Best Ways to Build Muscle

The Best Ways to Build Muscle for Rookies and Professionals

Everyone wants to know the best ways to build muscle as if there is a secret infallible recipe for muscle growth. The first thing to keep in mind is that the muscle building recipe is not secret. The best ways to build muscle are common knowledge. After all, bodybuilding has been around for a very long time now.

The next thing to keep in mind is that you have to put in the work to achieve results. There are no shortcuts or substitutes for hard work in the gym. There is no secret supplement or trick beyond what you are going to read here. There is also a ton of misinformation that is floating around out there about the best ways to build muscle.

I know it can get confusing but I will try to keep in simple in this article. At the end of the day, the same things that worked a decade ago still work today.

Exercise is a billion dollar industry and everyone is always trying to “build a better mouse trap”. Machines, books, DVD’s and supplements abound when it comes to the best way to build muscle but the answers are not hidden in a machine, book, DVD or supplement. While all those things can be a part of your journey they cannot be the focus.

The key to building muscle comes down to your focus. This means muscle building comes down to your willingness to put in the time and the effort. There are some circuits that are better for muscle building than others.

Building muscle and weight loss are not the same thing and they do not rely on the same exercises so do not confuse the two. In this article, we will focus specifically on the best ways to build muscle mass.

The Best Way to Build Muscle: Intermediate and Advanced

I’m going to break this down into two separate groups. Because, simply, the best way to build muscle for an intermediate or advanced athlete/bodybuilder is not the best way to build muscle for someone who just started going to the gym.

In respect to intermediate and advanced athletes, the best way to build muscle mass is to use split training. Split routine mean targeting one or two large muscle groups each day and overloading them this intense, heavy weight, workout sessions.

So, you’re only going to be working out the large muscle group – for example, your chest – about twice per week. But, during this exercise you will push them to exhaustion and to the pound that you couldn’t get in another good chest session if you wanted to.

If you are an experienced athlete/bodybuilder this is definitely the way to go to achieve big time gains.

The Best Ways to Build Muscle: Inexperienced Athletes/Bodybuilders

There’s no shame in being a new or inexperienced athlete/bodybuilder. Everybody has to start somewhere. The only difference between an inexperienced an experienced bodybuilder is time.

For inexperienced bodybuilders it is best to start with an exercise routine that aims to cover your whole body. This type of routine will kick your muscles into high gear and accelerate your training off of the bat. This is opposed to the more methodical, targeting lifting that’s performed by split training used by more experienced bodybuilders.

The whole body workout approach consists of performing training circuits. These circuits are designed to work a wide variety of muscles and essentially kick-start your muscle building process.

Depending on the intensity of your circuit training, you can target your entire body and aim to hit the gym every other day. Or you can target half of your body and hit the gym 5 or 6 times a week. The choice is yours, but obviously more is better if you still get adequate rest.

A lot of newer weight lifters find that they get better gains from whole body workouts. They also find them more interesting and less of a drudgery than the split routine. Whole body workouts work best for people that are just being introduced or coming back to strength training. They are ideal for slimming down and building muscle simultaneously.

Fuel Those Muscles: One of the Best Ways to Build Muscles

Equally important to perfecting your workout routine is the need to perfect your diet and supplementation programs. It is impossible to build muscle mass without providing your body with the proper nutrients that are required to generate gains.

Diets that are rich in protein, healthy fats, and enough carbs will pay off when you start working out and putting in the work. You get out what you put in and that will become blatantly obvious when you are trying to grow your muscles.

Likewise, supplements rich in protein, carbs, and amino acids promote muscle growth within the body. These supplements help you reach your goals inside the gym by perfecting your body’s internal systems outside of the gym. Your body is a machine that is designed to react based in the input you provide it. Providing it with proper nutrients allows it to respond well and generate muscle growth.

Eating right, getting enough rest, hydrating and using the right exercises and regimens are the secret recipe for building muscles.

No Shortcuts for the Best Way to Build Muscles

You can expedite the process of building muscles by taking all the right steps and sticking to the plan but there really are no shortcuts. You have to provide your body with the proper nutrients, you have to work out regularly, and you have to rest and recover properly. If you overlook any of those three aspects then your results will suffer.

As I said in the beginning, there are no shortcuts to muscle growth. There’s a reason not everyone is walking around with awesome bodies and chiseled muscles – the reason is because they haven’t worked for it.

The tried and true muscle building methods that worked 10 years ago are still working today. Dedicate yourself, have patience, do the work and you will enjoy the gains! To take your training to the next level, we’re here to help.