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Low Carb Donuts Prove that God Loves Us

Let me start by saying that we’re not here to preach religion. But there is something about low carb donuts that let us know there is something greater out there than ourselves. And if donuts are (one of) your guilty pleasures then you’re probably going to agree with us on this.

We all have those foods that we love, even though we know they aren’t great for us. If there’s one thing that we know – it’s that. The entire reason we built BioGains is because we succumbed to sweet foods far too often. And since we couldn’t say no, we said “how can we make these sweets healthier?”

And, that’s what we set out every day to do with our recipes. What we’ve found since we started BioGains is that there are millions of people out there just like us. People that are trying to find balance between fitness and life.

Low Carb Donuts and Other Alternatives Help Find the Balance

There are many people out there like us that have struggled to find balance between achieving their fitness goals and not living a miserable life by avoiding sweet treats like the plague. After all, if you routinely succumb to those Reese’s cups and Oreo’s then it’s awfully difficult to achieve your fitness goals – whether it’s losing weight or building muscle.

The key is to balance fitness goals with satisfying your hunger. And foods like low carb donuts and protein cookies are allowing us to do that. The ‘alternate’ food market is rapidly growing. You can visit any convenience store or gas station in the U.S. and you will find at least half an isle that dedicated to healthier alternatives like low carb donuts.

Low Carb Donuts and Similar Foods are Uniquely Beneficial

Low carb diets have always been popular. What’s changed is our ability to create delicious recipes for foods like low carb donuts. These recipes have a unique blend of benefits. They have the benefits of a law carb diet and the benefits of high protein diets.

Benefits of Low Carb Donuts and Diets

1. Low Carb Donuts are a Healthier Alternative

Life is about balance. And finding balance between diet and exercise is one of the most difficult balances to find. Most people who fail to achieve their fitness goals can attribute their failures to the diet side of the equation – not the actual exercising.

Are low carb donuts the healthiest food ever created? Certainly not. But, are they much healthier than a traditional sugary donut loaded with literally every bad ingredient you could possible put into one food? Hell yes.

Much like achieving fitness goals depends on balancing diet and exercise, achieving a balanced diet depends on balancing healthy foods and the healthiest unhealthy alternatives like low carb donuts.

2. Low Carb Donuts are Easier to Put Down

Research has shown that low carb donuts are less additive than traditional donuts. Traditional, sugary donuts tend to have high levels of carbs and fats. When foods contain high levels of carbs and fats, our brains interpret them as rewards. Which essentially creates a drug-like effect within the brain. Low carb donuts don’t contain high levels of fat and are easier to put down that the traditional alternative.

3. Low Carb Donuts Promote Weight Loss

Low carb diets have been around since the beginning of time. The main selling point of a low carb diet is that they promote weight loss. Carbs essentially provide the body with energy. But when humans consume too many carbs relative to the number of carbs they burn, they gain weight. The excess carbs ultimately are stored as excess fat. The only way to combat gaining fat is to cut the calories that you consume or increase the calories that you burn. Everything else is a marketing fad.

4. Low Carb Donuts Lowers Insulin Levels

People who suffer from insulin related problems have found that low carb options are beneficial to their health. Low carb donuts is a great alternative for donut lovers suffering from high insulin levels. When insulin levels are lowered, it increases the amount of fat that the body releases to be used as energy. This again, promotes weight loss and allows those with high levels of insulin to better control their weight.

5. Low Carb Donuts Aid Nutrition

You probably know that traditional donuts aren’t exactly loaded with nutrition. In fact, they’re probably one of the worst foods that you could possibly eat. Low carb donuts don’t just offer lower carbs, they offer higher overall nutrition. This again circles back to the fact that snacks with superior nutrition are much healthier than those loaded with harmful additives.

Benefits of Protein in Low Carb Donuts

If you’re into fitness, then you’re definitely into protein by default. Protein is what allows our bodies to build and maintain muscle mass. And if you’ve made it this far, I’m not going to bore you to death with more on the benefits of protein. We cover that all the time. So, lets talk about the top non-muscle building benefits of protein:

1. Protein Reduces Appetite

Of the three major macronutrients that we consume (carbs, protein and fat), protein is known to be the most filling. Increasing the amount of protein that you consume and decreasing the amount of carbs that you consume can help your body fill full. The result is that you eat less and lose weight as a result. Foods like low carb donuts are tailor made for high protein, low carb diets.

2. Protein Helps Your Body Recover

One of the best times to consume protein is right after a workout (hey, maybe low carb donuts will be your new post-workout treat?). This is because your body is damaged during your workout. The muscles are torn and need to be repaired in order to grow bigger and stronger. Protein aids the body in the recovery process by helping the damaged muscle tissue recover.

3. Protein Helps You Age Better

Several of the effects of aging are countered by protein. From frail bones to a loss of muscle mass, the aging process doesn’t really wait for anyone. Protein is the macronutrient that can somewhat counteract the aging process. It aids developing and maintaining healthy bones and muscle mass.

Ready to Balance Your Life?

Finding the balance between diet and exercise is hard. You know it and I know it. Hopefully, that’s what brought you to BioGains. We’re here to help you find balance. We’re not here to encourage you to starve yourself or to consume a bland diet. If you’re killing it in the gym, then you should be able to reward yourself!

And now, you can reward yourself with healthy alternatives to previously unhealthy foods. Foods like low carb donuts offer the same deliciousness with a ridiculous amount of healthy nutrients. So, treat yo’self!