workouts at home for women, at home workouts for women

Perfect Workouts for Women At Home

Sticking to a strict gym schedule can be tricky. There are days when the weather isn’t the best, days when you feel exhausted, and days when you are so busy that driving to and from the gym is out of the question. Besides, if you live in a climate with harsh winters, you may not feel like heading to the gym when you could be sitting by a cozy fire in your living room. Each of these reasons can easily prevent any woman from staying fit and healthy. Luckily, there are enough effective workouts for women at home that can sculpt your dream body without needing to go to any gym.

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The Home Workout Plan for Women

The first thing to do if you are determined to exercise at home is to put together a workout plan. You need a daily routine to stick to, as this would enable you work all your body parts for balanced muscle development. Moreover, if you have weaker areas, you may want to follow a workout routine that targets these body segments or muscles a little more. For instance, a perfect butt requires special workouts for the gluteus maximus, which is the main muscle that shapes your buttocks. If you don’t like your arms, you should include workouts for your biceps and triceps muscles.

Having a detailed plan and schedule for your workout routines can help you be more efficient, as you won’t have to spend time each day thinking about what kind of workout you should do. A simple glance at your schedule is going to help you jump on your mat and do your scheduled workouts. This will increase the chances of you actually working out, and reduce your chances of skipping your workout.

When developing your training plan, you should ask a professional trainer for advice. It is very important that you include exercises for a well-balanced development of your body. Besides, you also need to target the deeper muscles, which aren’t visible, but which are essential for a healthy body. These are the core muscles and they’re responsible for supporting the body frame. By strengthening your core muscles, your spine is going to have to support less weight, as your muscles will partially take over this function. This can improve or even heal chronic back pain, so it’s worth thinking about the best workouts targeting the core muscles. A fitness trainer can show you what kind of workout routines are the best for your goals, so it’s not a bad idea to pay for this kind of advice you can use for many years to come.

Choosing the Setting for Your Home Workout

If you are set on giving up the gym in favor of a bunch of carefully chosen workouts at home, you need to set up a proper gym in your house. You don’t need a whole room for this purpose. You can get by with a just corner of your living room or of your bedroom. The most important thing is that you have enough room to do each of your routines, as your limbs have to be able to move freely, unrestricted by walls or furniture. In addition, you need a good mat, in order to avoid injuries. Yoga mats are perfect, so you should go ahead and purchase a good one if you haven’t already. When you choose it, make sure it matches your height, so that you can do your planking, stretching and workouts safely and comfortably.

The ideal setting should be in a quiet area of your house. You shouldn’t allow your pets inside during your workouts. If you have small children, you may not be able to keep them out of the room. In this case, you may consider getting them their own yoga mat and teaching them a few simple and harmless moves. They’d be happy to exercise together with their mom.

Perfecting Your Workout Schedule

You may choose the most effective workouts for women at home, and still fail at achieving your fitness goals if you can’t stick to your daily schedule. You should take your time and analyze your daily schedule and your routine, in order to see where you can fit in a workout. If you are a stay at home mom, you may want to wake up 30 minutes to an hour before everybody else in the house, so that you can have time to exercise. If waking up early isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you may want to schedule your workouts late at night, after everybody in the house falls asleep. Just remember, consistency is the key. So, plan to workout at the same time each day and block that time off on your schedule.

If you can stick to your scheduled routine at least five days out of seven every week, it means it’s a good one and you should keep it. If you miss your workouts more than twice a week, you should check your schedule again and make some adjustments, because something is not quite right.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to block off an entire hour each day to work out. If this is the case for you, then remember that any workout is better than no workout at all. You may want to break up your workouts throughout the day or try a workout like high intensity interval training, which is designed specifically to maximize a short workout.

Keeping Your Motivation Up

The main reason people prefer the gym and/or working out with a personal fitness trainer is that it helps them keep their motivation high. Trainers keep their clients accountable for their progress, thus helping them maintain a high level of motivation. On the contrary, working out by yourself, in the loneliness of your home, may lead to boredom, fatigue and sloppiness. Psychologists say that establishing a new habit takes about 30 days. However, breaking a habit takes less than one week. If you skip your exercise one day, you are going to feel guilt and shame. However, these feelings are going to be attenuated the second time you are tempted to skip your workout. There’s a snowball effect from missing one workout to quitting all together.

That being said, you have to work on keeping your motivation intact for many weeks, months or even years. The best method of doing it may vary from one person to another. You need to find out what keeps you moving and use it to stay motivated to exercise. If having a nice dessert or a lavish cheat meal once a week helps you work towards your fitness goals, you should follow your impulse. Pick a day and treat yourself. If beautiful and sexy clothes are what keep you going, set a monthly budget to spend on outfits. It is very important to reward yourself for all your hard work and to celebrate all achievements, no matter how small. You have to find a balance in your life.

Sharing your goals with a friend and/or workout partner can be one of the best motivators. When you tell someone else what your goals are, you feel more accountable, so you may find it harder to quit or ignore your routine. Even better, you can challenge one of your best friends to workout at home, so that you can compete with each other and track your progress together. If you want, you can use Skype to feel as if you were exercising together, in the same room, although you may live in different cities or even states. This is a growing trend when it comes to fitness group and at home workout videos.

Humans work by comparison, this is a fact you can use to your advantage. We always tend to compare ourselves with others, it’s our natural competitive spirit.

Tracking the Progress of Your at Home Workout

Once you’ve set up your fitness goals, your schedule and your comfortable home gym, you have to find the best way of tracking your progress. This is the only way you can know whether you are getting closer to your goals or not. A simple way of measuring your progress is to count the number of repetitions you can do for each workout routine on your list. Maybe in the beginning you can only do 20 squats in one session. Set yourself a goal to do 30 after one week, 40 after two weeks, 50 after one month, and so on. Proceed like this with the other routines, and write everything down into a spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can use a mobile app that helps you keep tabs on your fitness progress and goals. This could be a good method to keep your motivation up, as you can always share your progress on your social media pages.

Wrapping It Up

You don’t have to hit the gym every day, in order to achieve your fitness goals. With effective planning, commitment and creativity, you can build a perfect body and improve your health by exercising in the comfort of your home. It may take a while until you manage to set a proper routine, but you shouldn’t give up too soon, as the advantages of exercising at home outweigh the drawbacks.

Savvy women know their looks have a big influence on the impression they create around them. But it goes beyond appearance; regular exercise will greatly improve your overall health and well-being. These reasons should be good enough for any reasonable woman, so get ready and start planning your home workouts!

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