Benefits of Whey Protein

The Bodybuilders Guide to the Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein is widely recognized throughout the bodybuilding universe. The enormous blast of nutrition in the form of calories, proteins, amino acids, and carbs that it supplies to the body are simply unmatched by natural sources and other supplements. Due to the benefits of this blast of nutrition, whey protein will forever be a building block when it comes to bodybuilding supplementation.

How Whey Protein Equates to Massive Gains

The Nutritional Blast

When whey protein is taken as an additional supplement it overloads the body with everything it needs to promote massive muscular gains. This blast comes in the form of carbs, proteins, amino acids, and ultimately calories.

Your size is dependent on how many calories you consume. Adding a blast of 500 or more calories to your diet will generate at least one pound in weight gain per week. This is using the standardized, proven rule that 3,500 calories equals one pound. Now, taking an additional half serving or full serving could add as much as 10 pounds of pure muscle to your frame.

Now, keep in mind, that these gains are achieved when you are taking a whey mass gainer in addition to your normal diet – NOT instead of.

When taken instead of a regular meal, whey protein acts as a weight loss supplement. In fact, what are commonly referred to today as “meal replacement shakes” were once referred to as whey protein shakes. That is, until marketers renamed them to exploit the weight loss market. But, they are essentially low calorie protein shakes.

Accelerate the Muscle Recovery Process

Aside from the massive muscular gains associated with whey protein, it’s ease of use and multiple functions is easily it’s second best benefit.

There is no wrong time to take whey protein. Hungry? Drink one. Post-Workout? Drink one. Pre-Workout? Drink one? Breakfast? Drink one. Before bed? Drink one. You get the idea.

The functionality comes from whey proteins nutritional blast that is good for your body’s overall health. This is especially true when it comes to post-workouts and muscle recovery.

Heavy weight lifting puts an enormous amount of strain on your muscles. When this occurs, the muscles tear, rebuild, grow, and become stronger. Throughout the process of growing larger, stronger muscles, whey protein feeds the muscles the nutrients it needs to expedite the process.

When this occurs, your body is able to recover faster. While ultimately enables you to work out those muscles more often and generate massive gains.

Improve Your Body’s Blood Circulation

Whey protein has been proven to assist your body with delivering blood and vital nutrients to the muscles and organs throughout your body. And, to make it simple, when your body is receiving the nutrients it needs, it performs at its optimal level. This leads to an immediate increase in your ability to achieve gains while in the gym due to your body’s overall health. 

Potentially Fight Ailments Such As Cancer

It’s necessary to first state that whey protein is by no means a cure or treatment for cancer. However, there are some studies showing that whey protein can be used to fight against cancer cells within the human body.

Again, this additional benefit can be attributed to the nutrients that whey protein supplies and carries throughout the body. A healthier body generally is able to fight against illness more efficiently, which makes it harder for diseases to take over.

Athletes and Bodybuilders NEED Whey Protein

When you talk supplements with other members of your gym, you can bet that whey protein will be the common denominator between anyone that’s serious about gaining muscle mass. Undoubtedly, it is one of the essential bodybuilding supplements that is widely available on the market today.

Not All Whey Is Created Equal

While whey protein is widely available, there are many things to look for when selecting the one that is right for you. Whey proteins should offer a blast of vitamins, amino acids, carbs, and proteins. Always check the label to see what is (and isn’t) packed inside.

Typically, the average bodybuilder that uses whey protein to explode their gains should look for about 500 to 550 additional calories. This will provide the consistent boost in calories to allow the body to gain muscle without being dragged down by dead, bloated calories that will generate fat.

The Best Supplements to Pair with Whey Protein

I am an enormous advocate of using a pre-workout energy blast to take your efforts in the gym to the next level. Pre-workouts have the ability to energize your body while increasing the focus of your mind. Together, this allows you to maximize every single second you spend in the weight room. While there, you’ll maximize each set, and each rep, to its fullest. Generating massive gains and leaving no gains behind.

Just as importantly, post-workouts enable your body to recover quicker, much like whey protein. However, specific post-workouts contain enormous amounts of additional vitamins and nutrients that just aren’t feasible to pack into whey. So, taking a post-workout to aid in recover will put you on the fast track to workout, recover, work out and shoot your gains through the roof.

To top off those gains, look no further than creatine. Creatine is the ticket for taking that newly built muscle mass and turning it into the perfect rock hard physique that we’re aiming for. These four supplements combined will lead to rapid, massive muscle growth throughout your entire body.

The Wrap Up

In short, it is clinically insane for any athlete or bodybuilder to not be using whey protein. There is simply no other supplement capable of delivering the mass gains that come with supplements like BioGains Explosive Big Mass Weight Gainer. Between promoting massive muscle growth and shorting recover time, it’s a no brainer.

So, whether you’re taking other supplements such as creatine, a pre-workout blast, BCAAs, glutamine, or a post-workout recover drink, whey is a must for beginners and professionals.

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