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The Top 5 Glutamine Benefits

When bodybuilders take supplements in order to help build muscle, one of the most important supplements is glutamine. It is taken to minimize the breakdown of your muscles during your workout, and maximize protein metabolism. These are just a few of the most imporant benefits associated with taking the supplement regularly when you’re on a consistent workout plan. Glutamine is beneficial for those who are lifting weights, as well as those that do aerobic exercises. Here are the top five glutamine benefits that will allow you to build muscle faster than ever before.


What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that is essential for the biosynthesis of the proteins that you consume. It is a non-essential amino acid because the body can actually synthesize normal amounts, except when you are pushing your body to extremes. The stress that is placed on the body will not increase glutamine production, and therefore supplements must be taken to boost the body’s natural level of glutamine. It plays a vital role in many other areas of your body; outside of its benefits for helping to build muscle mass.

The Functions of Glutamine

Glutamine is a very important amino acid for several different biochemical functions including protein synthesis, lipid synthesis, and the regulation of the acid-base balance within your body, specifically in regard to the production of ammonium by the kidneys. It can also increase cellular energy production, similar to glucose, prompting the mitochondria within the cells of your body to produce more energy. It also provides nitrogen donation for any and all anabolic processes, and can also donate carbon for the citric acid cycle. Glutamine can also serve as a non-toxic transporter for all of the ammonia in your blood, helping you to avoid ammonium blood toxicity.

The Medical Uses for Glutamine

In the medical industry, glutamine can serve many purposes including helping with conditions such as muscle wasting which occurs with cancer patients and also those that have HIV-AIDS. It will reduce the probability of developing systemic infections, specifically those that originate in the gut, preventing the need for abdominal surgery. When taken in proper amounts, it can be beneficial for your overall health, but taking too much can adversely affect amino acid transport activities. This would subdue your efforts to actually work out and build muscle mass as amino acids are the building blocks for the muscle that your body will build after each workout.

Where Can You Get Glutamine?

In order to get glutamine into your body, there are two strategies that you can use. First of all, you can add different foods to your diet including dairy products, eggs, fish, chicken, pork and beef. You can also consume certain vegetables such as parsley, spinach, beans, beets and cabbage. However, to get the proper amount into your system if you are doing a substantial amount of exercise where your muscles are being torn down and rebuilt, you will need to take a glutamine supplement. Let's now look at the five primary glutamine benefits that you can get from taking glutamine supplements before and after your exercise routine.

  1. Protein Synthesis

Although glutamine does help with protein synthesis at regular levels, it is extremely beneficial when you are building muscle mass. The ability to synthesize the amino acids into muscle tissue is accelerated greatly by taking glutamine supplements prior to and after every workout.

  1. Cell Volume And Hydration

As long as you are taking large amounts of amino acids in the form of whey protein, or other similar supplements, additional amounts of glutamine can increase cell volume and also help you keep hydrated. In the same way that glutamine can help burn victims that are trying to heal by increasing the speed at which cells are able to rebuild and replicate, the same is true for muscle mass with bodybuilders.

  1. Increases Growth Hormone

It has been shown that higher levels of glutamine taken with your diet, especially when exercising to the point where you max out, you can produce larger quantities of growth hormone. This is also called somatotropin, and is responsible for activating IGF-I in the liver which is in great abundance when kids are going through puberty. It is the protein hormone that is responsible for helping kids mature into full adults by increasing the speed at which your body replicates cells and also increases your metabolism. By taking this regularly with each workout that you do, your GH hormone levels will be extremely high.

  1. Improve the Functionality of Your Intestines

Another benefit is how it will improve the ability of your intestines to function. The small intestines are responsible for delivering nutrients broken down by the stomach into the bloodstream, and the large intestines are responsible for getting rid of waste. All of this will be improved by taking glutamine.

  1. Glutamine Can Help With Ulcers

Finally, glutamine can also be beneficial for helping people that suffer from ulcers, something that you may develop if you are under a great deal of stress and working out at the same time. Glutamine can help manage this condition, or even resolve it, allowing you to stay focused on your workout routines and not worry about the pain in your stomach. However, it is always wise to consult with a physician before you begin taking any supplement, especially if you are or may be suffering from a medical ailment.

These glutamine benefits can be activated within your body by simply taking glutamine supplements regularly. It is recommended that you work out when you are taking the supplement as too much glutamine could cause adverse reactions. Bodybuilders and weightlifters recommend just 2 g of glutamine with a regular workout schedule. This will help you improve the way that your muscles build, and also help with recovery time, so that you can build muscle mass as quickly as possible with minimal discomfort.

Start adding glutamine to your workout regimen, and you will be able to achieve, and quite probably surpass, your muscle building goals.