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What are BCAAs? Read This Before Taking BCAAs

For years, there has been a debate within the fitness industry surrounding branch-chain amino acids – or BCAAs for short. It can be a bit of a hot subject because opinions can vary wildly. Some say BCAAs are essential for athletes while others claim that BCAAs are nothing more than a useless supplement that companies […]

How to Build Huge Pecs

Building a muscular chest is the top of almost every male weight lifter’s list. However, many athletes just don’t know what to do to accomplish this. The truth is that building a huge chest takes a lot of time and effort – but, don’t that that deter you. To accomplish any fitness goal, you have […]

Upper Body Workout for Runners: 3 Awesome Exercises

Runners are a very rare bread. They all have strong legs and outstanding endurance. But many runners find that they need to maintain a strong core and upper body as well. That’s why we’ve put together three exercises that create an awesome upper body workout for runners. These three exercises will help runners maintain a […]

How to Cut Weight and Look Ripped

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone who works out wants to know how to cut weight so that they can show off a ripped physique. The simple fact is that no matter how often you work out, a ripped physique will always be covered up by a high body fat percentage. Being cut goes hand-in-hand […]

High Intensity Cardio Workouts: The Benefits

There are all sorts of different motivations that can prod you into getting more exercise. Maybe you want to slim down and fit into the clothes you wore ten years ago. Maybe you want to build up muscle and enjoy the benefits of weight lifting. Maybe you simply want to feel (and be) healthier. Maybe […]