Naturally Boost Testosterone

Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels with these 6 Foods

Testosterone is an important hormone that is naturally available in your body. A lack of testosterone will cause all sorts of negative effects on the body, including: fatigue, depression, weakness and a decrease in sex drive.

Needless to say, fatigue, weakness and depression are extremely detrimental to the muscle gaining process. When you suffer from these symptoms they can prevent you from even reaching the inside of a gym. And if you do reach the inside of the gym, your work out will be a shell of itself. You won’t be able to push as hard and you won’t see the results that you’re used to seeing.

Luckily, there are ways that we can boost our testosterone levels. It does however, depend on how much testosterone we a lacking to best determine the optimal way to replace it. A slight dip in your natural testosterone production can be corrected and maintained by eating foods that are high in testosterone and testosterone producing hormones.

However, if you are suffering from a significant testosterone deficit, you will likely have to turn to supplementation in order to fuel your body with enough testosterone to promote a healthy body and steady muscle gains.

However, before you settle on supplementing your testosterone levels, take a look at the natural options that are available. If you think your testosterone levels are dangerously low, consult with your physician, who should be able to rule out other possible reasons for your health woes or will be able to determine your current level of testosterone.

Here are some of the natural sources of testosterone that we can consume through proper dieting and nutrition:


Coconuts have proven to be very effective in stimulating the production of testosterone within the body. This product contains a high amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Both of these fatty acids are very useful in the production of testosterone.

One way to incorporate the added testosterone boosting quality of coconuts is to have a coconut shake before or after you work out.

Egg Yolks

When you want to boost your testosterone level in your body, you should consider egg yolks. They contain a high amount of Vitamin D and cholesterol. So monitor your consumption of egg yolks if you have high cholesterol or suffer from cholesterol related health issues.

Consuming one egg per day – assuming your cholesterol levels allow it – can provide you with a huge boost in testosterone producing hormones.


Oysters are one of the better kept secrets when it comes to testosterone boosting foods. Oysters also contain a high amount of zinc that is very essential for supporting your muscle development. Zinc can also help maintain the overall amount of testosterone hormones in your body. Oyster also contain a large amount of protein and healthy fatty acids which promotes lean muscle growth and development.

Baked Beans

Baked beans, including white, black and kidney beans, are a great option for boosting your testosterone levels. When regularly consumed they will help keep your testosterone levels elevated. They are also recommended because they can be agreat sources of Vitamin D and zinc. Baked beans can also help naturally improve the overall protein intake of your body.


Tuna is another proven testosterone boosting food that you should consume regularly. Tuna contains a high amount of nutrients that are good for your body, for example Vitamin D, protein, and also omega fatty acids. In fact, a serving of tuna is going to fulfill your daily Vitamin D requirements. Eating this fish in canned or fresh form can help you boost your testosterone naturally. It is a great idea to add tuna in your salad, which creates a prolific blend of nutrients that promote a healthy diet.


Shrimp is the perfect food to help supply your body with a significant boost of testosterone. This product contains high amount of Vitamin D. Again, the addition of Vitamin D will help trigger the body’s production of testosterone.

Are Natural Sources of Testosterone Enough?

As you can see, there are tons of testosterone producing foods out there. We’ve only touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg here. The real question is whether or not you can get an adequate amount of testosterone solely from eating foods that boost testosterone.

Unfortunately, that is not something we can answer and it’s probably something that you don’t even know. That will have to be a question we leave to your physician. However, it is unlikely that a person who is suffering from low testosterone levels will be able to trigger enough protein through natural sources to make up for the lack of it.

That’s why many athletes and bodybuilders turn to testosterone supplements to boost their muscle growth.

Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testosterone boosting supplements provide your body with a higher level of testosterone than any food is capable of providing it.

It has become a widely used supplement amongst bodybuilders to replenish their testosterone levels and increase their ability to burn muscle. It has also been a mainstay as a supplement for men over 40 or so to help them regain their natural loss of testosterone that occurs as we age.

When it comes to bodybuilding, supplementing your testosterone levels will help boost your muscle growth, increase your stamina, provide enough strength to your body, and also increase your energy level.

The Final Word

To make a long story short, testosterone supplements are definitely worth using. They come in handy to replenish our natural testosterone supply when it drops or to restore it when it is whipped out as we age.

When you are suffering from an inadequate supply of testosterone, taking a testosterone supplement will restore you back to your normal levels. If you aren’t suffering from a lack of testosterone, taking a testosterone supplement can kick your performance into another gear while being over-supplied with testosterone.

However, it is important to discuss taking a testosterone supplement with your physician. Because testosterone is responsible for so many different activities within our body as it relates to fatigue, mood, and depression, it is always best to ask a professional of the potential risks and rewards. When you’re ready to reap the benefits of testosterone, we’ll be here.