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Is Low Testosterone Killing Your Gains?

There is one key hormone that separates men and women: testosterone.

Muscle mass, strength, fat distribution, confidence, libido, and mental and physical energy all come from testosterone. Simply put, testosterone is what makes men, men.

When your testosterone dips, you lose muscle mass and strength, become depressed and your libido decreases. The consequences of low testosterone are steep.

This is especially true when it comes to athletes and bodybuilders. Testosterone is the key hormone that allows us to pack on muscle and stay in shape.

Athletes and bodybuilders MUST maintain high testosterone levels by maintaining a proper diet and using the right supplements.

But, testosterone is often the most overlooked supplement. But, why? It’s the body’s natural anabolic steroid after all!

Increase Your Testosterone and Reap the Rewards

There are three changes you can make to naturally increase your testosterone:

  1. Change your lifestyle
  2. Change your diet
  3. Change your supplement regime

How to Change Your Lifestyle

The most enjoyable way to increase your testosterone levels is to have sex regularly. By regularly, I mean at least once a week. Going a week or more at a time without sex will cause your testosterone levels to plummet.

The less enjoyable way to boost your testosterone is to consistently sleep better. Sleeping poorly will cause your testosterone levels to drop by as much as 40 percent. Improving your sleep quality will greatly boost your testosterone levels.

Here’s how you can improve your sleep quality:

  1. Lower the temperature in your bedroom
  2. Keep drinking liquids to a minimum within 2 hours of going to bed
  3. Always use the restroom right before going to sleep
  4. Sleep in comfortable clothing that isn’t tight around the waist
  5. Use supplements that will help you sleep such as ZMA

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How to Change Your Diet

Your diet plays a HUGE role in the level of testosterone which your body maintains. Poor diets are a leading cause of low testosterone. Maintaining a diet that’s high in Vitamin D will help boost your testosterone. Vitamin D is the nutrient that assists your body absorb calcium. Thus, it helps the body maintain a healthy immune system and supports healthy bones in addition to helping your body produce more testosterone.

So, how can you increase the amount of Vitamin D you consume?

  1. Tuna: Tuna is loaded with Vitamin D. It’s also low in calories and high in protein making it an ideal food when it comes to building muscle mass.
  2. Low Fat Milk: Milk will provide your body with a great blast of protein and calcium as well as help boost your testosterone production.
  3. Oysters: Oysters are a tremendous source of Zinc. Zinc is a nutrient that helps keep the male hormones in check through puberty and into adulthood. Many men who suffer from low testosterone levels also suffer from a Zinc deficiency. So… double whammy.
  4. Beans: They’re not just good for the heart. White, black and kidney beans are all a great source of Vitamin D and Zinc.

How to Change Your Supplement Regime

Maintaining a good sleep schedule and a healthy, balanced diet are great ways to increase your testosterone levels. However, supplementation is the easiest, quickest, and most predictable way to increase your testosterone levels.

If You’re an Athlete or Bodybuilder, You Need a Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is one of the few factors that determine our ability to build muscle mass. It’s the main hormone that enables men to build more muscle mass than women at a quicker rate. Women produce approximately 1/15th of the amount of testosterone as men.

But, there’s still a problem…

Roughly 97% of the testosterone that is produces by the body is what is bound to proteins and used by the body to perform a wide variety of tasks. This means that only 3% of the testosterone that your body maintains is considered “free testosterone”. Free testosterone is the testosterone that is capable of producing changes within your body, such as muscle growth.

Testosterone boosters increase the amount of free testosterone that is available to help your body make changes like adding muscle mass.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re not using a testosterone booster, you’re missing out!

After all, testosterone is what causes us as athletes to be aggressive and compete. It also allows us to build muscle mass and improve our performance. Maintaining a high level of testosterone is crucial to seeing gains in the gym.

Don’t let your gains suffer. If you’re suffering from low testosterone or are looking to maximize your performance then it’s time to reap the rewards of increased testosterone.

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