Best Ways to Build Muscle

What Are the Best Ways to Build Muscle?

Everyone wants to know the best ways to build muscle as if there is a secret infallible recipe for building muscle. The first thing to keep in mind is that the recipe is not secret. Understand that the muscle building process is fairly simple.

The next thing to keep in mind is that you have to put in the work. There is no secret supplement or secret tricks beyond what you are going to read here. There is also a ton of misinformation that is floating around out there about the best ways to build muscle. It can get confusing but it does not have to be. The same things that worked a decade ago still work today.

Exercise is a billion dollar industry and everyone is always trying to “build a better mouse trap”. Machines, books, DVD’s and supplements abound when it comes to the best way to build muscle but the answers are not hidden in a machine, book, DVD or supplement. While all those things can be a part of your journey they cannot be the focus.

The key to building muscle comes down to your focus. Your willingness to put in the time and where you put in the time. There are some circuits that are just better for muscle building than others. Sometimes the advice that is out there is not only bad but it can undermine your attempts so you have to be careful what and how you are listening to. Building muscle and weight loss are not the same thing and they do not rely on the same exercises so do not confuse the two.

Not the Best Ways to Build Muscle

Split routines are often the focus of people that are training. They do upper body one day, rest, do lower body, rest and go back and forth through this cycle. Is it wrong to train this way? No it is not, is it the best ways to build muscle? No it is not, not if you are new to fitness and you are trying to build muscle quickly.

Focusing on one body section and then rotating to the next two days later means that the body section that you start with does not get worked out but 2x’s a week and those two times are quite far apart. Of course it works, historically we have been shown that it has but it takes time.

If you want to get to the best ways to build muscle you might want to consider a different approach that will give you faster results.

The Best Ways to Build Muscle – Whole Body Work Outs

If you want to really build muscles and you want to do it quickly there is no better way than a whole body approach. You may spend a little more time in the gym completing your circuits but you will be working out your entire body every time you are in the gym.

The split routine of upper lower break days in between can slow progress. If your work out looks more like whole body, rest, whole body, rest so on and so forth, your entire body works out, rests and works out again there are no long waits in between.

The goal is to challenge your muscles let them repair than challenge them again soon thereafter and a whole body workout can easily accomplish the task.

A lot of people find that they get better gains from whole body workouts they also find them more interesting and less of a drudgery than the split routine. Whole body workouts work best for people that are just being introduced or coming back to muscle building activities. They help you to trim down faster and build muscle faster.

Split Routines are the Best Way to Build Muscle at the Intermediate and Advanced Level

Once you have accomplished your initial fitness goals and you start seeing muscles popping up than you can go to the split routine of upper, rest, lower because your body will be more responsive to that routine.

As long as you are making progress you know that you are doing things the right way. If you see that you are not making progress by splitting the routine than you may want to return to the whole body workout approach.

Fuel Those Muscles – One of the Best Ways to Build Muscles

Before you ever get your workout routine down pat work on your diet and what supplements you are going to take. The best way to build muscles is to make sure that you are getting the nutrients that you need to build those muscles.

Diets that are rich in protein, low fats, enough carbs and using the right muscle building supplements will pay off really well when you start working out and putting in the work. You get out what you put in and there is no time truer than when you are trying to build your muscles.

Eating right, getting enough rest, hydrating and using the right exercises and regimens are the secret recipe for building muscles.

No Shortcuts for the Best Way to Build Muscles

You can expedite the process of building muscles by taking all the right steps and sticking to the plan but there really are no shortcuts. You have to eat the right foods to build muscle, you have to rest and you have to work out. Without those three key elements you cannot build muscles.

Using high quality supplements will increase your body’s ability to build muscles more efficiently. Getting enough rest will give your muscles time to form (your muscles grow during the recovery period not during the work out period) and eating the right foods are all key players. You have to have all of the parts in place for you to really enjoy the gains that are possible.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts when it comes to the best way to build muscles. It is a process and all processes take time. Have patience, do the work and you will enjoy the gains!