How to Build Muscle Fast, build muscle fast

How to Build Muscle Fast

Tired of waiting on your muscles to cooperate? There are a few things that you can do to speed up the process of building muscle. There are a few common mistakes that people make when they are trying to build muscle that actually slows down the process. A lot of people want to build muscle fast because they want to lose weight fast, they cut back on their calories which is a big no-no especially if you are trying to build muscle fast.

Your muscles need to be “fed”. What does it mean to feed your muscles? Well some basic biology is in order. Your muscles are built from protein that forms chains and becomes elastic like fibers, much like rubber bands. Each muscle group is composed of thousands of these fibers. The fibers are made up of millions of specialized cells that are actually divided into sub categories like “heart muscles” “skeletal muscles” and other muscle groups.

The human body has over 650 muscles. Those muscles make up about a half or your overall body weight. The idea that muscles way more than fat is not necessarily true. A pound is a pound is a pound. The old riddle “which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?” The punch line of course is they weight the same because a pound is a pound no matter what it is a pound of.

Of course a pound of muscle is much healthier than a pound of fat but to say that muscles weigh more is not necessarily true.

All of the cells that come together to make up your muscle fibers depend on protein for fuel. It is very important to supply your body with enough fuel when you are trying to build muscle. A good plan is to feed your muscles before you work out and after you get done working out. Cutting down on the calories when you are trying to build muscle quickly is not the best way to accomplish it.

How to Feed Your Muscles

Count your calories but not to skimp on them to know what you have to have to be successful in your muscle improvement. The easiest way to ensure that you are getting enough calories to quickly increase your muscle mass is to do use this simple equation. Take your weight and multiply it by 20 and that is the number of calories you should be consuming every day. As your weight increases due to the build-up of muscles you will increase your calorie intake to match the formula of your weight X 20.

You have to feed your muscles to build your muscles. A diet that restricts calories will not help your to build muscles. A diet that is rich is lean protein and that is hydrating will help your body to produce muscles quicker. On protein drinks-a lot of body builders depend on protein drinks and supplements to ensure that they are getting enough protein to keep their muscles growing.

If you have a problem with keeping weight on then you may want to consider protein drinks and supplements like whey protein to add muscle mass faster and keep it on. Supplements provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build and maintain muscle. Read more about our premium supplements here.

Resistance is Key in Building Muscle Fast

To build your muscles fast you have to be able to break them down quickly of course you have to be able to do that without causing any real damage. Start with the big muscle groups first. Studies have shown that working the big muscle groups first will result in building muscles faster than if you start out with the lesser groups.

Using weights is important but don’t forget to get in some cardio as well and some isometrics. You can be exercising your muscles even when you are not at the gym by using isometric techniques to create resistance.

Set a schedule and stick to it. 4 days on 3 days off is a good schedule to jump start your muscle building regime. You can do one week of 4 on 3 off than follow it with 5 on 2 off and switch back the next week. Having a schedule has two benefits. It allows you to not have an excuse to get to the gym and it switches up your work out days.

Remember muscle confusion and to switch things up often. There is some evidence that quicker more intense workouts are better than slower workouts with heavier weights. You can switch up your routine and change out the amount of weight you are lifting every week. Lift progressive amounts of weight, add 10 pounds each week, than every other week switch out your routine. This can help your muscles to not become “lazy” or used to your routine.

Reverse your load lifts. Part of your change can be to lift your load all the way for partial reps than switch to 1/3rd lifts and half lifts. This is another technique to change up your motion and intrigue your muscles which will keep them growing.

Have Patience

It may sound odd to advise you to have some patience when this is supposed to be tips on gaining muscles fast but the truth of the matter is there is no easy way to gain muscles fast. You have to be willing to put the work in and it does take time BUT on the upside if you follow the advice here you will start to see a transformation in about 3 weeks.

A lot of people fail before they ever really get started because they think that fast means immediate but nothing is immediate especially not building muscle. Dedicate yourself to the process and you will get the results that you hope for.