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What are BCAAs? Read This Before Taking BCAAs

For years, there has been a debate within the fitness industry surrounding branch-chain amino acids – or BCAAs for short. It can be a bit of a hot subject because opinions can vary wildly. Some say BCAAs are essential for athletes while others claim that BCAAs are nothing more than a useless supplement that companies […]

How Long Should You Take Probiotics?

One of the common supplements that we receive questions about here at BioGains is the simple probiotic. The most common question is ‘how long should I take probiotics?’ While probiotics have become increasingly popular over the years, some people still wonder if they’re actually useful or if they’re just another marketing gimmick. In this quick […]

How Long Does Preworkout Last?

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume one of two things. Either you’re about to take preworkout for the first time and you’re scared that you’ll never sleep again or you’ve taken a preworkout and you’re lying in bed wondering if you’ll ever be able to fall asleep again. Rest assured that the […]

Glutamine Benefits: Here’s Why You Need It

When bodybuilders take supplements in order to help build muscle, one of the most important supplements is glutamine. It is taken to minimize the breakdown of your muscles during your workout, and maximize protein metabolism. These are just a few of the most imporant benefits associated with taking the supplement regularly when you’re on a […]