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Vegan Protein Cookies: Everyone Loves Them!

Cookie lovers aren’t usually all that particular about the type of cookies they like to eat. Heck, if it tastes good then it’s all good. However, people who work on improving or maintaining their figure need the key nutrients and want more than just something that tastes good. That’s why vegan protein cookies are becoming more popular! The reason for this is because they don’t want to enjoy good taste at the expense of other things they value. Some examples would include:

  • People who are serious about the vegan lifestyle. We’re not just talking about people who do it because it’s trendy. We’re talking about people who actually live the lifestyle, meaning they take notice of anything that contains any form of animal products or byproducts.
  • People who don’t want to load up on things that don’t provide them the core nutrient they seek. Yes, people should want more than just one primary nutrient, but in the case of those who are fitness oriented these are going to be people who want protein. And they’ll want it in a healthy form.

One of the new, hip snack foods on the market these days is vegan protein cookies. These are cookies that focus on providing high levels of protein and at the same time making sure that all ingredients inside of them are vegan friendly.  The big question is why would anyone choose this option?

If you’re a cookie lover you’ve probably already figured out how to work in your cookie habit to your lifestyle so you don’t feel guilty about eating them. Not only this, but if the main thing a person wants is vegan friendly and high protein content then aren’t there other options out there? The answer is yes and here are some of them:

  • Vegan friendly and protein based energy bars. You’ve seen these on shelves and you’ve also seen how much sugar most of them contain. These bars are usually very expensive depending on where you get them and can become addictive. This isn’t to say they aren’t good, but some people don’t prefer them.
  • Vegan friendly and protein based shakes. The places that sell these are usually located in certain areas where there’s a high college student population or overall young population that’s fitness minded. Shakes are good, but the problem with them once again is that they aren’t readily available when someone wants them unless they are at the gym or at home where they can prepare their own.

People who are a fan of foods in either of the forms mentioned above are going to gravitate towards them. People who are cookie lovers for a long time have been without vegan friendly and protein based options. Now all that is changing.

Vegan friendly cookies with protein are available and what’s even better is that they are often a better option than shakes or bar options. For example the person who prefers a protein shake will find that if they chose a protein cookie instead they can get almost the same level of protein. The cookie is going to have less calories and carbs as well. It takes longer to digest so therefore it will provide sustained energy and more satiation than a shake will. It doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of sugar as bars do and they tend to taste better.

If you want to get into price, then you’ll find that saving money becomes easier with vegan friendly and protein based cookies.

High Protein Stacks are the Secret Weapon for Athletes

No matter what type of person you are when it comes to fitness, you’re going to need protein. The question is how do you want to consume that protein? Now you can decide to consume it in powder form, which works for most people. However, for the person who is a cookie monster they might find it easier to consume it in cookie form.

The best way to make this work is to be willing to experiment with different flavors until you find something you really like. You might find that once you do find a flavor you like start eating the cookie after a workout rather than using powder. In order to feel good about this though you would need to make sure the vegan friendly protein cookie was high quality. You would need to make sure that the protein you got from it was the type you needed.

Vegan Protein Cookies are a Great Snack Option

If you like cookies then why not find a healthier alternative? You have to look at these types of cookies are more than just a snack, because they are. For the person who is a vegan they support that lifestyle while enabling you to not sacrifice your cookie habit. And for the person who wants protein for fitness purposes they’ll find that these cookies are a good replacement for things such as protein bars or even shakes.

The real benefit to these types of cookies though is that they typically come with a nutritious combination of ingredients you’d never get from conventional cookies. Anyone who suffers from certain nutrition deficiencies or even those who have digestive problems will benefit from consuming something with a superior blend of ingredients.

Vegan friendly protein cookies should also be focused on being gluten free, non-GMO and organic. Are these going to cost more than a pack or Oreos? Yes they are, but you can’t look at these types of cookies the same. The healthier option is an investment in your health. They provide an option that will support your lifestyle and make you feel better at the end of the day.

How Do Vegan Protein Cookies Taste?

There’s no reason why if you get a form of these cookies that come from a trusted source, not only can you get something that tastes just as good, but better. Superior ingredient selection and overall healthier selections often leads to better taste and overall enjoyment.