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How to Choose the Best Weight Gainer Supplement

At some point in every man’s life they will try to add muscle mass. More often than not, they will underestimate the difficulty that’s involved with building muscles. Some will decide that a picture perfect physique is not for them. Others will find a way to obtain their desired body.

When lifting for massive gains, these athletes will inevitably come across mass gainer supplements. These are the supplements that are specifically designed to help athletes/bodybuilders put on serious muscle mass. The added weight is achieved through a huge spike in the athletes calorie intake. As a result, you gain weight that you can turn into muscle mass.

How to Find the Best Weight Gainer Supplement

While searching for the ideal mass gainer supplement, you will need to know a few things about them. Choosing the wrong supplement could hinder you with negative side effects that might prevent you from progressing. The search for a weight gainer should be challenging and exhaustive as they are one of the more expensive supplements on the market. So, don’t throw your money away, make sure you know what you are buying.

Check the Saturated Fat Levels

Healthy fats are good for the body. They help the body gain weight. But, saturated fat is not a healthy fat. Some mass weight gainers have a high level of saturated fats which is detrimental to your progress. Ideally, a mass gainer will not have more than 5 grams of saturated fats which is a very minimal amount of your daily intake.

To further explain, it is possible for a weight gainer to have 20 grams of fat but only 5 grams of fat from saturated fats. This would be a healthy supplement to use. However if 10 grams of 15 grams are saturated fat then you should avoid it like the plague.

Consider the Cholesterol Level

The cholesterol content in the mass gainer is another vital aspect to consider. You should ensure that you avoid products that have excess levels of cholesterol. If a single serving has more than 100 mg of cholesterol, then it is not good for your health. This will make you gain more fat than muscle.

How Much Sugar Does It Have?

Some weight gainer supplements will contain high levels of sugar that will help to boost the calorie content. They will also use more sugar to enhance the taste. Conversely, this is not recommended and it is not good for your health. The best weight gainer supplement should have an absolute maximum of 25 grams of sugar. This sugar content should be enough to provide you with the right amount of calories to gain more muscle mass.

Protein Equals Muscle

An ideal mass gainer supplement will have the right amount of protein that boost the growth of muscles. Mostly, they will contain whey protein, and each serving will have about forty to sixty grams of protein. Proteins are what will allow you to actually build muscle so do not buy a supplement with an inadequate serving of protein. A lack of protein should be a bright red flag that the supplement is not going to deliver.

What is the Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio?

The most recommended protein to carbohydrate ratio for a good mass gainer supplement is about 1:2. This implies that, for every gram of protein in the supplement, there should be two grams of carbohydrates. Suppose the protein level is higher than the carbohydrate level, it will mean that your body will not have an adequate supply of carbohydrates to burn during exercise. This will in turn prevent your muscles from growing and this can lead to fat gain, rather that muscle gain.

Is the Taste Bearable?

I’m not one to worry about taste too much. But, if the taste is unbearable then you will likely not use the supplement enough to get the results from it. Thus, a poor taste can make even the best supplement a waste of money.

To learn about the taste, you will want to read through the reviews and the comments of the customers. Or purchase a supplement with a money-back guarantee so that you aren’t at a loss if the company produces a poor tasting supplement that you can’t use.

How to Maximize the Use of a Mass Weight Gainer

Using a big mass weight gainer can be a little bit like playing with fire. You must consume the weight gainer regularly and hit the gym at least 5 days a week. While in the gym, you must exercise at a high intensity level to get the most out of your workout and let the mass gainer generate muscle gains as opposed to fat gains.

If you drink mass gainer and sit on the couch, you will generate fat. It is not a secret formula to build huge mass unless you are putting in the effort in the weight room.

Remember to lift heavy for maximum gains. Lifting heavy while using a mass gainer will should your muscle mass gains through the roof unlike any other supplement on the market today.

One Final Word

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