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The Many Benefits of Amino Acids:

Amino acids are one of the key supplements for achieving your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re working out to build lean muscle or to lose weight, Aminomax is here to help.

Improve Your Muscle Growth: The primary reason that athletes use amino acid supplements is to improve their ability grow muscle mass. When you workout, your muscles suffer from the stress that is placed on the muscles. Amino acid supplements improve your body’s ability to perform protein synthesis after your workout. This is mainly due to the ingredient named Leucine. By improving your body’s protein synthesis, you allow your muscles to maintain the perfect environment to repair themselves, grow and prepare for your next workout.

Spare Your Muscles: As we just discussed above, weight training and exercising damages your muscles. Amino acid supplements help to protect your muscle fibers and preventing your muscles from suffering from extensive damage. Instead, your muscles will be able to tear and repair, promoting healthy muscle growth.

Increase Your Endurance: When you perform exercises that require short bursts of energy like certain weight lifting exercises or sprinting your body burns through it’s glycogen supply. This is why it’s so hard to maintain these exercises without the body rapidly become exhausted. Amino acids help protect and maintain your glycogen supply so that you’re able to workout longer and maximize your workouts.

Burn More Fat: As touched on above, amino acids protect your glycogen levels. Amino acids are able to protect your glycogen levels by changing the way your body fuels itself. Using an amino acid supplement will help your body burn fat for fuel, instead of carbs. This is awesome for athletes that are trying on a low carb diet or training to lose weight.

Reduce Your Fatigue, Improved Recovery and Muscle Soreness: When you workout, your body naturally boosts it’s production of tryptophan which leads to fatigue once it reaches the brain and becomes serotonin. Amino acid supplements help your body prevent this process from occurring. Amino acid supplements also protect your muscles and enable you to recover faster after your workout. Complete recovery is imperative to building muscle mass. Reducing your fatigue and improving your recovery help prevent muscle soreness, which allows you to hit the gym more often.

What You Need to Know About Aminomax

Each bottle of Aminomax comes with 30 servings. All orders at come with a 90 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee so you can use our supplements risk-free.

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