Building Muscle Mass

So, You’re Having a Tough Time Building Muscle Mass

Have you ever felt like you have been killing yourself in the gym… but you weren’t seeing any results from your hard training sessions? That is the absolute worst feeling for anybody looking to pack on muscle mass. The unfortunate truth is that there are athletes out there that have a hard time gaining mass.

Potential Reasons Why You Can’t Gain Muscle Mass

There are several reasons why you may not be achieving the muscle gains your working for.

To start, analyze your nutrition. Do you eat a well-balanced diet with proper carbs, proteins, and healthy fats to promote healthy muscle growth?

Do you challenge yourself in the gym? Ensure that you are lifting weights that challenge your muscles to grow. The heavy weights will be the ones that you can only lift 6 to 8 times before muscle failure.

Additionally, are you training regularly? An ideal weight lifter will be in the gym 4 to 6 times a weak pushing their muscles to the brink.

If those three reasons check out, then make sure you’re getting 8 hours of good sleep each night.

If you consume the proper diet to promote muscle growth, challenge yourself in the gym with heavy weights, train regularly with a high intensity, and get plenty of sleep then you are more than likely a hard gainer. The bad news is that that sucks. The good news is that it’s not impossible for you to gain the muscle mass that you want.

Here are four tips to help you reach your goals in the gym.

Tip #1: Train Frequently and Train Correctly

It is essential for hard gainers to train frequently. You should plan on workout out 5 or 6 times each week for a minimum of 45 minutes.

When it comes to hard gainers and building large amounts of muscle the key is to lift very heavy. This means you should do fewer reps with heavier weights. This way, your body is extremely stressed and forced to grow.

The heavier weights put strain on the muscles. When this occurs they sustain tiny rips that must be repaired. When these muscles are repaired, they grow and evolve.

The more strain you put on the muscles with heavy weights – the more tears there are to repair. This encourages muscle growth.

Tip #2: Use Supplements

Supplements are essential for every single athlete and bodybuilder on the planet. They are especially important for people who cannot build muscle mass without them.

The reason that certain people cannot build muscle mass is due to their internal systems. These systems, such as having a high metabolism, burn through the person’s excess fat quickly. This fat is what the person uses for energy. And because the body’s systems burn through this fat the person remains skinny and unable to gain wait.

But, it gets worse. When the fat is depleted in the body, the body turns to its protein supply for energy. Protein is stored in the muscles and is the essential building block for all muscle within the body. So, as the body burns through the muscles protein, the person is unable to develop muscle and is more than likely losing muscle mass.

This is where supplements come in. When your body is in overdrive and burning through your supply of energy, you must constantly feed it carbohydrates in order to protect your muscles (and the protein within them ) from being destroyed.

The perfect supplement for hard gainers and those who are incapable of gaining weight is whey protein – and more specifically, a big mass weight gainer. Big mass gainers are loaded with over 500+ calories per serving, 60 grams of carbs and 55 grams of protein. Using a mass gainer supplement will allow you to keep your body satisfied with ample calories, carbs, and proteins and it will promote muscle growth.

Tip #3: Overeat

Again, it all boils down to putting more and more food in your body to give it an adequate supply of carbs, proteins and calories. Unfortunately, what’s recommended for the average person is not recommended for those who are having difficulty putting on weight.

You may need to increase your food intake by 50% to see muscle gains. While, this isn’t easy, it can be achieved through proper supplementation and planning. As the old saying goes… You must eat big to be big.

Tip #4: Train Progressively

You must ensure that you are constantly pushing your muscles to the limit. When you’re muscles aren’t challenged, they aren’t going to grow.

Progressive training means that you are constantly increasing the amount of weight that you are able to lift. As with tip number one, you need to ensure that you’re training in the correct way to promote muscle growth.

When you are able to do more than 3 sets of 8 reps of any exercise, you need to increase your reps. By performing 9+ reps, you are not challenging your muscles to grow larger but instead to grow leaner.

Concentrate on challenging the muscles and forcing them to use the added nutrients that you are consuming.

Finishing It Up

It is hard to stomach putting in a lot of time and effort in the gym without seeing the results. Many have quit before they realized the muscle gains they were working for. Hopefully, these four tips will put you on the right track to building muscle.

Remember that nutrition is half of the battle when it comes to gaining muscle mass. And for those of us that have trouble building muscle, it is even more important. Make sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet, complete with the appropriate amounts of calories, carbs and proteins. Then supplement this diet with a whey protein or a big mass gainer to inject even more calories, carbs and proteins into your body.

When your body has more nutrients than it knows what to do with, it will be forced to gain muscle no matter how fast your metabolism is churning. Ready to load your body with the nutrient it needs? Start with whey protein powder.