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Transitioning to Vegan: Here’s How to Make It Easy

If you’re on the fence or currently transitioning to vegan, we’re here to help! We were there once and we understand how difficult it can be to transfer to a plant-based lifestyle. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help your transition to vegan go as smoothly as possible. And, once you make the transition, we promise you that you’ll never look back! Here, we’ve put together our top tips to help you make a smooth transition to the vegan lifestyle.

Transitioning to Vegan: Our Best Tips

Identify Your Motivation to Go Vegan – We’re big believers in the fact that the reason you decide to do something has to outweigh any potential negative effects of doing it. And, if you’re going to make a big lifestyle change like transitioning to vegan, then you better have a very good reason for doing it. Most vegans, like myself, choose a vegan lifestyle due to our desire to stop animal cruelty. But although animal cruelty is the main reason most people go vegan, there are a variety of other motivators that could play a major, or partial role in your desire to choose the vegan lifestyle. Reasons such as creating a more sustainable world or to combat various medical conditions often play a role in people choosing to transitioning to vegan.

Plan to Go Vegan – Once you identify your motivation for going vegan, it’s important to put a plan in place to make the transition. There are several things that you can do to prepare for the vegan lifestyle instead of just going in cold turkey. We recommend adding more vegan friendly foods to your diet before you give up on consuming the foods that you’re used to. This will help ensure that you have ‘go-to’ meals and foods that you enjoy instead of trying to figure it out on-the-go.

Take Your Time – Many people who decide to go vegan seem to want to rush the change. In our minds, if you haven’t been vegan for most of your life, then what’s the rush? Don’t get us wrong, we love that you’re transitioning to vegan. But, taking your time – be it a few months or even a year – will help you make a permanent switch as opposed to a temporary lifestyle change. In the long run, a permanent switch to the vegan life will be much more fulfilling for you and help the animals and environment for a long, long time.

Research the Vegan Life – We get a lot of questions from vegans and people considering transitioning to vegan. We answer many of these questions in our blog. You might have read our most recent one “Is Soda Vegan?” Asking questions and reading about life as a vegan will help you prepare for what it’s like to actually transition. Google is an endless supply of answers for all of your vegan questions. And, if you’re having trouble figuring something out, you can always reach out and shoot us a message!

Stay Away from the Grocery Store – We’ve all been there before: walking through the grocery store and impulsively purchased something we didn’t really want or need. If you know you’re going to have a hard time letting certain foods that aren’t vegan-friendly go, then it’s best to try to avoid the grocery store all together as you settle in. After all, the grocery store can be a very tempting place. And it’s probably not the place you want to be as a new vegan.

Shop Online as Much as Possible – Shopping online goes hand-in-hand with avoiding the grocery store. Thankfully, technology today makes it very easy to avoid the grocery store. With curbside pickup and food delivery at the touch of a button, avoiding the grocery store’s temptation is easier than ever.

Learn to Love Cooking – Transitioning to vegan requires a bit of trial and error. Simple tasks like ordering at new restaurants can seem daunting. And you never really know what’s in the food that you order. Learning to love to cook will help you learn about vegan-friendly foods while keeping you away from temptation or a simple mistake. There’s one thing we’re sure of: transitioning to vegan will enable you to experience foods that you probably wouldn’t have tried or known about otherwise.

Start Meal Prepping – Meal prepping has become wildly popular – especially within the fitness industry. And many new vegans find it helpful to plan and prepare meals in bulk so that they know in advance what they’re eating. Again, simply meal prepping will help you avoid temptation or just making a mistake when eating out.

Consult a Physician – Transitioning to vegan is a major change. For most people, it will require a fairly significant change to their usual diet. When making changes such as this, it’s always smart to consult your physician so that can obtain a better idea of what to expect. For example, most American’s that consume animal-based foods such as meat, eggs and dairy consume significant amount of protein to aid their body’s. However, vegans don’t consume these staple animal-based foods. Often times, especially for athletes, physicians will recommend supplementing your diet with nutrients such as plant-based proteins.

Reach Out to Other Vegans – Perhaps the most important key to successfully transitioning to vegan is to surround yourself with other vegans. The vegan community is generally close knit. Most major cities have different Facebook groups and/or MeetUp groups that allow vegans to support each other. Trying to make a major life change like becoming vegan can be intimidating. Don’t try to tackle the change all by yourself when there’s plenty of support out there!

Transitioning to Vegan: You’re Not Alone

Did you know, that over the last three years there has been a 600% increase in the number of people who identify themselves as vegans? Today, approximately 6% or the population identifies themselves as vegan – and this number continues to rise year after year.

Together, this growing group are saving countless animals from abuse and death and creating a more sustainable world. While transitioning to vegan may seem like an overwhelming mission initially – remember that your change will be worth it. For your own health, for the lives of countless animals and for the planet that we share!