Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery

The 6 Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery

Muscle building requires our bodies to maintain the perfect level of several different nutrients. Most of us know about the whey proteins and the pre-workouts, but we often overlook the post-workouts that can take our gains to the next level.

Recovering the muscles is just as important as energizing them and working them out. After all, your body builds muscle during the recovery period – not during the workout. Thus, it is criminally insane to ignore the recovery process.

Here we’ll talk about some of the best supplements to shorten your recover and expedite your muscle gains. These supplements all deliver a wide range of nutrients such as amino acids and proteins. The end result is better muscle growth and quicker gains when you add these supplements to your regime.

Let’s get started (in no particular order):

Any Supplement Containing Protein – Bonus Tip

There are two types of proteins that the body uses for muscle recovery: casein and whey. Whey has moved to the forefront amongst bodybuilders, but each of these proteins effectively does the job. However, the body digest casein slower than it does whey. This means that the body maintains the benefits of casein and it’s protein for a longer period of time. Some experts believe that consuming both whey and casein is the ideal way to supplement your muscle gains. Together, these supplements provide a steady dosage of amino acids and proteins to the body.

And, while proteins are easily obtained through maintaining a balanced diet, supplements act as rapid and readily available sources of protein. As such, supplements are not broken down by the stomach and are immediately available for use by the muscles and body. Supplements also come with the perfect ratio of protein to carbs – meaning you won’t consume excess carbs to obtain the proper level of proteins.

Supplement #1: Whey Protein Supplements

As stated above, whey protein has become a staple in supplementation amongst bodybuilders. For that reason, we will isolate it on this list. No matter what your goal is, whey protein will help you achieve it – mass muscle gains, lean muscle gains, or weight loss – it doesn’t matter. Whey protein is here to help!

Whey protein not only combines the perfect ration of proteins to carbs, it also contains the ideal amount of amino acids to aid in achieving optimal performance. These amino acids are easily absorbed by the body and readily available to aid in rapid muscle recovery and growth within minutes after consumption.

Supplement #2: Glutamine

While whey is probably the best known and most widely used supplement in bodybuilding, glutamine is a supplement that flies under the radar. Glutamine is often consumed as an independent supplement; however, it is often a key ingredient it post-workout recovery drinks.

Glutamine simply speeds up the muscle recovery process and boosts the immune system. This is key because training is undoubtedly hard on the body. When the body is worn out, it is not functioning at its highest level. Glutamine will reduce the feeling of fatigue and help you regain muscle strength – especially when used in conjunction with other supplements like whey.

Supplement #3: Cluster Bombs

Cluster Bombs are a recovery formula that makes use of glutamine. It increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and speeds up the metabolic process. This allows proteins to rebuild the muscles quickly. Low levels of glutamine negatively affect muscle recovery, it is therefore important to increase glutamine intake to improve muscle recovery. Along with glutamine, cluster bombs are loaded with just about every amino acid, nutrient and vitamin that the muscles need to recovery and thrive – again, this expedites muscle recovery and growth.

Supplement #4: Creatine

For a while, creatine was one of the more heavily debated supplements amongst the bodybuilding community. However, we’ve all finally come to our senses and realized that creatine offers immense benefits when it comes to muscle building.

Creatine is a substance that exists in our bodies in very, very limited quantities. Thus, it needs to be taken as an additional supplement. It aids a lot in muscle recovery as it provides the muscles with adequate energy required to withstand intense workouts.

Because of the debate of creatine, creatine monohydrate became one of the most studied supplements on the market. It is used by the body in a number of ways such as to boost endurance, increase strength and improve muscle recovery.

This form of creatine boosts ATP. ATP is the primary source of fuel for muscles that have been broken down during exercise. An increase in ATP allows muscles to work longer and harder. This results in better and more efficient workouts. After a workout, ATP further ensures that the muscles have the right nutrients to recover quickly.

Supplement #5: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are one of the most important supplements for improving recovery. The branched chain comprises of Leucine, valine and isoleucine. Of these three Lecuine is the most important amino acid. Together with other BCAAs, it highly increases protein synthesis, speeds up recovery and prevents protein breakdown. Because of the wide ranging effects of BCAAs, they have been incorporated into a wide variety of other supplements such as protein supplements, pre-workouts and post-workouts such as the cluster bomb.

Supplement #6: Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide works slightly differently than the other recovery supplements on this list. It works by improving the oxygen movement throughout the body, increasing the blood flow in the body, and developing muscle growth. By expanding the blood vessels and increasing the flow of oxygen, the muscles are in prime position to repair and gain strength. While many of the other recovery supplements overlap – and many supplements contain multiple ingredients such as glutamine and creatine – nitric oxide stands apart and offers a totally different aspect to expedite the recovery process. This makes it a prime supplement to take in conjunction with one of the supplements above.

The Wrap Up

Muscle size, strength and power do not happen in an instant. But, consuming a post workout supplement will give you an edge in both muscle growth and recovery. Simply put recovery supplements help you recover quicker, get back in the gym sooner, and rapidly produce more gains. Ready to get started building serious muscle?