What Should I Eat to Gain Muscle

What Should I Eat to Gain Muscle Mass?

How often do you ask yourself this question? The probable answer is, many times. Like many other bodybuilders, athletes, and weight lifters, the reason you walk into the gym or engage in workouts is to increase your muscles size and strength.

However, it’s a widely known fact that gaining muscle and mass doesn’t come easy. It requires lots of effort, time, and patience. Sadly, many people give up too soon simply because they aren’t seeing the desired results despite spending a lot of time exercising. Fortunately, you can gain muscle and mass fast and safe by using proven and effective supplements.

The supplements will improve your muscle size and strength by providing you with the following:

Enhanced Muscle Building

A good supplement will help you gain more muscle and in a shorter amount of time. In fact, some products will produce good results even when you don’t put in lots of effort. This is made possible by essential amino acids which are the key nutrients to a bigger and more muscular you. Products containing branch chained amino acids (BCAAs) are revered for not only enhancing muscle size but also improving athletic performance.

BCAAs contain three vital amino acids (valine, leucine, and isoleucine) which stimulate the production of proteins and amino acids in the body – and most importantly the muscle mass within the body.

Improved Rate of Recovery

The rate at which you recover from previous workouts and the associated fatigue determines how fast you can increase your muscle mass. The faster the muscles recovery, the faster you develop muscle mass. Again, this is an important quality of all supplements containing branched chained amino such as pre-workouts, post-workouts, and whey proteins.

Each of the supplements comes in highly-soluble powder form which is quickly absorbed into the blood and starts repairing the damaged tissues. The body will metabolize the nutrients in a natural manner ensuring the recovery takes place around the clock. They also promotes protein synthesis leading to leaner and more-defined physique. BCAAs should be consumed before and after the workout.

Preventing Muscle Waste

Many people don’t see good results simply because the muscles are wasting away. This may occur when highly-intensive workouts start burning the already built muscle. In fact, an individual will become leaner and less-muscular if their body doesn’t have the proper nutrients to provide energy and muscle growth.

To avoid the muscle loss, you should use supplements that provide a boost to your body’s level of carbohydrates and increases your protein levels. One supplement that accomplishes both of these goals is whey protein. The carbs in whey protein are used to provide your body with energy to push through your workout. The proteins are then used to form, build, and repair the muscles that are damaged during the exercise. An insufficient supply of carbs leads to the unnecessary burning of protein for energy and a loss of muscle mass.

Reputable and Safe

All bodybuilding products should be reputable and safe. It is important to find supplements that will promote your muscle building goals as opposed to preventing you from reaching them. Using unsafe supplements will undoubtedly set your progress back and contribute to potentially adverse health issues.

An example of a supplement that is pure and natural is a pharmaceutical-grade glutamine powder. Glutamine provides the body with an additional does of amino acids (in case you missed it, amino acids are extremely important when it comes to developing muscle mass). Glutamine increases muscle mass and your energy level, helps aid in weight loss, and also improves physique. It is a natural product and doesn’t contain artificial ingredients such as fibers, stabilizers, additives, or sugars that can cause detrimental side effects.

Increased Energy and Stamina

It’s no secret that in order to gain muscle you need a lot of energy and stamina. However, the food we consume usually takes time to be digested and absorbed into the blood stream. This is why serious athletes/bodybuilder use bodybuilding supplements to promote an increase in energy.

Energy is available in a wide range of different supplements because it is so important to developing muscle mass. Consider this, a higher energy level allows you to workout longer and harder than you could if you are fatigued or become fatigued during your workout. As such, the increase in energy leads to more damaged to the muscles which eventually translates into rebuilding the muscles to a larger size that is capable of lifting more weight.

The two main supplements for energy are pre-workouts and creatine. Most pre-workouts contain a bit of creatine but not as high of a dosage as creatine alone.

In addition to increasing energy and muscle mass, the creatine also improves athletic performance, and eliminates the side effect of a creatine deficiency. Creatine powder can be taken either before or after your workout – although I personally prefer after.

Supplements with Food

In today’s bodybuilding world, supplements have taken a front seat in the world of nutrition. We’re able to receive all of the vital nutrients that we need to accelerate muscle growth in an 8 to 16 ounce concoction. This is great news as it enables us to be able to perfect our ability to generate muscles mass.

However, it is important to supplement our supplement intake with proper nutrition. Even when we are on the perfect supplement plan, eating foods that are detrimental to our goals such as foods loaded with harmful fats and artificial sugars, will prohibit us from gaining muscle mass.

You should aim to consume a well-balanced diet with as many home cooked and natural foods as possible. The chances are that if it’s a natural food – fruits, vegetables, fresh meats – then it is good for your body. Consuming these foods with a balanced diet will set your body up for success in the gym.

When you combine proper nutrition, supplementation, and hardcore weight lifting you end up with massive muscle gains.

Ready to get on the fast track of muscle growth? Check out what our supplements can do for you.