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Upper Body Workout for Runners: 3 Awesome Exercises

Runners are a very rare bread. They all have strong legs and outstanding endurance. But many runners find that they need to maintain a strong core and upper body as well. That’s why we’ve put together three exercises that create an awesome upper body workout for runners. These three exercises will help runners maintain a […]

High Intensity Cardio Workouts: The Benefits

There are all sorts of different motivations that can prod you into getting more exercise. Maybe you want to slim down and fit into the clothes you wore ten years ago. Maybe you want to build up muscle and enjoy the benefits of weight lifting. Maybe you simply want to feel (and be) healthier. Maybe […]

Barbell Squats vs Dumbbell Squats

Squats are a staple in almost every workout program. There’s just no denying that squats are ridiculously effective when it comes to developing a strong lower body. But with so many variations, how do you know which squat is best? Let’s compare barbell squats vs dumbbell squats and see which ones are right for you. […]

Best Lat Exercises for Muscle Growth

It goes without saying that the lats are an extremely important muscle. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to conduct daily activities. This article takes a look at what exactly the ‘lats’ are, what they do and the best lat exercises. Lats is short for the more scientific name, latissimus dorsi, which gets it’s […]

The 8 Best Calf Workouts At Home

Many people say that the calf muscles are one of the harder muscles to workout. However, the calves are one of the most used muscles, so it’s imperative to build functional calf muscles. Naturally, your body puts a lot of pressure on the calves to stay upright and perform our daily functions throughout the day. […]