best supplements to get big

The Three Best Supplements to Get Big

Here at BioGains, we’re known for one thing and one thing only, GAINS. When it comes to getting, faster, stronger, and bigger, we’re here. BioGains was founded by athletes and bodybuilders for athletes and bodybuilders.

The number one question we get is: How do I get BIG?

And that is a very, very good question. After all, why be small when you could be big? The answer boils down to three separate parts.

The First Step

Nutrition is the key to gains. This is where it all starts. Think of nutrition as the foundation on which your body will be built on. Without proper nutrition, nothing you do inside of the gym will matter at all. Your gains will be minimal when compared to the properly nourished athlete.

The Second Step (I Promise We’ll Get to the Supplements)

The second key is to lift heavy weights up and then put them back down. Seriously, you cannot get big (well, muscular not fat) without lifting heavy weights. It’s called science. A proper workout regime will go hand-in-hand with proper nutrition. Proper nutrition will keep you healthy and fuel your body’s muscular gains. Lifting heavy will bring those gains from potential to fruition.

The Third Step (And Why You’re Here)

Supplementation is the third and final key to explosive muscle gains. Nutrition is the foundation. Lifting heavy weights is the process. And supplements put you in the express lane for serious growth. Supplements take a well-nourished, committed athlete or bodybuilder to the next level. 

A Few Keys to Keep in Mind

When buying supplements, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Call these tips, if you will.

First, understand your objectives. Obviously huge gains are one of them. But, what else? Are you just looking for muscular gains or do you need to cut fat too? When you know what you’re looking for, you can make educated purchases. The worst thing you can do is walk into a General Nutrition Center or store that has employees that are skinny as a rail telling you what muscle gaining supplements you should buy. Employees operating on commission will sell you the supplements that generate the highest commission. You’ll walk in for a mass gainer and leave with a fat burner. Get your recommendations from the people who know. These will be the bodybuilders and the athletes and the fitness professionals that actually use the products.

Second, understand what you are buying. Supplements look expensive sitting on a shelf. But, when you break down the cost per day and the nutritional value there may not be a better value in the world than health supplements. After all, your health should be a high priority.

Third, always go for the liquid/powder form over capsules. Capsules are broken down by the stomach which prevents the full effect of the capsules from ever reaching the body. You may actually pay for more and receive less than what is in liquids and powders.

One: Take an (Appropriately Named) Mass Gainer

Mass gainers are cleverly named and do exactly as they intend. They help you gain muscle mass. As such, mass gainers are the bedrock of every single supplement program for serious muscle gainers. Generally taken in powder/liquid form the supplement can quickly enter the body. There it provides the body with an incredible amount of proteins, carbs, amino acids, and assorted vitamins and nutrients.

The key to mass gainers is the protein to carb ratio as well as the added calories. Proteins and carbs provide your body with what it needs to build, repair, and grow muscle. While calories and the food source that enable you to get big. Simply put, the more calories you consume, the bigger you get. But, be careful, supplements with too many calories packed in can have a reverse effect. These can cause fatigue and fullness that will essentially, and figuratively, paralyze you. And, if that’s the case, the added calories will convert to fat instead of muscle.

Two: Reap the Benefits of Creatine

Creatine is a natural chemical that produces the energy your body needs for you muscles to function properly and grow. Creatine has long been linked to athletic performance and explosive muscle gains. Creatine is known for its ability to retain water and mass which gives you a muscular size increase. This is attributed to the nutrients packed inside the powder, such as proteins, which generate more muscle growth.

Creatine is linked to explosive energy for two different reasons. First, it is the prime mover in the body’s short-term energy system. Second, it operates as a pH buffer during exercise, which equates to more energy and a complete recovery between bouts of high-intensity workouts. Creatine is a natural chemical used by your body to create energy that is needed for your muscles to function properly.

Using creatine is the best way for an athlete to increase their strength, power, speed, overall athletic performance, and muscle growth. Essentially, it’s the perfect no-brainer for bodybuilders.

Three: Pre-Workouts Will Explode Your Workouts… And Your Gains

I am of the belief that it is not worth working out without a pre-workout. To put it simply, the difference between a workout while taking a great pre-workout and a workout without taking a great pre-workout is inexplicable. Anyone who walks into a gym should have taken a pre-workout 15 to 30 minutes before.

First and foremost, pre-workouts take your mental focus and drive to the next level. The increased focus that is attained by using a pre-workout allows you to focus on maximizing every set, and every rep, and taking care of business inside of the gym.

Then, the increased energy associated with pre-workout powders allows you to lift more weight, for a longer period of time. By delaying and decreasing your fatigue, pre-workouts ensure you get the most gains out of your efforts in the gym.

Pre-workout powders work almost instantaneously and you will notice the level of difference in your workout on the very first day.

To Conclude

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of supplements an athlete or bodybuilder needs to be using. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, this will get you rolling in your effort to obtain gains in the gym. Once you see the results that mass gainers, creatine, and pre-workouts produce. You will know that supplementation is the way to go to shoot your gains out of a cannon.

Should you want more recommendations, or specific recommendations on specific supplements, drop us a line. If you’re ready to get started, have a look at our premium whey protein or head over to our shop.