Whey Protein with Creatine

The Benefits of Using Whey Protein with Creatine as Supplements

Whether you’re an elite athlete, bodybuilder, or just trying to keep fit, you’ve probably heard of whey protein and creatine. The benefits of both of these supplements are very well documented as they’re two of the fixtures of the health and fitness market and widely used by athletes and bodybuilders across the globe.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of using whey protein and creatine. Then, we’ll look at what happens when you use whey protein with creatine simultaneously to supplement your muscle gains.

Whey Protein: The Bottom Line is that You NEED to Use It

When it comes to perfecting the levels of protein, carbs, and branch chained amino acids within your body, look no further than whey protein. Whey protein ensures that your body has exactly what it needs to promote muscular gains. Without using a whey protein supplement, you aren’t even coming close to sniffing your potential gains.

So, why is it essential to inject your body with the perfect blend of proteins, carbs, and BCAAs by using a whey protein? Well, each of these play a vital role within the body to promote gains in both muscle strength and size.

Initially, the process all begins with the carbs. Carbs act as a vital energy source for athletes and bodybuilders. While many fad, fly-by-night, and weight loss diets recommend avoiding carbs to generate weight loss, it is essential that an athlete or bodybuilder looking to gain muscle mass consume high quality carbs.

The consumption of high quality carbs gives the body the energy it needs to push through an intense workout. When your body has enough energy to push through intense workouts, it allows you to get the most of your muscles. Consuming an appropriate level of carbs will effective allow you to push your muscles, causing quicker, larger muscle gains. But, most importantly, consuming the appropriate amounts of carbs will allow your body to avoid using proteins as an energy source. Meaning, the proteins you consume can do what they do best: build muscle.

When your body suffers from an insufficient supply of carbohydrates, it pulls its energy from the protein that’s stored within the body. This is extremely detrimental to bodybuilders and athletes because the proteins contained within the body support the muscles functions. And as we lift weights, the muscles functions are to tear, repair, recover, and grow. A lack of protein in the body means that the body will not be able to repair the torn muscle leading to prolonged fatigue, a lack of muscular gains, and broken down muscle.

Going hand and hand with proteins are the body’s amino acids. The amino acids play a crucial role within the body. They are responsible for ensuring proper functioning of the body’s neurons. They are constantly broken down and used to repair tissues and to rebuild muscles during and after strenuous exercising and training. The result is that your body constantly must work to replenishment its supply of amino acids.

As you can see, carbs, proteins, and amino acids all play a crucial role within the body to enable you to gain muscle mass. Over time, doctors, researches, and athletes have realized two things. First, that there is only so much time in each day. It is nearly impossible for a serious athlete to be able to consume the amounts of proteins, carbs, and amino acids that they need to consume to produce enormous muscle gains naturally from consuming readily available foods. Secondly, that injecting a perfect blend of carbs, proteins, and amino acids in the form of supplementation allows that athlete to sufficiently and quickly absorb the quantity of nutrients and vitamins that he or she needs to build muscle mass quickly.

When Should You Use Whey Protein?

The important element when it comes to using whey protein is when, exactly, you should consume it. Now, it should be stated that the best time to consume whey protein is the time that works best with your schedule. After all, you’ll only realize the benefits of whey protein when you consume it regularly.

Ideally, whey protein will be consumed in the morning or mid-morning prior to lunch and prior to your workout. Your body will naturally recover during your natural rest period as you’re asleep. So, first thing in the morning, it’s nice to give it a blast of carbs, protein, and amino acids to give it the energy and added recovery that it needs.

Taking a whey protein supplement in the morning, allows you to take a creatine supplement just after working out. Ultimately, this will give you the best of both worlds.

Creatine: Energy and Muscle Gains

Creatine provides the body with an extra, natural, boost of energy. In turn, this boost in energy promotes an increase in muscle gains, as well as, an increase in the amount of fat the body burns. Creatine is naturally a part of the body. And when the levels of your natural creatine are boosted it equals more strength, endurance, energy, and mental focus.

When working out hard, your muscles go through a process known as muscle atrophy. This occurs when fast-twitch muscle fibers are lost during intense training such as weight lifting or sprinting. Create increases the amount of lean muscle mass and strength that allows you to prevent muscle atrophy and push through more intense workouts. In turn, this generates better results from your workout sessions.

Additionally, creatine facilitates growth-hormone release after intense and grueling exercise to repair the hormones that were used during the workout.

When Is the Best Time to Take a Creatine Supplement?

Again, the best time to take any supplement is depended on the person and what works best for them. But, I personally recommend taking creatine just after your workout. This is especially beneficial when you’re taking a whey protein supplement earlier in the day, and a pre-workout just before you train.

When you follow this supplement cycle, creatine will play an important role in restoring your energy levels. This helps you avoid your body’s desire to burn protein as an energy source. It also helps your muscles recover quicker which leads to harder training sessions and even better results.

The other benefit of taking creatine post-workout is that it replenishes your body’s insulin supply. Naturally, when you work out, your insulin levels drop. Restoring these levels post-workout is essential to promote muscle gains and a healthy body.

Using Whey Protein with Creatine

It’s a no-brainer that both whey protein and creatine are essential supplements that help generate muscle mass. When used separately, these supplements are incredibly effective. But, when used together, your results will go to the next level. This is where we talk about rapid muscle gains.

Because whey protein and creatine are separate, but each are highly effective supplements, the results of combining the two are well documented. When whey protein and creatine are used together they support explosive and healthy muscle growth.

These explosive muscle gains are due to these supplements ability to put the body’s nutrition in the premium space to generate muscle gains. Together, they provide the perfect mix of carbs, proteins, BCAAs, energy, vitamins, and other assorted nutrients needed to maximize your body’s abilities.

The Wrap Up

If you’re serious about adding muscle mass, then you should be taking whey protein with creatine while undergoing an intense workout regime. I won’t get into the workout side of the equation in this article but it is well documented on this site. The bottom line is that proper nutrition, proper supplementation, and a workout plan designed for serious muscle gains are equal thirds when it comes to gaining muscle mass quickly and efficiently. Head over to our shop and take your gains to the next level.