Quad Workouts for Mass

The Top 6 Quad Workouts for Mass

If you are looking into quad workouts for mass there are a variety of exercises that you can do. Strong quads are a true testament of strength, which is why you should never skip leg day. You should instead find the best way to boost your lower body strength. There are a variety of quad workouts for mass that you can look into which will provide you with the serious gains. Boosting your lower body will also allow you to increase testosterone levels and organically build the human growth hormone that your body produces naturally. Doing this will allow you the opportunity to live a healthy and balanced life, which will also help you to attain the focus and clarity of mind that you need for every day life.

With this in the back of your head, read on and take advantage of some of these remarkable quad workouts for mass.

Workout #1: Hit The Squat Rack

Without question, squats are one of the best exercises that you can take advantage of to build up your quads. You will need to hit the squat rack and make sure that you are able to add some heavy weight gradually to your routine and strengthen the muscle groups that support your entire lower body system. The squat workouts will help you to build loads of muscle mass, which lets you stay ripped and avoid the accumulation of fat in unwanted areas. The great thing about squat exercises is that there are a ton of different variations that you can choose between. Some of these squats include Hindu squats, front squats, traditional squats, barbell squats, squat jumps, and box squats. These workouts will allow you to build massive quad muscles; which will pay off when sculpting your overall body. You will want to increasingly add weight to the bar so that you can increase resistance and add on some solid pounds of muscle.

To mix up your workout and to produce better results, try a variation of dumbbell and barbell squats.

Workout #2: Knock Out Some Burpees

If you’re looking for some bodyweight exercises, this is one of the best that you can add to your workout. Burpees target multiple muscle groups, but are specifically useful to your lower body. The reason for this is that the exercise begins with a squat and requires you to do a push-up, then pop-up and squat again before jumping straight into the air. This type of exercise will also build overall muscle endurance, giving you the opportunity to get better overall performance out of your other workouts. There are multiple variations to this exercise as well, by doing variations you will work even more muscle groups. This is a great exercise to take advantage of if you can’t get to the gym for one reason or another, but want to get a quick workout in at home.

Workout #3: Try Out Weighted and Non Weighted Lunges

Lunges are very beneficial to your quads. You will want to focus on lunging deeply so that you are able to build your quadriceps for excellent muscle mass. The beauty of this exercise is that you can do it with only your body weight or you can add weight in order to give yourself the opportunity to add to the resistance while building your quad muscle mass.

Workout #4: Hit the Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine allows you to build your quadriceps muscles on your own terms. The reason for this is that you can sit comfortably and increase the amount of weight that you put on the machine as you push against the resistance and build your quads. This is especially excellent for beginners because the range of motion is simple and you will not have to worry about whether or not you are doing it correctly or safely. The machine will support your body and allow you to apply the proper amount of force that you need in order to seamlessly move the weight. Your quads will be on fire by the time you are done!

Workout #5: Take Advantage of Box Jumps

Box jumps are excellent because they provide you with both cardio and the opportunity to build your muscles. With this exercise you need to be explosive, so that you are able to build up your height and increase the muscle endurance that you received when continuously jumping on the box. These box jumps will allow you to increase the height of the box and the explosiveness of the jump that you engage in. This could be used as a gym workout or an at home workout if you have a sturdy platform to perform this move on.

Workout #6: Master the Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is a simple bodyweight exercise with tremendous opportunities to build your quad muscles. By engaging in the squats, you will increase your balance and build muscle. This exercise is difficult to master at first, but with practice you will have a better outcome. This mastery of this exercise also boosts your confidence for other workouts and gives you more strength. By taking your time at learning the right way to engage in the pistol squats you will be building up your muscle endurance overall and will give yourself the opportunity to have a lot more muscle mass than you did when you began this journey.

So if you want to get the absolute most out of your leg workouts and build serious muscle mass, you can start by taking advantage of these tremendous quad exercises. These moves will give you a serious quad muscle burn! These workouts will allow you to build your lower body to your satisfaction. If you truly would like to reap the benefits of not only a healthy and balanced body, but also a strong and muscular body, take advantage of these exercises. Use there six exercises as a launching pad for ripped quads. If you’re ready to boost your results, check out our muscle building supplements.