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The 9 Weight Lifting Benefits

The controversies that surround weight lifting are being busted one by one considering recent medical research findings. This article enumerates the immense benefits a person can reap from a weightlifting workout.

Benefit #1: It Builds Functional Muscle Mass

Weight lifting creates functional muscles with strong thick fibers that when combined with training can enhance performance in endurance sports. People have always mistakenly thought that weight lifting builds bulk muscles which slow down athletes during endurance sports. But, that is rarely the case aside from power lifters who lift specifically for bulk.

Benefit #2: Live a Healthier, Longer Life

Weight lifting has been shown to increase life expectancy. Research indicates that it is the healthiest exercise one can partake in. This is because it prevents and treats sarcopenia and optimizes the brain. The incidence of cancer in muscular people is markedly lower compared to those whose muscles are not well developed. Furthermore, research published in 2011 reveals that resistance exercises, such as weight lifting, reverses aging in the human skeletal muscle. As human age, they develop skeletal muscle atrophy. According to the research, resistance exercises makes the gene expression profile in older people’s muscles to be like those seen in younger people.

One of the ways in which resistance exercises increase the size and strength of muscles is by reducing the level of myostatin. The lower the myostatin, the stronger and bigger the muscles. A recent study found that less myostatin in mice also meant a 15% longer lifespan. The same is replicated in humans.

Type II muscle fibers improve whole-body metabolism according to a Boston University research published in a Cell Metabolism journal of Feb 6. 2008. Type II muscles are the kinds a weightlifter builds when he lifts weights. The researchers did an experiment with mice by genetically engineering them with a gene that could be turned on and off, and that induces the growth of type II muscle fibers. For eight weeks, they fed the mice a high-fat and high sugar diet. After the eight weeks, they activated the gene without changing the mice’s diet. Remarkably, the mice lost total body fat with no noticeable change in their activity level. The researchers then concluded that type II muscle fibers wield the ability to reduce body fat without any dietary adjustments, and, therefore, could be effective in the war against obesity. Thus, weight lifting could be the answer to those who desire a well-toned body but with dietary freedom.

Benefit #3: Weightlifting Can Make You Happier

Research shows that resistance training, which includes weight lifting, can release endorphins that generally serve to make humans happier and keep anxiety and depression at bay. It also helps to boost one’s self-esteem.

Moreover, weightlifting can perk up your attitude at work and at home as research shows that strength training has psychological benefits such as to improve one’s performance.

Benefit #4: Weight lifting Can Increase Your Libido

Adding to the psychological effects of weight lifting, when a man undertakes weight lifting, the levels of testosterone in the body shoot up. The more the testosterone, the higher the libido. However, over-training may be counterproductive. Therefore, a person should moderate their exercise routine for maximum benefits.

Benefit #5: It Improves Sleep

In a study of older men, a study found that resistance training gave them better sleep compared to those who didn’t participate. That is partly because weight lifting works to improve a person’s bones. Insomnia can result from intermittent or chronic muscle and joint pain.

Weight lifting also improves sleep because it obviates obesity. Obesity usually contributes to a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects the quality of one’s sleep because people with sleep apnea experience frequent short intervals of difficulty breathing while they sleep. This in turn causes low oxygen, thus, causing the victim to wake up.

Since weight lifting enhances metabolism and reduces incidences of obesity, it can prevent sleep apnea.

Benefit #6: Weight Lifting Can Boost Your Balance

Falling is the number one cause of bone breaks as humans advance in age. One key weight lifting benefit in protecting humans against osteoporosis is enhanced strength and balance, resulting in reduced or no falls. Research indicates that weightlifting or any other resistance training can reduce an older person’s risks of falling by around 30 percent.

Benefit #7: Weight Lifting Can Make You a Virtuoso at Your Sport

Whichever sport you are engaged in, be it soccer, baseball, football or basketball, weight lifting is bound to translate into better performance. Take an example of a soccer player who lifts heavy weights in the gym. If he can lift hundreds of pounds in the gym, he is in a high-intensity situation where he is pushing his limits. The same muscles will be able to push at a similar high intensity when he is on the soccer field. Moreover, weight lifting can also hone dexterity, increases endurance and enhances hand-eye coordination. Therefore, a consistent weight lifting exercise will make you be on top of your game.

Benefit #8: Weight Lifting Improves Cognition

Weight lifting teaches one the skill of perseverance and rewards with the ability to overcome discomfort to challenge one’s self. All this skills are needed every day for one to succeed in whichever career they are in.

Benefit #9: Increases Your Appeal to the Opposite Sex

We’ve saved the best for last. It’s no secret that both men and women are attracted to those who have nice bodies. Sure, it’s nice to be with someone who looks good. But that’s just the icing on the cake. People inherently know that there is only one way to obtain a nice body and that’s through hard work, determination, and sacrifice. You can’t go out and buy a fit body. We all appreciate the hard work.

The Wrap Up

In conclusion, there are many benefits a consistent weightlifting practice can bring to a person’s life: from health, to peace of mind, to social function. There are only negative effects if you choose not to take care of your body. These negative effects are everlasting throughout your life. So, start training now and reap the rewards of weight lifting for the rest of your life. The quickest way to get started and see results almost immediately is through supplementation. No matter what your goal is, there is a supplement that will get you there fast.