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Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises: The 4 Best

Whether you’re working out from home or just looking to mix up your routine, bodyweight exercises are a great way to accomplish your fitness goals. Some athletes think that bodyweight exercises don’t produce measureable results but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We take a look at four best upper body bodyweight exercises that will definitely produce results. These exercises will help you build strong, lean muscle mass while improving your overall endurance. So, without further ado…

1. Burpees

Burpees are one of the most beneficial muscle building full body exercises. Regularly performing burpees not only build your upper body, they will sculpt and strengthen your entire body. This exercise consists of a squat, followed by a pop-up push-up and then lowering yourself back into the squat position, before jumping into the air. Then repeat for the desired number of repetitions. Burpees are a combination of strength training and cardio as they will greatly increase your heart rate and keep it elevated throughout your workout. By continuously repeating this full body exercise, you will notice that your shoulders, core, arms and chest see some of the best results that upper body bodyweight exercises produce.

2. Yoga

Many people don’t associate yoga with building strength. It’s also widely considered as an exercise that’s for women. These two misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Yoga is a tremendous form of exercise that targets not only the body but also the mind and spirit. Adding yoga to your workout routine will produce many benefits that reach far beyond just your body. It’s one of the best upper body bodyweight exercises that you can perform.

Yoga benefits come because it causes you to hold strenuous positions for lengthy amounts of time. This increases your upper body muscle endurance, which will sculpt your body and allow you to have greater strength overall. Yoga will also increase your blood flow throughout your entire body; this means that you’ll also increase your endurance.

3. Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most beneficial upper body exercises that you can engage in for a number of reasons. For one, they do not simply just work one particular part of your upper body, they work your entire upper body, including your shoulders, forearms, traps, core and chest. Push-ups are one of the fundamental exercises when it comes to building and improving functional strength. You gain functional muscle mass and strength from doing these push-ups, even though the only resistance that you are up against is gravity and your own body weight.

To take push-ups to the next level, incorporate a variety of push-ups into your workout routine. In addition to the standard push-up, you should do push-ups with your hands in the wide and close position. The wide position will have your hands placed a couple of inches outside of your shoulders; whereas, the close position will require you to have your hands directly below your chest and nearly touching. To really take push-ups to the next level, add a weight to your back so that you’re working against more than just your bodyweight and gravity.

4. Pull-ups

This is one of the oldest body weight exercises known to man, but also perhaps the most effective. Pull-ups have long been a traditional way to measure strength because it requires a great deal of  and strength to perform them. They cause you to literally lift your entire body weight using your upper body strength. When you do pull-ups on a regular basis, you will slowly but surely be able to build and sculpt your upper body. You will see your strength continuously grow the more repetitions you are able to undergo.

A small investment in a pull-up bar makes this a very easy and effective workout to do at home. Obviously, pull-up bars are a standard piece of machinery in every gym. You can also increase the difficulty of pull-ups by strapping a weight to your body.

Why You Should Add Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises to Your Workout

Every great workout routine incorporates a variety of exercises. Bodyweight exercises are especially beneficial because they can be done from virtually anywhere and require minimal time.

Bodyweight exercises are especially beneficial for the upper body because there are so many exercises that attack that large muscle group. By building your chest, core, shoulders and arms, you give yourself plenty of functional strength which allows you to receive wonderful muscle gains overall. You will also be able to tremendously increase your strength, which gives you more control over your lifestyle and helps you to stay in great shape and wonderful health.

Further, these exercises are excellent in terms of increasing testosterone in your body, which also allows you to have more confidence. Testosterone plays an important role when it comes to muscle building and having a higher testosterone level will improve the quality of your workouts.

Take these tips in mind and use them so that you are able to undergo some wonderful exercises that will be helpful to you. Many of these can be done on your own time and without the need of a gym membership. These factors are excellent in that regard and will provide you the opportunity to build your strength from the ground up and enjoy the wonderful benefits that you receive as a result.

Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises: The Next Level

Recently, we wrote about the best chest exercises that you can do with dumbbells. Dumbbells are the universal tool when it comes to fitness. With one simple set of dumbbells, you can perform a complete upper body (and lower body) work out.

To really take your workout to the next level, incorporate a variety of dumbbell exercises into your routine. Many of the same great benefits that apply to bodyweight exercises also apply to dumbbell exercises. The main two being that they can be performed from virtually anywhere and that they require minimum equipment. So, whether you’re short on time or just prefer to work out from home, the only thing that can prevent you from building a muscular upper body is you.