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Is Almond Milk Vegan? YES!

Today, many people are becoming vegans as they don’t want to consume dairy products or animal-based foods. They don’t want to consume foods that are produced by causing cruelty to animals. This is why plant-based proteins such as almonds, peas, soy and hemp are in great demand. Almond milk has become the most popular among these plant-based milks. But one of the more common questions among people who are becoming vegan or simply looking for a substitute to cow-milk, is: is almond milk vegan?

For all of you who are wondering, “is almond milk vegan,” the answer is a vehement yes! It is a plant-based protein and is quite tasty and nutritious as well. The best part about almond milk is that you can buy it in most grocery stores or you can easily make it at home and customize it as per your preferences and tastes.

Is Almond Milk Vegan: Reasons to Drink It

The dairy-free, unsweetened flavor of freshly prepared almond milk is highly preferred by plant protein lovers not only because its vegan nature but also because of these following benefits:

1. Low in Calorie

If you are looking to lose weight or if you are conscious about your daily calorie intake, you will be thrilled to know that a cup of almond milk (around 240 to 250 ml) has just about 30 calories in it. On the contrary, there are around 150 calories in the same amount of cow’s milk. Need we say more on why almond milk is a great choice not only for vegans but also for fitness lovers? However, to get the maximum benefits of almond milk, we suggest you use the natural unsweetened version that is made only by blending almonds and water.

2. Low in Carbohydrates 

A 240-ml cup of unsweetened almond contains only around 1 or 2 grams of dietary fiber carbohydrates, which makes it a great choice of milk for people with diabetes. Cow’s milk of the same quantity contains around 13 grams of sugary carbohydrates. Ensure that you use only almond milk that doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or additives, to get the maximum health benefits out of it.

3. Vitamins and Calcium

Unsweetened almond milk is a rich source of Vitamin E &D and calcium. When you drink a 240-ml cup of natural almond milk every day, you will get around 20-50% and 25% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin E & D respectively. You will also get 28% of your daily recommended dose of calcium when you consume 240 ml of unsweetened almond milk every day. This will naturally strengthen your bones and improve the overall functioning of your vital organs such as heart and nerves.

4. Lactose-Free Milk

If you are lactose-intolerant, some of the common symptoms that you will suffer from are loose stools, stomach pain, abdominal bloating and gas problems. Your body will never be able to accept any food with lactose in it, in this case. This is why almond milk is a great choice for you. It is dairy-free, lactose-free and 100% vegan. It is easy on your tummy and considered to be one of the best alternatives to dairy milk.

5. Easy Practicality

Though you get ready-made almond milk cartons at the retail stores, it is highly recommended that you make this milk at home. This way, you can be sure that the milk doesn’t contain any additives, sweeteners or additional flavors. Also, when you make almond milk, you will pour the almond & water blended mixture on a  clean towel to filter the pulp and get only the milk. Most of you may wonder how you can use the pulp without wasting it. Here is a simple solution – you may use it to make home-made granola bars, cereal bars, baking powder, smoothies, ice-cream, soups, muesli and more.

6. Low on Cholesterol

Almond milk is very light and doesn’t contain any cholesterol or unsaturated fats, unlike the traditional dairy milk variant. Hence, it is the perfect choice for people who are suffering from or prone to cardiac ailments. High cholesterol is one of the main reasons for serious ailments such as strokes, cardiac arrests, breathlessness, etc. Consuming a cup of almond milk every day can bring back your health on track as it is very light for your heart.

7. Tastes Delicious

The nutty flavor of almond milk tastes absolutely delicious and is loved by everyone, except those who are allergic to nuts. When you are making almond milk at home, you will notice that the unsweetened and most natural form of milk also tastes heavenly. However, you can customize it as much as you like by adding fruits such as berries and flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. Almond milk gives you the full flexibility to customize it as much as you want and it still gives you 100% goodness.

Is Almond Milk Vegan: The Summary

If you came here today asking ‘is almond milk vegan’ then you can rest assured knowing that almond milk is 100% vegan as it is made from plant-based proteins. If you choose not to eat dairy products anymore or if you are allergic to dairy foods, almond milk is a great choice for you. Most of the people who have been drinking almond milk regularly vouch for the fact that it tastes better than cow’s milk! With its delicious nutty flavour and easy functionality, almond milk is clearly one of the most-sought-after vegan milks this season. The only complaint about it is that it doesn’t contain enough proteins. However, we do feel that this milk contains a lot of other benefits that you cannot afford to ignore. And there are certain other ways to boost your protein intake, such as using vegan protein powders.

There exists a theory that almonds are not vegan because they need the help of honey-bees for pollination. Nevertheless, most of the experts on this topic feel that most of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts are pollinated by bees, and therefore, these foods cannot be considered as non-vegan. As a true vegan, you would want to live a life that doesn’t exploit animals, isn’t it? So, be assured and drink your almond milk in peace, because they are plant-based proteins and no animals were harmed in the process of making it!