How to Put on Muscle Mass

How to Put on Muscle Mass

Putting on muscle mass is one of the most common goals of men throughout the world. Whether it’s for the personal satisfaction, to compete at a higher level, the health benefits, or the admiration of the opposite sex, the need to gain muscle mass is a common one.

Gaining muscle is a process. The process breaks down into three categories: exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. When these three come together, you can achieve serious muscle gains. Let’s take a look at each of these categories.

How to Put on Muscle Mass by Exercising

As they say, nothing good comes easy. Gaining muscle mass requires a lot of effort and dedication. After all, building muscle is a long term process. Assuming you don’t want the side effects of shrunken testicles and schlong that doesn’t work.

When it comes to exercising for muscle mass, it boils down to one thing: lifting heavy weights. Now, heavy is a relative term. What’s heavy for me may not be heavy for you. Or, more than likely, vice versa.

But, what heavy means in respect to generating an enormous amount of muscle mass is that you push yourself to achieve significant gains. To find what’s heavy for you, find the weights that you can only lift 4-6 times, for three sets. And keep in mind, that you can lift them 4-6 times with proper form.

Start by identifying these weights for the various exercises that you will be incorporating into your fitness routine. Then break each day into a different large muscle group. For example, day one will be for chest. Day two will be for legs. Day three will be for arms. Or alternatively, you can design a routine for multiple large muscle groups each day. Either way, the key is to avoid targeting the same muscle groups day after day without adequate rest and recovery time.

Your plan will then enable you to increase your weight when you’re able to do three sets of 7 reps. Once you reach this, add another 5 pounds. This will ensure that you are continuously challenging yourself and developing your muscles to go through the muscle building process.

The Cliff Notes Version of the Muscle Building Process

I’m going to give you a real quick crash course on the muscle building process since this has been a topic that we talk about extensively here at BioGains.

When you challenge yourself while weight training, your muscles suffer tiny tears from the strain that is put on them. When this happens, your muscles are forced to fend off the attack of this strain. And to fend off the attack they repair the muscles and grow them stronger and larger. This is the body’s natural process to prepare itself just in case the muscles are attacked again. But, when your body develops larger and stronger muscles, you’re then able to lift heavier weights. When you lift heavier weights than your body is used to, it causes more strain to the body. This results in a never-ending cycle of strain and muscle tears, repairing of the muscle, and lifting heavier weights.

Muscle Confusion and Muscle Growth

Now, we have very advanced bodies now-a-days. Our bodies are capable of achieving this phenomenon known as muscle memory. This means that your body can anticipate the strain of weight lifting and prepare for it. This can lead to a plateau in your ability to generate muscle gains. Here is where muscle confusion comes in.

Confusing the muscles prohibits them from expecting what exercises and strain are going to be placed on them. By keeping them off balance, you can continuously make gains. This is why it’s important to alternate your workout by interchanging exercises by either exercise type or by changing the days you do certain exercises.

It’s important to keep a balance on tracking your progress and changing your routine. By doing the same exercises, you can track your routine. By changing your routine, you can confuse your muscles and ensure steady gains. The balance comes in changing your routine every 3-4 months to achieve the best of both worlds.

Nutrition for Muscle Gains

Even if you have the perfect muscle building plan while in the gym and push yourself the brink during every session, your results will be poop if you don’t supplement that effort with proper nutrition.

The body requires proper nutrition to work properly and to carry out its essential functions. When you’re serious about putting on muscle, proper nutrition becomes even more important.

Your meals have to be planned in such a way as to ensure the proper intake of all the essential nutrients required for promoting the growth of your muscles. An ideal program for nutrition should have the following characteristics:

Smaller and More Frequent Meals

Your metabolism increases when your body is fed several times in a day. This helps you to burn more fat. When your body goes without food for roughly 4 hours, it enters a catabolic state. This is a state in which the body will lose muscle and gain fat.

Eat Proteins, Carbs, and Healthy Fats with Every Meal

Plus the caveat of consuming them in the correct ratio! By consuming proteins, carbs, and healthy fats in the proper ration the body will benefit from a well-balanced diet. A well-balanced diet, in turn, will allow the body’s macronutrients to be used by to body correctly. Excluding any of these vital nutrients will significantly set back your goals.

Cycle Your Calories

Cycling your calorie intake doesn’t allow your body to adjust to the amount of calories you consume. Thus, you’re body has no idea what to expect and will have to make due with what you give it. When building muscle mass, try to consume a high intake of calories for 5 days and then immediately follow it with 2 days of a low calorie intake.

Supplementing Your Nutrition and Workouts

As you can tell, putting on muscle mass is a tedious process that requires a lot of time and energy. And while most athletes have no problem committing 100% while inside the gym, they are doomed by not committing to the nutritional side of muscle growth outside of the gym. Luckily, supplementation is available to not only supplement your muscle gains, but to accelerate it.

Simply put, supplements are designed to give your body the carbs, proteins, amino acids, nutrition, and vitamins it needs to gain muscle mass. Different supplements function in different ways, the supplement that every athlete uses to gain significant muscle mass is known a Big Mass Weight Gainer.

Big Mass Weight Gainers do just as they say – they help you gain mass. These weight gainers inject you with 500+ calories, 60 grams of carbs, 55 grams of protein, and 11 grams of branch chained amino acids. There is no better supplement to use when it comes to muscle gains.

Aside from the Big Mass Weight Gainer, every athlete should use a pre-workout to provide the body with the energy it needs to push through intense workouts. They should also drink either creatine or a post-workout recovery drink after their workout to ensure their muscles are able to recover and grow bigger and stronger.

Other than these supplements, it depends on your individual goals. But, for any athlete looking to generate put on ridiculous muscle mass, this is where you start. To see what supplements are right for you, browse through our shop.

Last Thought

The muscle building process is a long one and it’s not for the faint of heart. Make sure your goals are realistic and align with your effort. If you set realistic goals, and develop a plan to provide your body with the proper weight lifting routine, nutrition, and supplements your muscle gains will come in time. And when muscle gains come, they come with the snowball effect.