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How to Lose Weight Safely

Whether you’re trying to lose the extra few pounds you picked up over the holidays or you’re trying to lose a lot of weight that was steadily gained over the course of your life, the process remains the same for each. Your body is a machine that is programed to react in certain ways based on what you do with it or to it. Because of that, we know ahead of time what eating the proper diet and undergoing a proper exercise plan for losing weight will do for your body.

As such, there is such thing as guaranteed weight loss. As long as you stick to the proper dieting and exercise regime, the results will come.

#1: Proper Diet and Nutrition for Weight Loss

It goes without saying that foods are essential to the body. They provide us with the nutrients and energy we need to function. However, when we consume food to the point of acquiring excess calories we develop unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain. Consuming the right foods – in the right quantities – is essential when it comes to safely losing weight.

Foods that promote healthy weight loss have a low calorie content. These foods promote weight loss through a process of creating a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit is when the body does not have enough calories to burn for energy, so it uses the energy stored in fat throughout the body to generate weight loss. It’s essential that the calories we consume provide us with the nutrients we need but not a surplus of calories that end up being stored as fat.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right diet for weight loss.

Eat Foods with a High Amount of Fiber

Foods that have a high fiber content are essential when losing weight safely. These foods take longer to digest which leaves you feeling fuller, longer. Thus, minimizing the sensation of hunger and forces us to eat more calories. This will give the body extra time to break down fats and lose weight. Foods with high fiber contents include whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Eat More Fruit and Veggies

That was a nice little intro to our second tip, am I right? Fruits and veggies are a rich source of natural nutrients and contain a high fiber content. They also tend to have a low calorie count which promotes our ability to create a caloric deficit. Some of the nutrients contained in fruit such as amino acids are essential in burning the fat stored within the body.

Minimize Snacking and Fast Food

Welcome to modern times, right? Snacks and fast food restaurants are a part of our daily lives. We’re always on the go and they’re just so darn quick and easy! It turns out they are also extremely adverse when it comes to weight loss.

Undoubtedly, snacking and fast food will greatly increase the amount of calories you consume which is a clear deficit when it comes to weight loss. Simply avoiding fast food restaurants and snacks can ensure that your body has the opportunity to burn excess fat.

Monitor Your Calorie Intake

In this day and age, there is no reason you cannot track how many calories you are consuming. Just a quick search on your smart phone for a ‘calorie counter’ app will unlock hundreds of ways to count your daily intake. And, as they say, knowledge is power!

Simply put, knowing your calorie requirements and your calorie intake will let you know immediately if you are losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining weight. As a general rule of thumb, you must burn 3,500 calories than you consume to burn 1 pound of fat. That means, consuming 500 fewer calories per day than you normally consume will result in over 50 pounds of weight loss per year!

Drink Water (And Lots of It)

Water is essential for the body to function. In fact, the body is approximately 65% water. The essential functions of water include enhancing blood flow and metabolism. With adequate water in the body, metabolic processes are more effective. This leads to better digestion and removal of toxic waste in the body.

It is also said that drinking 8 to 12 ounces of water before meals leads to weight loss. This is due to the water causing a fullness sensation within the body, which in turn, causes you to eat fewer calories. In this case, water acts as empty calories to replace the actual calories you would consume in food. When using this method, just ensure that you are still eating appropriate portions to ensure you get the appropriate amount of nutrients your body needs. Just don’t over eat!

Avoid Indulgent Foods

Indulgent foods are consumed more from being a habit than for nutritional needs. Such foods add more calories to our bodies and can be a hindrance to losing weight. Whether eaten with meals or throughout the day, they are extremely toxic to weight loss goals. Indulgent foods that provide little to no nutritional benefits should be avoided at all costs.

#2: Begin a Weight Loss Exercise Program

Nutrition is half the battle when it comes to weight loss. And while it’s true that weight loss can be achieved by proper nutrition and caloric intake, it can be accelerated through a proper exercise program. Remember when I said that consuming just 500 calories per day leads to over 50 pounds of weight loss per year? We’ll you can also achieve that goal or accelerate it by burning extra calories at home or in the gym.

Like with proper nutrition, the most important aspect of a fitness program is that you stick with it. Weight loss is not an overnight goal. It takes time to achieve weight loss results safely (no matter what the marketing hype is this week).  A regular exercise program will greatly supplement your weight loss goals.

It’s recommended to exercise between 3 to 6 times per week, depending on your weight loss goals, your abilities, and any other health issues you are suffering from. It’s always a good idea to consult your physician when undergoing a new fitness program.

With that said, let’s look at how a great weight loss exercise program will promote healthy weight loss.

Melt Away Excess Fat

During exercise, the body burns excess fat and calories by using them for energy while performing various exercises. The harder you push your body, the more fat and calories it will need to burn. A serious weight loss fitness plan will include a variety of weight lifting and cardio with little to no rest between exercises. These types of workout plans will keep the heart rate elevated and your body in a constant state of needing to burn fat and calories.

Development Your Muscles

While weight loss may be your primary goal, muscle development should – at a minimum – be your secondary goal. Here at BioGains, we specialize in helping people gain muscle mass. Many of these people also need to lose weight in order to gain muscle. As such, it’s important to understand that you cannot replace fat with muscle. You must burn the fat and generate muscle. These are two totally separate processes.

Weight lifting for weight loss involves lifting weights in such a way that your body is pushing itself to do a large number of reps. However, you must do these large number of reps (14 to 20) at a weight that is still challenging to you. This causes a cardio effect while lifting weights.

Developing your muscles improves your body’s appearance and enhances your overall body performance. During the muscle building process, excess fats within the body are burned and replaced with muscle mass. This is a very safe way to achieve weight loss.

Improve Blood Circulation

When you burn fats within the body, your blood flow is improved. Blood vessels within the body are cleared of fats that would otherwise slow down or block the blood flow. This results in better metabolism and improves the distribution of nutrients, minerals, and oxygen throughout the body.

How to Ensure a Weight Loss Program is Safe

Not every weight loss program is appropriate for everyone. The safest way to determine if a particular weight loss program is right for you is to consult with a physician. A physician can determine if any particular weight loss program can interfere with your health or be detrimental in any way. After all, injuries and illnesses sustained during any exercise will prevent you from reaching your weight loss goal.

Likewise, consult with a fitness instructor before beginning an exercise program. Fitness instructors are trained to ensure that you are properly performing exercises that will help you reach your goals. Additionally, they will be able to prevent any injuries that may occur due to excessive workouts or poor form.

A Thought for the Road

At BioGains, we are about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our customers come in all different shapes and sizes. Each of our customers has a unique goal. Whether you’re here to lose weight, gain muscle, or both, let us know! We’d love to assist you on your fitness journey, so be sure to check out our shop.