how to get muscular legs

How to Get Muscular Legs in 30 Days

If you do a substantial amount of upper body workouts to build up your back, chest and arms, you might realize that your body is looking a bit disproportionate if you don’t put the same time and effort into your legs. The legs are just as important as the upper body and you need to lift weights in order to build the muscle mass in your legs.

Whether you want to build up your quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, or any other part of your legs, you will need to focus on very specific exercises. It is also important to take the necessary supplements such as whey protein, creatine, and glutamine to maximize your efforts. By following this simple 30 day plan on how to get muscular legs fast, you will be able to transform the way that your legs look using these simple exercises.

How to Get Muscular Legs Fast

If you haven’t ever focused on lower body workouts, then you might not realize how difficult these exercises can be. Building thick, strong legs will require quite a bit of effort on your part, as well as consistency. You need to use the proper weights, number of repetitions, and sets to see results. Regardless of your genetics, as long as you are following a specific plan of action, a minimum of five days a week, you should see excellent results.

Building Your Upper Leg Muscles

Your upper legs are comprised of your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. This is also referred to as your upper thigh. Your quadriceps have many different components which are responsible for your ability to extend your leg. Your hamstrings, also called your bicep femoris, are the muscle on the back of your thigh. These muscles are necessary for flexing your leg, and they’re built very similarly to a bicep. Finally, your glutes are one of the strongest of all of the muscle groups in your body, and are utilized with every leg exercise that you do. One of the best exercises that you can do is a full back squat which will work all of these muscles at the same time. This should not be done every day as this can put too much stress on your spine, which is why doing deadlifts, calf raises, and even Bulgarian split squats where your back heel is elevated, can make it possible for you to do consistent exercises without the risk of injury.

Sets and Repetitions

When you are starting out, you will want to do multiple sets and fewer repetitions. For example, when you are doing full squats you should do 6 to 8 sets of three repetitions each. The same is true for the split squats, calf raises, and Bulgarian split squats that you will do throughout the week. As a general rule, your maximum weight will be 80% of your body weight, though you should start out with far less and work your way up until it becomes a struggle. Lifting too much weight can compromise your muscles, leading to strains. By starting low, and working up to a weight that you feel comfortable with that is challenging, you can avoid the potential for injuries. Later, you will rotate your sets and repetitions. You will do fewer sets and more repetitions in order to build stamina. It will also allow you to rest your muscles by doing fewer sets, and you should also lower the amount that you are lifting by 20% when you are building up your stamina. Now that you know what exercises to do, and how to choose the proper weight, the next portion of this tutorial on how to get muscular legs fast will help you determine the proper schedule.

What is the Best Weekly Workout Schedule?

Most people will recommend that you should only do two days in a row, with one day of rest, when you are starting out. This will allow you to do five days a week, which is more than enough once you begin your training. Once you have chosen your maximum weight, and you are doing your sets and repetitions, you will want to start with a lower amount of weight with higher repetitions first. This will acclimate your leg muscles so that they will be conditioned to working out.

The second week you should use heavier weights, more sets, and lower repetitions. This will continue into week three and four, increasing the amount of weight that you are lifting by only 5 pounds each time. This is the safest way to gradually increase the amount of weight you are using with your legs, and you will see dramatic improvements if you are consistent. Combined with a proper diet and supplementation, you can see dramatic results in just 30 days.

Additional Exercises to Add Week Three and Four

There are two additional exercises that you can do in order to maximize the strength and size of your leg muscles. The first is to do leg presses which are similar to doing squats, with the exception that you are not involving your back in the equation. Many people prefer this type of exercise because there is no strain on your back or spine. Finally, before doing squats and other leg exercises, you need to pre-exhaust your quads. The best way to do this is with leg extension exercises, going as far as you can until they are exhausted. It is recommended that you start with a minimal amount of weight and work your way up until you cannot fully extend your legs anymore to find the weight that you will do your repetitions with. For beginners, you should subtract 20% of that weight before you begin to acclimate your legs to this exercise as well. By doing this prior to the squats, deadlifts, and calf raises, you will actually maximize your gains every time that you work out.

This simple 30 day plan on how to get muscular legs only involves three core exercises, and two optional exercises to maximize muscle growth. You must have one day of rest in between two consecutive workout days, allowing your muscles to fully recover before the next session. As long as you are giving your body the proper supplementation that it needs, your muscles will have the amino acids necessary to build muscle fast. In just a little over four weeks, you will hardly recognize the way your legs look because of these proven leg exercises. If you’re short on time, be sure to check out our best at home leg exercises.