bodybuilding poses

The Basics to Bodybuilding and Looking Your Best on Stage

To get your body ripped for bodybuilding poses you must first be prepared to dedicate yourself to the mission of a strict diet, high repetitions and a variety of different exercises.

When an athlete is trying to pack on muscle mass by lifting heavy weight at lower rep counts is the common and effective plan. It causes the body to respond and adapt to your physical demands to grow bigger and your mental commands to grow stronger. In response, your muscles begin to transform and take on new shapes and dimensions to meet your needs. It is these new dimensions in your muscles that you will be chiseling into the art that you will be presenting through each of your well-practiced bodybuilding poses.

Some people enjoy and are quite pleased with walking around looking like a well-formed tank on two feet. Having powerful muscles can be quite attractive because bodybuilding most definitely results in well-developed and attractive shape and form. But what do you do once you have achieved that goal and want to perfect your bodybuilding poses?

Now it is time to take your body to the next level. You have developed a disciplined mind and body that is ready to push on into a new realm of reality.

By now you know the limits of your strength and endurance. You know when you are pushing your body into the danger zone. Yes, there is a point when the pain is no longer pleasurable. You must be well aware of this so that you can move on to another routine and allow the pain to subside while that particular muscle group is resting.

Now that we have covered that essential piece of information, it is time to decide if you have the motivation and desire to get ripped and ready for competition with the big boys and girls. Competitions can be fierce and viciously focused. Are you ready for high numbers of repetitive motions? Are you ready to push through the burning sensation and drenching sweat?

If your answer to these questions is “Yeah Buddy! Let’s Do This!”, then continue reading.

First, let us take a look at a couple of facts that are very important to know before taking any further steps forward in your mission. A chemical known as ketones is released as the human body burns fat for energy. The release of this chemical during your body’s consumption of its stored fat is a clear sign that your body is responding to triggers and is functioning correctly. In addition to burning the fat it is important to also condition and motivate your body to burn the food you eat for fuel as well.

Sculpting your body is a job and like any job safety is your number one priority. Please pay close attention to the following words of caution:

There is a fine line between losing weight by burning fat and the danger of burning muscle instead. Keeping the fat out and the muscle in is the goal. To drive this point a little closer to home, let me remind you that the muscle that pumps your life source (blood) and is keeping you alive long enough to present your bodybuilding poses to the world is your heart. Your mission is to become well defined enough, while staying as healthy as possible when the time comes to present yourself, not to expire as a living being in that period of time.

No matter what time of the year it is, a flabby, soft and smooth body may not be the image you wish to project. Showcasing a physique that is rock solid and ripped makes more of a statement when the shirts come off and the shorts go on. And even more so, when everything comes off and you pump up the volume on your love life. That is a whole different story in itself.

Let’s take a moment to eliminate the myth of targeted fat loss. It is just not going to happen. Though the whole concept sounds wonderful and exciting in theory and having the ability to simply lose weight around the waistline and thighs would be fantastic… It just doesn’t happen that way.

The bottom line is that ripping your body into shape requires highly intense training in intervals combined with using peak conditioning techniques. To build a well-defined body you must burn the overall layers of fat away in order for the shapes and the definition of your muscles to become more outwardly visible. That is why incorporating the use of an elliptical machine, bike and even the treadmill into your routine will benefit you greatly. The use of these machines and also jogging helps tremendously in retaining or developing good flexibility.

I cannot stress it enough, modify your diet to keep your body in a state of constantly burning fat. You can do this by focusing on keeping your metabolism raised naturally at all times. Consume smaller meals spaced out throughout the day and really reduce the overall calories that you take in. Don’t just settle for putting just any type of food in your body, instead focus on the consumption of the many natural fruits and vegetables that tend to naturally raise the body’s metabolism rate during the physical processing phase.

Foods that are low in harmful fats, especially trans fats and saturated fats truly can prove to be a bodybuilders best friend when it comes to maintaining a proper diet during training and competition. Meats like boiled and baked chicken, the breasts of turkey and healthy fish delivers the quality protein needed to make it all happen. Your muscles depend on you in the same way that a baby depends on its loving and nurturing mother for food and nutrition. Starving them will make them small, weak and frail.

Without question one of the purest consumable protein forms is egg whites, which is why countless bodybuilders over the years have turned to that high protein source as one of their mandatory daily food staples. The body benefits greatly by having the availability of readily usable nutrients that can be absorbed and put to use immediately. Egg whites provide that and are also low in carbs while at the same time a great source of minerals and vitamins. To avoid adding fat into the equation, poach or boil your eggs using water or simply add the egg whites into your liquid consumption regimen instead of frying them with grease or butter.

Muscle building does require a certain level of very essential fatty acids that are needed during the process of muscle development. This is where one of the important fatty acids known as Omega-3 comes into play by incorporating fish into your diet routine. Sardines, tuna, salmon and trout are fantastic protein sources that are full of healthy fats. Keeping a supply of these that are packaged or canned in water or using a protein supplement such as whey protein comes in quite handy when you are running around town and don’t have time to simply sit down and have a long meal.

Ignoring the nutritional value of legumes and beans can also be detrimental to your goals because the old saying “beans-beans are good for your heart” is actually true. The level of fiber and protein contained within these food groups easily surpasses some of the other choices that are available.

Last but very far from least, practice your bodybuilding poses so that you are ready to present yourself.