strength training for women

The Importance of Strength Training For Women

There is a growing recognition of the importance of strength training for women and for women making strength training a core part of their fitness routine. Many women avoid strength training because they are afraid that they will lose their femininity. While women’s bodybuilding is growing in popularity it’s understandable that most women are not interested in developing very muscular physiques. Cardio and high intensity workouts are still the primary work out options when it comes to women’s fitness.

But, understand that strength training doesn’t necessarily mean building the big muscles that they find unattractive. When done properly, and with the intention of building a lean and toned body, strength training can help women build strong and lean bodies that are still feminine. On top of that strength training has many obvious health benefits that all women should take advantage of. By creating the right type of strength training program women can get tremendous health benefits while also building a lean and attractive body.

The Right Type of Strength Training Program Is Essential

For women that are interested in building a lean and attractive body it’s important that they engage in the right kinds of strength training exercises. Bodybuilders will usually lift fairly heavy weight and do multiple sets of approximately 6 repetitions. This type of workout builds strength and muscle size. However, if you want to build lean muscle mass and not bulk up then you need to focus on exercising with light to moderate weight and doing a higher numbers of repetitions. This type of workout will build muscle, but it will help you to retain a lean body and avoid becoming overly muscular. In order to get an effective workout using this type of strength training you should be doing more than 10 repetitions per set. This means using light weight. While you may be concerned that this type of training is ineffective, once you start to feel the burn you will quickly realize that it is still a great workout.

Two Great Alternatives to Weight Lifting

Another great way to build lean muscle is to use your body weight to exercise. Instead of going to the gym and lifting weights, you can build a lean body by using exercises that use only your body weight. Doing push-ups, sit ups, crunches, planks and squats are all great ways to build muscle and stay lean at the same time.

Another great option that you should consider is yoga. Yoga uses balance poses to force your body to work to resist the pull of gravity. Yoga is extremely challenging and is a highly effective strength training routine to add to your work out.

Strength Training Slows the Aging Process

Father Time is undefeated, but you can delay his victory by engaging in regular diet and exercise. Have you ever cringed when you saw a woman in short sleeves wave and then watched as the back of her arm continued to sway even after she was done waving? It’s a common occurrence and is the result of both a loss of muscle and accumulation of fat that often comes with age. This is what makes strength training so important. When you engage in regular strength training you can slow down or even stop the muscle loss that accompanies aging. On top of that you can keep your body fat levels down as well. Strength training can help you to retain the strength and flexibility that you enjoyed in your youth. Bone loss with age is another major concern that all people, especially women, face. As we get older we lose bone which makes fractures and breaks much more likely. By engaging in regular strength training you can increase your bone density and help to prevent the injuries that often plague people as they get older.

Strength Training Is the Key to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Another great reason that all women should make strength training a part of their resistance routine is that it is the key to both losing weight and keeping it off. When you have more lean muscle your metabolism will be higher, which means that you will burn more calories over the course of a day. On top of that, having a higher metabolism and leaner body will help you to feel your best. When you have a lot of lean muscle you will have more energy to enjoy life and do the things that you enjoy doing.


Many women avoid strength training for a number of reasons. Some women are afraid that lifting weights will lead to big, bulky, and unattractive muscles. This is untrue, and if you work out specifically to build lean muscle you can retain your femininity while still building muscle. Another common reason that women avoid strength training is feeling intimidated by the prospect of going to the gym and lifting weights. The good news here is that you can get a great workout in at home by doing body weight exercises or using smaller weights.

So, why exactly should you make strength training a part of your life? Well simply put, it will help you to look and feel your best. When you lift weights on a regular basis you will build lean muscle that will help you to look and feel your best. Lean muscle will also boost your metabolism which will help you to maintain a healthy body weight.

Do you like the prospect of getting older and having your body slowly betray you? No, of course you don’t. Regular strength training will also help to slow the aging process, which will allow you to look better and avoid the types of injuries that are often associated with aging.

The bottom line is that there really are no good reasons that you shouldn’t be engaged in regular strength training. So don’t fall victim to misconceptions, and don’t be intimidated by the gym, and above all else make sure that you are lifting weights or doing some other type of resistance training on a regular basis.