How Protein Shakes Work

How Protein Shakes Work to Help You Gain the ‘Good’ Weight

If you’re into bodybuilding and aiming to get that killer physique, there are a few steps you need to take. From eating right to proper exercise, there is a lot of effort that goes into creating that perfectly sculpted body. However, not everyone realizes this until they are faced with the daunting task.

To begin with, you need to gain enough muscle mass to obtain a lean and fit appearance. While you may have heard about the difficulty of weight loss, this is an entirely different challenge. Try it out, and you will realize just how difficult it can be to gain weight. And when we say gain weight, we’re not talking about fat here.

Gaining good muscle weight is what’s important, and this is best done through protein. Now any experienced bodybuilder will tell you that this is ideally gained through solid foods – and we’re not talking about the commercially prepared products. Healthy food is usually best made at home, without many of the excessive additives present in fast food.

Why Pick Up a Protein Shake?

Unfortunately, with a full-time job, deadlines, commitments, and other claims on your life, getting the time to prepare a healthy meal can be a feat in itself. Moreover, not everyone enjoys or even excels at cooking, and since the amount of protein needed each day can be tremendous, there has to be an easier way. This is where the protein shake steps in. It is a great solution to this otherwise confounding dilemma. Most importantly, it comes with incredible results!

Advantages of the Protein Shake:

1. Multiple Health Benefits

Protein shakes are, as the name suggests, rich with protein. These are brilliant for the production of muscles and also help with various other bodily functions. This includes giving your immune system a good boost, helping manufacture various enzymes, and even hormones for proper and healthy functioning of the body. Consequently, your energy levels will also go up, making you a lot more productive and allowing you to accomplish more work in the same amount of time. Moreover, protein is also useful in improving cardiovascular functioning, muscle contraction, and of course, muscle healing, among many other functions.

2. Super Muscle-Building and Healing Power

One of the primary advantages of a protein shake is its ability to help you shed all the “fat weight” while ensuring you gain muscle mass – a key requirement for any bodybuilder. Its ability to heal muscles helps take care of all those micro-tears that occur during weight training. This is because a strenuous workout if likely to damage your muscles at least slightly. Consequently, it is advisable to drink a protein shake immediately after a hard training session at the gym. This will speed up the healing process, keeping you on top of your bodybuilding game. Without an adequate protein intake, your muscles may not be completely healed in time for your next workout session, and this could spell disaster. That’s because if you’re seriously trying to get your body into shape, it means thorough exercises – and with sore, worn out muscles, you’re more likely to be injured than fit.

3. Quick Absorption Rate

Proteins shakes are usually also easier for your body to absorb than regular food sources. Unlike the protein present in foods which needs to be broken down first, shakes will be able to reach your muscles within 30 minutes. This ensures quick action after a work-out, helping fix all the micro-tears that may have taken place. This is one aspect where solid foods definitely cannot compete.

4. More for Less

Protein shakes ensure that you get your required amount of protein each day. When your protein intake is determined by food, however, there is one major downside. You will likely have to consume a lot of food, and calories, to generate the same amount of protein as that which would be delivered to your body through a shake! Supplement containing protein come with the perfect ratio of protein and carbs meant to ensure healthy weight gain. This is a rarity when it comes to foods, since this ratio isn’t a naturally occurring one.

The Minimum Amount Needed

Getting the perfectly chiseled body is the dream. But it requires immense hard work and dedication. So while you may frequent the gym and work out regularly, you also need to take the right amount of protein. There is a minimal amount you must adhere to at all costs. To begin with, you should have at least one gram per every pound you weigh. So if your body weight is 250 pounds, you should be taking in at least 250 grams of protein per day – and that isn’t easy when ingested through solid foods alone!

How Much is Too Much?

This is a topic of hot debate. While some people believe that too much protein can be bad for you, others firmly disagree. After all, the excess protein all proceeds to help you gain muscle mass and improve general health – so how could it backfire? Truth is that studies have shown that too much protein could cause you to lose calcium and magnesium from your system. While ‘too much’ is a different amount for everyone, if you’re sleeping, walking, and eating protein shakes – consider calcium and magnesium supplements as well to balance it out.

There are a wide variety of protein powders available which will help you whip up delicious shakes. While they all promise the same advantages, their degree of effectiveness differs drastically. So it is important to research the products being offered and weigh them against each other. Some will give you a bigger bang for your buck than others and enable you to begin seeing results in a short amount of time. But even so, it is important to remember that the best time to take a protein shake is immediately after a workout and/or right before you go to bed. This will give your muscles the ability to heal and recover, and will also work to help you gain muscle mass overnight.

If you’re ready to get started, whey protein is the perfect supplement for you.