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As a contributor, you’ll receive full credit on each and every recipe. Each recipe features your photo, an introduction to you and your blog, and a link to your website (this is great for list building!)

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Your recipes will receive views from members that are referred from other contributors and through our paid marketing campaigns, at no expense to you

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Our goal is to help you grow your audience and make more money. We prominently feature contributors on our website, in our weekly email newsletters, and in our paid marketing efforts (if desired)

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Not only do contributors grow their audience through Biogains, they also earn more income. Contributors earn 50% on any referrals to the Biogains Meal Planner. Simply add links to your website and social media to start earning today.


No! You can (and should) continue to run your website as you always have. Becoming a contributor at Biogains will not affect your website in any way. We will not use your recipes to compete with you for traffic via SEO or other methods. Our recipe pages are inaccessible via search engines as they are member-only.

We’re filling the gap between the people who are seeking a healthier plant-based lifestyle and the awesome recipe creators out there.

Our focus is to show great recipes to our members, while shortening their time meal planning and providing them as much nutritional data is possible to achieve their health goals.

The end result is more earnings and larger audiences for recipe bloggers.

We recommend telling your following about your recipes being featured on, and the benefits of using the meal planner to maximize your recipes. 

You can do this through linking from your website and social media accounts and by sending emails to your subscribers.

The simple answer is that there’s no limit to how much you can earn as a contributor. 

We offer 50% commissions on all memberships purchased. Memberships cost as follows:

Monthly: $17.00
Annually: $97.00
Lifetime: $157.00

You will earn $8.50, $48.50 or $78.50, depending on the membership purchased. You will also earn monthly and annual memberships commissions on those memberships for the life of the membership.

Currently, we estimate that for every 1,000 visitors you send to our join page, you will earn an estimated $1,000.00 to $1,200.00. Although, this figure could change, higher or lower, depending on the quality of traffic sent. Contributors who have a warm audience convert at a higher rate.

We only have two rules for our recipes:

  1. All recipes must be either vegan or vegetarian. We do not accept recipes or contributors who focus on other diet types.
  2. All recipes must be unique. We will not add the same recipe twice if it includes the same ingredient lists and preparation. We will gladly add alternatives or similar recipes with different ingredients or methods of preparation.

Becoming a contributor has a wide range of benefits. But most importantly, our contributors will be able to grow their audience without spending any time, effort or money on advertising. 

We actively advertise via paid methods. Through our marketing efforts growing email list, we are able to maximize our contributors exposure.

Our contributors are also able to earn money when they elect to advertise our meal planner. We invest in retargeting campaigns to maximize our contributors earnings at no expense to them!

Our primary goal is to allow you to do what you love – create amazing recipes. 

We just need a photo, description of you and/or your site, and the link you wish to point traffic to. From there, our team will handle adding the recipes you choose to submit to the meal planner. 

The more recipes that you submit, the higher the more users you will attract. This will help you grow your email list and revenue from your own website. We recommend adding any recipe which you’ve added to your site after it has indexed by search engines.

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vegan chickpea salad sandwich recipe

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