts Prove that God Loves Us

Let me start by saying that we’re not here to preach religion. But there is something about low carb donuts that let us know there is something greater out there than ourselves. And if donuts are (one of) your guilty pleasures then you’re probably going to agree with us on this. We all have those […]

Vegan Protein Cookies: Everyone Loves Them!

Cookie lovers aren’t usually all that particular about the type of cookies they like to eat. Heck, if it tastes good then it’s all good. However, people who work on improving or maintaining their figure need the key nutrients and want more than just something that tastes good. That’s why vegan protein cookies are becoming […]

5 Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes that are Rich in Protein

If you’re like us – you’re known to have a bit of a sweet tooth. But, craving sweets can wreck your diet and exercise goals. That’s why we work to make sweets healthier. Try these five recipes to strike the perfect balance of satisfying your cravings and your ability to make gains.  You can eat […]

The Best Substitutes for Eggs While Baking: 10 Options

One of the most common questions we hear from new vegans or vegetarians is how to substitute the eggs that are called for in baking recipes while still achieving the same results. So, we’ve compiled a list of 11 great substitutes for baking recipes that call for eggs. 1. Chia Protein Powder Simply add 3 […]