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The 5 Scientific Benefits of Gaining Muscle Mass

When was the last time you considered why gaining muscle is so important? The scientific benefits of gaining muscle mass goes deeper than just appearance. For the vast majority of us, we at least primarily focus on our physique and list that as the primary reason for which we eat healthy and constantly hit the gym. So, have you ever taken an in-depth look at why, and what for? Rarely, if ever, do trainers or athletes focus on the benefits that accrue after gaining muscle mass. This article takes an in-depth look at the key benefits that result from gaining muscle mass.

Core Benefits of Gaining Muscle

There are numerous benefits associated with the process of building muscle mass. Most of these benefits are attributed to the process during which one gains muscle fibers, although some are as a consequence of having consolidated muscle. Nonetheless, whether these benefits are emergent in the process or after gaining muscle fibers in the body, they are all the benefits of gaining muscle. Some of the key benefits of gaining muscles are explored below.

     1. Revving Up the Metabolism Process

Metabolism is the mechanical process through which the human body converts consumed food items to energy, protein, and antibodies. After a human body reaches the age of about 20, the metabolic engine gradually reduces its processing rate between 2% and 3%. The result is a reduction in both the efficiency and effectiveness of food processing. The process of gaining muscles is among the most effective ways of boosting the metabolism process. With bodybuilding, the human body learns why and how to activate the food processing mechanism without rest. Effective and efficient metabolism becomes a mandatory demand for the body, and one that can neither be delayed, nor slowed. Fast-twitch fibers that must be repaired, renewed, and increased make it impossible to have body fat remaining dormant or for the blood sugar levels to increase perpetually.

The process of gaining muscle fibers therefore, revs up the body’s entire metabolism rate. In essence, bodybuilding exercises only burn the calories to depletion, tears some dormant muscles, and challenges the weak muscles fibers for strength. During the process, the body must go to the overdrive in food processing, to replace the depleted energy, renew muscles, and develop new fibers. While gaining muscle, the exercises stimulates an effective and efficient metabolism which is essential for maintaining health, renewing the fibers and cells, sustaining strength and stamina, and refining the entire body to an optimal status.

     2. Improved Body Weight Mitigation and Control

The world is now awakening to the fact that obesity is a global disaster, and the single most fatal health problem. The chronic conditions that often result from being obese or overweight have the highest net fatality statistics in the developed world. The obesity-related diseases include stroke, diabetes, heart, and several cancer types, all of which are preventable yet chronic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 34.9% of adults in the US alone, are obese. Statistics affirm that 39.5% of the middle-aged adults between the 40 and 59 year bracket, 30.3% of younger adults between the 20 and 39 year bracket, and 35.4% of adults aged above 60 years, are obese. Yet, the rate of obesity is increasing, meaning that over 30% of the US population is in a high-risk category of preventable but chronic diseases.

Bodybuilding not only helps control body weight, but also transforms gaining of deadly body fats to the development of essential body fibers. Gaining muscle mandates that the body optimize the metabolism process, refine body cleansing and/or renewal, balance calorie-burning and retention, eliminate fatty tissues, and tone the body for efficient cardiovascular operations. In so doing, gaining muscle fibers, both in the process and in status, helps eliminate and control a global disaster of being overweight or obese.

     3. Avoiding Osteoporosis and Weakened Muscles 

As noted above, gaining muscle means eliminating fatty tissues that trigger obesity, and in their place developing layers of essential fibers for the body. Nonetheless, it is important to note that, body tissues are defined and hosted by a bone structure. The bone is a crafted living tissue, which is networked to form the bone mass. At the peak of our teenage years, the human body concludes the process of bone mass production, and in most cases, men and women start losing their bone mass index after the age of 30. Weakened bone mass and osteoporosis are the ultimate result of natural aging.

However, the human body cannot pack layers of muscle on weak bones, or keep building more muscle mass to cover weakening bones. While developing the overall tissues, the structural living tissue also needs to be exercised and optimized to bear weight. Bodybuilding mandates the body strengthens the foundation on which to build muscle mass, to create an effective joint and tissues framework, and terminate bone mass deterioration. As such, by gaining muscle fibers, one mandates the body to progress bone development, or at least maintain and renew bone mass.

     4. Increased Body Strength, Fitness and Stamina 

The human body is not aligned to accumulate weight and fats. The structure of the human body only accumulates and stores fats in a way that delimits its function and endangers its operations. The more one accumulates fat tissue, the less the heart can pump, blood can travel, skin can renew, or the body can flexibly move. However, all these body functions increase in effectiveness and reliability, when muscle fiber increases through lifting weights.

Body strength is determined by how many and how fit the muscle fibers are. In reality, the body is always as strong as it looks, and as healthy as it is fit. Gaining muscle fibers helps tone the body’s muscle mass, increases the strength ratio of the tissues, and boosts the body’s ability to perform both endurance and weight lifting exercises. In the process of gaining muscle and as a result of having a reliable muscle mass, we become more active, look ripped and toned, feel vibrant and attain a higher degree of fitness and stamina. In short, gaining muscle fibers equals to improved health, stamina, strength, and overall fitness.

     5. Building a Defined and Toned Physique

While fatty tissues are relatively loose and bulky, muscle fibers are much denser and more defined. A masculine body is backed by scientific fact, as the very core of an ideal physic. It emerges from physical fitness, ideal nutrition, and healthy body functions. As such, gaining muscles is one of the most effective and reliable ways of sustaining a well-defined torso, and the toned physic of the human body.

The Health Benefits of Gaining Muscle

The product of gaining muscles is fine-tuning body functions and consolidating a sustained health profile. After revving up metabolism, optimizing the cardiovascular system, controlling body weight, increasing stamina, refining the bone structure, and strengthening the core, the end goal of gaining muscle is attaining optimal health. Bodybuilding helps to reduce the heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, fat deposits, and osteoporosis issues that could otherwise trigger fatal chronic conditions within the body.

Bodybuilding also can help eliminate health issues associated with glucose levels that are otherwise fatal if not controlled, prevent terminal conditions as kidney damage, and refine the body with an improved cardiovascular system. Bodybuilding helps strengthen body stamina, optimize libido and eyesight, balance heart rate and blood pressure, eliminate cholesterol, and refine the metabolism process among numerous other benefits. As such, numerous primary benefits stem from gaining muscle mass.

Personal Benefits of Gaining Muscle

Gaining muscle fibers comes with enormous personal benefits, which are squarely anchored on both lifestyle and quality of life. From becoming stronger and more energetic, to sustaining body health and stamina, bodybuilding significantly improves and influences a person both physically and mentally. One can easily perform physical activities, become more active, improve their quality of life, and optimize their persona. Gaining muscle is associated with boosting confidence, sustaining high self-esteem, and yields an overall therapeutic effect.

The difference between a person who builds the discipline, character, and productivity that are mandatory when gaining muscle mass, and the person who does not, is evident in the personality of the two individuals. The process of gaining muscle helps in gradually becoming more appealing, stronger, patient, and reliably productive in daily life. Overall, gaining muscle mass not only builds the body but also the person.

The Wrap Up

The above list identifies the main benefits that result from gaining muscle mass. It’s important that we understand that bodybuilding is a long-term objective. The muscle building process isn’t performed overnight. However, that is the beauty of bodybuilding. Not everyone has the commitment and dedication to build their ideal body and those that do build something that no amount money will never be able to buy.

Consider the habit of gradually changing from the consumption of junk foods to a lifetime-healthy diet. In a world where self-control, discipline, and performance-based production is generally on its deathbed, bodybuilding is one of the few things that is still going strong.

In many ways, gaining muscle mass is only but a side benefit of bodybuilding and fitness training. The growth of muscle mass only accompanies and sustains positive body changes. In the process of gaining muscles, you attain optimal health, strength, and stamina in the body, while simultaneously anchoring personal character on resolute self-discipline and self-esteem. At the end process however, all these can accurately be described as the benefits of gaining muscle, for they would otherwise be absent.

Simply put, there is nothing else out there that compares to bodybuilding and gaining muscle.