upper body workout at home

Tips for a Great Upper Body Workout at Home

When it comes to working out, the upper body cannot be ignored. However, many people that routinely workout at home aren’t maximizing their workouts to get the best possible results. Many people just don’t realize how easy it is to get in an awesome upper body workout at home.

You Can’t Afford to Skip Chest Day

First things first, let’s cover why you need to workout out the upper body regularly. Obviously, the upper body is one of the focal points of the male body. A muscular upper body has been a sign of strength and power since the beginning of time. But, the benefits go deeper than just having an appealing physique.

A strong, broad chest and muscular arms also promote confidence and an increased level of self-esteem. It also tightens the skin – which is increasingly important if you’ve lost weight or are aging.

On the flip side, a weak upper body causes poor posture and puts an increased amount of strain on the neck. Simply put, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get in an excellent upper workout at home or in the gym.

A Great Chest Doesn’t Require Fancy Equipment

The best news is that performing an upper body workout at home doesn’t require much of anything when it comes to equipment. You can do it with the bare essentials. Many athletes think that you need fancy gym equipment to build muscle. However, you really don’t need anything more than a bench, dumbbells and your own bodyweight to build muscle at home.

If you can get your hands on this equipment, you have a gym that is capable of building upper body muscle at home. One additional bonus piece of equipment you should look into picking up is a pull-up bar. Put it out in the garage or in a spare bedroom and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Now keep in mind, if you’re a dedicated athlete, then it makes sense to invest in some more advanced home gym equipment. However, if you’re just starting out, stick with the basics until you have them down pat and develop a commitment to routinely working out.

Exercises for an Upper Body Workout at Home

Working out at home is awesome when it comes to saving money and being able to spend more time at home. With our busy lifestyles nowadays, this is becoming increasingly more desirable. When you develop an effective workout plan, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy these benefits.

So, what exercises are quick and effective to create a full at home upper body workout? Let’s take a look:

Starting from the top of the body, we’ll take a look at the traps. The traps are one of the easiest muscles to workout. They can be workout the exact same way whether you’re at home or in the gym by simply doing dumbbell raises. Simply pick up a dumbbell in each hand and hold them along the sides of your body. Raise your shoulders up and hold for approximately one second. Then return to the starting position and repeat for the desired amount of sets and reps.

Moving down the body, we’ll take a quick look at the chest. With just a set of dumbbells and a bench, there are several exercises that you can do at home. It all starts with the standard dumbbell. This exercises is more commonly performed with a barbell, however, it can be replicated with a set of dumbbells. Just lay flat on a bench with a dumbbell positioned in each hand just about the chest. Simultaneously raise the dumbbells until your arms are nearly extended all of the way, then return to the starting position for the desired number of sets and reps. The dumbbell bench press can also be performed in both the incline and decline positions. It’s always best to use a variety of different exercises with varying sets and rep counts. Avoid falling into performing the same routine over and over.

Another awesome at home chest exercise is the dumbbell fly. Like the dumbbell bench press, you only need to have a bench and a set of dumbbells. Lie flat on the bench with you’re a dumbbell in each hand above your chest. Keep your elbows at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Simultaneously bring your arms straight out to your sides. You’ll feel a stretch in your chest. When you do, return to the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of sets and reps.

One of the greatest age-old exercises for building chest muscle requires nothing more than your bodyweight. You probably guessed it, I’m talking about push-ups. Personally, I love using push-ups as a burn out exercises. A burn out exercise is essentially and exercise that pushes your muscles to failure. After your chest workout, try to perform as many push-ups as you can. Remember to keep good form. Also, remember to incorporate push-up variations into your workout. Try close hand, wide hand, incline and decline push-ups to mix up your routine.

Let’s move slightly outside of the chest muscles and take a look at the shoulders. The shoulders play a major role when it comes to building a ‘wide’ and ‘broad’ chest/physique. There are two great exercises you can do at home to build shoulder muscle. The first requires a bench and a set of dumbbells. Sit on the bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Start with your elbows extended to your side and bent at a 45 degree angle. Simultaneously raise the dumbbells until they almost touch, then return to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of sets and reps. This exercise can also be performed from a standing position; however, we greatly recommend to perform this exercise from the sitting position.

The second exercise requires nothing more than a set of dumbbells. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, slightly bend the knees and slightly bend forward at the waist. With your palms facing each other, raise the dumbbells until your arms are almost parallel with the floor then return to the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of sets and reps.

Moving down the arms, we’ll take a quick look at the arms. In short, work out the biceps by doing a wide variety of curls. Perform a variation of standing dumbbells curls, sitting dumbbell curls, and one armed dumbbell curls. To work out the triceps, perform some tricep extensions. This can be done by simply holding a dumbbell with one or both hands behind your head and raising it upwards. You can also perform tricep extensions by bending over at the waist and raising the dumbbell behind you by simply straightening and bending your elbow.

Remember to Recover After Your Upper Body Chest Workout

One of the main reasons people fail to see muscle gains is because they fail to give their body adequate time to rest and recover. Often in life, we’re taught that more is better. But this isn’t true when it comes to exercise. It’s important that we’re able to let our muscles recover because this is when the muscles actually grow.

Make sure you take a minimum of 24 hours of rest between working out the same muscle group. However, we generally recommend 48 hours between working out the same muscle group. If you are trying to focus exclusively on upper body workouts, then plan to work out hard three times a week, with at least a full day of rest between each session.

However, this does not mean that you have to let your rest days go to total waste. It only means you are resting your upper body. You can do other exercises like HIIT cardio or focus on building another muscle group such as the legs. And always remember to use a recovery supplement to make sure that you’re minimizing soreness and maximizing your efforts.

Don’t Forget to Perfect Your Diet to Maximize Your Gains

While some people think that lifting heavy weights over and over is all they need to do to get big arms and broad shoulders, they couldn’t be more wrong. There are a few dietary considerations to take into account when it comes to working out in general and specifically when upper body workout at home.

First of all, you have to make sure that your body is getting enough of the nutrients it needs. Vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients all need to be consumed from your daily diet. Within this, there does need to be a focus on protein and calcium in particular, one for your muscles and the other for your bones. Vitamin D supplementation may be necessary for calcium absorption.

Protein sources need to be clean and lean. Using protein powder is an awesome option for supplementation; get as much protein as you can from food sources. Aim for fish and lean meats like ham, turkey, and chicken. Egg and dairy sources also help, as do soy products and some nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. Lean protein sources keep the protein high but the calories down, which is the dietary paradox bodybuilders face.

Whether you’re looking to have ‘guns’ you can show off or just have enough strength to lift your kids in and out of a grocery cart or car seat, getting an upper body workout at home means you can spare yourself crowded and more time at home. Use all the ideas and information that you have read within this article to safely build muscle at home. And remember, when you’re ready for a boost, we have you covered.