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Instant Results: How Fast Can You Build Muscle?

The trend today is muscle building. Honestly, I’m not sure if the increasing popularity in building muscle is because of the virtually unlimited health benefits, because of the appearance value, or because of some combination of the two. What I do know is that the widespread desire to build more muscle mass for both men and for women is here to stay.

With that in mind, the common question because: how fast can you build muscle?

That is the question that we’re going to dive into today. The short version is that your ability to build muscle will depend solely on you and your body. Basically, it comes down to how bad you want to gain muscle mass.

Your dedication to all things nutrition, supplement, and exercise will ultimately decide your results. However, there are four main factors when it comes to you and your ability to gain muscle mass.

These are the 4 factors that will decide the pace at which you can build muscle:

Factor #1: Your Current State

It goes without saying that your current state will play an important role in how quickly you can build muscle. The chances are that a ‘normal sized’ or even a ‘skinnier’ person will have an easier time building muscle mass than a person who is overweight.

This is due to the fact that overweight people have to undergo two separate processes in order to build muscle. First, an overweight person must lose the fat that is stored on their body’s frame. This obviously takes time. Second, the person must then build muscle mass.

It is a common misconception that you can simply replace fat with muscle. In reality, these are to separate process that occur. They can however occur simultaneously when you are lifting weights to lose fat. This type of exercise regime involves a high dose of cardio via weight lifting.

Obvious, a ‘normal size’ or ‘skinnier’ person will not have to go through the weight loss process and they will achieve muscle gains quicker than an overweight person.

Factor #2: Gender

Sorry, but our ability to grow muscle mass relies on a lot of different factors for which we have no control. At the forefront of those factors is your gender. When it comes to building muscle, men are able to build it a lot faster than women are. This is due to larger levels of testosterone in men and their ability to produce growth hormones.

Even if women train “like a man” for lack of a better expression, they will build muscle mass at a slower pace. On average, the muscle growth in women is about 2 to 3 times slower than muscle growth in men.

Factor #3: Consistency

You can’t build muscle mass overnight without injecting yourself with some highly illegal and harmful steroids. Thus, your commitment and consistency will play an important role in how fast you can build muscle.

To gain serious muscle mass, you need to consistently work out for a minimum of six months. Plan to be in the gym five or six days per week for roughly one hour each day.

Muscle building is inherently a slow process. However, it is a process that seems to have a snowball effect. When you build muscle mass, and continue working out, you continue to build more and more muscle mass. Eventually, you get bigger, quicker.

Factor #4: Patience

We are an impatient society and we want immediate results in all that we do. Some people will do anything to see results quickly when just waiting and sticking to your training method will produce results. Often times, our results are inhibited by using crappy supplements or over-exercising.

The muscle building process is a slow one – unfortunately. But, good things come to those who wait. When you lift weights your body must go through the complete recovery process. This process includes damaging the muscles and repairing the muscles. Over time, the muscles develop to be larger and stronger.

Get on a proper muscle building plan, ensure that you are taking the right supplements to promote muscle growth, and make sure that you are consuming the right portion of each vital nutrient. Your muscles will have no choice but to produce massive gains.

Accelerating Muscle Growth

Now that I’ve told you the bad news, it’s time to fill you in on the good news when it comes to building muscle quickly.

Good News #1: You Dictate Your Growth

There is so much that you can’t control when it comes to bodybuilding: Gender, age, metabolism, and your natural abilities are just a few. But what you do control is what will dictate whether or not you gain muscle and at which pace you do. What you control is your effort.

Showing up early and often – five or six days per week – and putting in serious work to build muscle mass is what will accelerate your muscle growth. Training right – but not over training – is the key.

To gain muscle mass, you must lift heavy weights. These weights must be heavy enough to challenge the muscles and force them to grow. Not encourage them to grow – force them to grow. Heavy weights cause intense pressure on the muscles and this is what causes them to grow stronger. They grow stronger simply to handle the intense pressure that you put on them with weight training. Over time, you develop stronger muscles that can continuously lift more weight.

Good News #2: You Control Your Diet

Your diet is equally important to your effort inside the gym. In fact, I wouldn’t argue against your diet being more important than your effort in side of the gym. Because even the most highly intense workout regime can only produce the results based on what it has to work with.

When it comes to building muscle you need to ensure that you consume a proper diet that consists of adequate calories, carbs, proteins, amino acids, and nutrients. Together, this well-balanced diet will ensure that your body is in prime position to make gains.

When looking to build muscle fast, you should aim to add 500 additional calories to your diet each day. Make sure that these are good calories – not pizza and burgers. The additional calories will directly translate into fuel and gains when you’re in the gym.

Good News #3: You Get to Rest

For as hard as you work to make gains, you must work equally hard to allow your body to rest. Inadequate rest and sleep will lead to poor muscle recovery times and prohibit you from workout out hard. Always aim for 8 hours of good sleep each night.

Also, aim to have at least 48 hours between working out the same muscle group for the second time. This ensures that your muscles have had a chance to recover and grow. If they are still sore after 48 hours – give them more time. You may need to use a recovery supplement in order to boost your recovery time and expedite your muscle growth.

The Bottom Line: How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle?

As I mentioned earlier, muscle building is, by nature, a long-term process and goal. However, there are thing you cannot control and things you can control which ultimately decide the pace at which you will gain muscle mass.

If your body is properly feed the fuel you need to burn through your workouts and you are challenging your muscles and forcing them to grow in the gym, then you should be expected to gain 2-3 solid pounds of muscle each and every month – at a minimum.

Adding muscle building supplements can increase the amount of muscle that you’re able to build each month. This is because supplements provide your body with the perfect mix of the nutrients it needs to grow fast.

What supplements you use depend on your goals. Building enormous mass will require the use of a big mass gainer. While building lean muscle mass that is ideal for competitive athletes will require the use of a whey protein supplement.

When your ready to reach the next level, we’ll be here.