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The 4 Amazing Benefits of Protein Shakes

We write about the numerous benefits of protein a lot here at BioGains. We also write a lot about the ways that people who consume plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diets can ensure that they’re consuming adequate amounts of protein. Today, we’re going to specifically look at the main benefits of protein shakes and why they […]

Does Protein Help You Lose Weight?

Everyone knows that protein is the key to building and maintaining muscle mass, right? For decades, protein has been associated with building muscle. And since protein is essential to build muscle, it makes sense. But does protein help you lose weight? The short answer is YES, protein helps you lose weight. And there are several […]

Baking with Protein Powder is All the Rage

Everyone realizes how important protein is when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals. It’s the key nutrient that allows the human body to build and maintain muscle mass. It’s also the key nutrient that allows the human body to lose weight. So, no matter what your fitness goals are, you need protein to […]

Vegan Protein Powders: The Differences

There are quite a few different vegan protein powders out there. Some better than the others. We’ve narrowed the best vegan protein powders down to three and focus on the best of the best. And while nearly all plant-based protein powders offer similar benefits, due to the fact that they’re made from plants, we often […]

Organic Protein Powder is the Future of Protein Supplements

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) mission for organic foods and farming is to “integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.” Products that are USDA certified cannot contain any ingredients from the National List of Prohibited Substances. Most USDA certified products are single ingredient […]