Muscle Building Foods

The Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

Ask any professional bodybuilder what the two most important things you can do and you will be told every time eat muscle building foods and train. Muscle building foods are foods that “fed” your muscles. They contain the nutrients that are going to help you to get the most out of your training and help you to quickly reach your goals.

There are so many studies that point to the effectiveness of muscle building foods. Most fitness professionals and doctors agree that to really get out of your body what you hope to you have to be putting into your body the things that your body uses most efficiently.

The research has pointed to 10 muscle building foods that can help you to feed your body the nutrients that are needed to get the most of your workouts. If you’re short on time, whey protein supplements are the ideal choice to provide your body with exactly what it needs.

The ten foods that are listed are not listed in any particular order, which means that this is not a list of better or not as good foods it is just a list of foods that you should incorporate into your diet to gain lean muscle.

The Best Muscle Building Foods

Most advice you read for muscle building foods is that you should eat lean protein, which is very sound advice but a lot of people are wondering exactly what is lean protein. A lot of people skip the beef because they believe that beef has too much fat, that is a big mistake. To build muscle beef is a very important source of protein.

Here are the foods that make it to the 10 muscle building foods list that can be used in a “real meal”.

  1. Beef- avoid grain fed options because they lack many of the nutrients that make beef a good choice. Go with grass fed beef, they are higher in conjugated linoleic acid –CLA- which is a key nutrient in building lean muscle mass. The CLA found in grass fed beef can actually give your muscle building activities a little jump start. Also try to choose organic grass fed beef, it is more expensive than traditional beef but the pay back is huge.
  2. Brown Rice-Brown rice is a slower digesting carb that can spread out your energy and make your training more effective. There is some indication that brown rice can give your growth hormones a boost which helps in the production of lean muscle. It is easy to replace regular white rice with the brown rice option and it is better for you.
  3. Beets-Beets offer a few benefits to those that want to build lean muscle. They are loaded with betaine which aids in muscle repair and they offer an enhancement to how energy is distributed. There is some research that Beets can also enhance strength.
  4. Eggs-eggs are the perfect protein that get a bad rep because of the cholesterol in the yolk but if you are trying to build lean muscle mass you need that cholesterol. By the way the cholesterol in eggs is the good kind that can actually work to keep the bad kind down. Chickens must of started the bad cholesterol rumor.
  5. Spinach-Popeye had it right all along! Spinach is one of the best leafy greens you can eat to promote lean muscle growth.
  6. Cottage Cheese- Cottage cheese is a great protein source, choose organic to keep all those chemicals out. It is great right before bed or first thing in the morning. Also be sure to choose the low fat variety. Cottage cheese contains Casein protein which is digested very slowly making it a great option to eat before you go to bed so that your body does not use lean muscle for energy. There is some research that shows that cottage cheese can help to heal your muscles as you sleep.

The Best Muscle Building Snacks

Previously, we covered the best pre-workout snacks. There are some foods that are going to be great right after your workout in the gym. These snack foods are going to help to revamp your body after a gym workout. Next to each food is listed the reason why these are good foods for your after gym workout.

  1. Oranges- Oranges are a great before workout food. They are full of vitamins and natural sugars that can easily give you the strength that you need to keep pushing through your work out.
  2. Cantaloupe-Cantaloupe has relatively low natural sugar that digest pretty quickly so it is great for an after workout energy boost that can help in the repair of your muscles.
  3. Milk- drink organic milk. It has Casein protein, glutamine (an essential amino acid), whey protein and omega fatty acid. Be sure to use Organic milk or you will not find the same essential nutrients.
  4. Pixie Stix- a quick way to add energy after a workout and to help build your lean muscles is oddly enough Wonka Pixie Stix. Yes it sounds counterintuitive but these sweet treats are made from dextrose which goes right to your blood stream, it never stops anywhere to be digested. Simple, tasty and fast acting.

Other Muscle Building Foods

Other muscle building foods you can try are Quinoa –it is a food that is rich in protein and has been linked with the production of insulin and growth factor. Chicken, turkey and buffalo are also great muscle building foods.

Black beans are an excellent source of vitamins, protein and fiber. Yogurt (low fat, organic) is also a great food the offers dense nutritional value. Olives, olive oil and mussels are all great muscle building foods.

Variety is key in any diet so try new foods and switch things up. There are a lot of foods that can enhance your muscle building. Eat a balanced diet of 6 small meals a day with a snack after the gym and before bed so that you can spread out your energy and muscle repair.

Stay away from simple carbs, fried foods and foods that are full of sodium and fat. Most processed foods are off limits. The easiest way to complement your diet and ensure your body is properly fueled is to complement whole foods with premium supplements.