Best Exercises to Build Muscle

What are the Best Exercises to Build Muscle?

So, you know about proper nutrition for muscle building and how to supplement your body to achieve quicker muscle gains. You’re heading to gym wondering, “what are the best exercises to build muscle?”

Well, the good news is that once you get past nutrition and understanding the role that supplements play in the muscle building process, hitting the gym is the last part of the puzzle.

And in this article, you’re going to learn about the fitness part of the equation, and you’ll discover the best exercises to build muscle mass.

What Are The Best Exercises To Build Muscle?

The following exercises are some of the most powerful exercises that will help take your muscle gains to the next level. When performed correctly, and at a level that requires you to challenge your muscles, these exercises will generate serious gains.

However, before we get into our three favorite exercises, understand that the way you perform any exercise in the gym dictates the results – muscle gains – that you receive from performing it.

That means, that the exercises themselves are less important that how you perform any exercise. Any exercise can be the “best exercise” if it fits this criterion:

However, before we get into our three favorite exercises, understand that the way you perform any exercise in the gym dictates the results – muscle gains – that you receive from performing it.

That means, that the exercises themselves are less important that how you perform any exercise. Any exercise can be the “best exercise” if it fits this criterion:

Challenging Your Muscle – You must challenge your muscles to build muscle. The more you challenge your muscles, the more your muscles will grow as a result. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do if you are not pushing your muscles to exhaustion. This means, that for any given exercise, you should find the weight that you cannot lift more than 7 times with proper form. This is the weight you should use to generate muscle gains. Once you can lift this weight for 3 sets of 7 reps, increase your weight by five pounds.

Consistency is Key – Again, it doesn’t matter what exercises you do – or how much you challenge yourself – if you are not consistently hitting the gym and challenging your muscles. Your muscles will not grow if you’re in the gym part time. At a minimum, you should be in the gym 4 times each week pushing yourself. Your muscle gains will thank you!

The Three Most Powerful Muscle Building Exercises

Now on to our three favorite exercises for muscle gains:

#1: The Bench Press

The bench press is undoubtedly the number one chest exercise performed in the gym – especially when it comes to men. This exercise can be broken down to two subsets: the standard bench press with a barbell, or the bench press with two dumbbells. We prefer to bench press dumbbells as it puts equal strain on the left and right side of the chest and each arm due to the fact that the each side is isolated to a dumbbell.

Either way, the bench press involves lying down on your back and pushing upwards on the barbell or dumbbell. Taking a good break in between each set is recommended. Additionally, having a spotter can be super helpful to stay safe and make sure they can catch the bar in case you lose strength. This is especially important when lifting to muscle failure.

#2: The Squat

Well, we included the most popular weight lifting exercise amongst men, so it’s only fair to include the most popular weight lifting exercise amongst women, right? There is no doubt that the squat is becoming increasingly popular as more and more women enter weight lifting.

However, the squat is still an essential fixture for men as well. And, truth be told, probably be best leg exercise for building muscle.

Squats involve getting in a squat position upright with your feet spread apart and then squatting downwards with your knees over your toes. It is very important to use the proper amount of weight and good form when you squat. Pushing your butt out slightly while also keeping a straight body is important in order to see your leg strength improve. Squats are a powerful exercise for building not only your legs, but your back, as well. To change it up, look into different squat variations to improve results!

#3: The Pull Up

Ever wonder how people in prison get so ripped? Or that big black guy on YouTube that does nothing but bodyweight exercises? Well, they get huge because body weight exercises work. Pull ups, in particular, are the an integral part of every upper body workout plan because they work the biceps, back, and chest.

The pull up is simple, but I’ll explain it anyways. It involves taking your body and pulling your entire body upwards on a pull up bar. Pull ups are simple but they produce big results. In particular, pull ups are awesome just after a bicep, chest, or back workout to work out quickly to failure. Try to increase the number of pull ups you can do after you work out your biceps, chest, or back.

Honorable Mention Exercises

These exercises didn’t quite make our list of the top three but they are vital for any well-rounded fitness plan that is designed to build muscle.


Like pull ups, push-ups are very simple and very powerful. They’re also an easy exercise that doesn’t require anything other any you to perform. When’s the last time you did push-ups? I bet it’s been a while. See how many you can do and you will gian an appreciation for this exercise!

Be sure to consider doing different variations. All you have to do is change up the original push-up position. One of the most powerful variations is the Spider Man push up. All you have to do is lift up one leg as you do a push up and make it look like you are Spider Man. Give it a shot!

Rowing Machines

When it comes to the perfect mix of cardio and muscle growth look no further than a rowing machine. The rowing machine was invented (I think) for people who wanted to lose weight by weight lifting. Because losing weight and building muscle are two separate processes by the body. Machines such as the rower capitalize on burning the fat via cardio while simultaneously building muscle. Rowing is especially awesome when it comes to high intensity interval training.

Kettle Bell Swings

The kettle bell is a unique little ass-kicker. Basically, the kettle bell is a heavy weight with a bar attached to it that allows you to do a virtually unlimited number of exercises to promote muscle growth. The kettle bell swing, however, is probably the original kettle bell exercise.

Grab a kettle bell and start swinging it in between your legs and up to the sky. Again, this exercise is a great mix of cardio and muscle building.

Kettle bells are basically an all-in-one gym. If you have a kettle bell or two and about 20 square feet of extra space, you have a home gym!

Supplements for Building Muscles

Since we’re talking about exercises to build muscle mass, it’s only fair that we mention supplements to build muscle mass. The ultimate muscle building supplement is known as a Big Mass Weight Gainer. When you combine the above described exercises with a Big Mass Weight Gainer the results are ridiculous muscle growth. Take a look at our Big Mass Weight Gainer and see how it can help you gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently.