What Supplements Should I Take

Finally Answering the Question “What Supplements Should I Take?”

Every trainer has hears this question at least once a day “what supplements should I take?” and the answer can be different every time. In some cases the answer is just “none” in other cases there is a long laundry list of supplements that you should take.

There are a couple of considerations that every body builder and budding body builder should make. How much do you want to spend? How committed are you to the craft? These two questions are very important because they provide very telling answers.

Supplements are expensive for good reason. They are effective and they can easily enhance any bodybuilder’s results. If you are not really sure how committed you are to improving your body than the obvious question is “why spend money on supplements that will sit on the counter?”

Once you have established how much you can spend and your commitment level than “what supplements should I take” can be answered more effectively.

What Supplements Should I Take? Let’s Start With the Ones You Shouldn’t Take

Some supplements that are out there are just scams. They are a waste of money, they have no science behind them and they are something you should avoid. There are companies that prey on people that are just getting into bodybuilding because they know that you are eager to get started and that you want to be able to see the gains quickly.

Any product that promises “immediate results” or any other promise that just sounds too good to be true likely is too good to be true. Look it is easy to get sucked into their promises of overnight success but the reality is there is no magic pill that is going to transform you in a couple of days.

If there was in fact something magical about a supplement it would likely be completely out of most people’s price range. You see these late night commercials that offer supplements for $19.95 and then they even throw in an extra bottle for free, consider what type of results can you get for $19.95 for two bottles? Not very good.

Good supplements are expensive because they have the science behind them, they work and they work for everyone.

Avoid these scammish or faddish fix it all type supplements and opt instead for proven formulas that will enhance what you are doing.

These Are the Supplements You Should Take

Science has made some impressive improvements when it comes to understanding how the human body works. As a result there are some supplements that will give your body the boost it needs to function at a higher level.

Of course there is a litany of “ingredients” that can be found in supplements that will help to enhance what you are already doing by feeding your body the nutrients that it needs. Here is a short list of the things you should be looking for in supplements:

  1. Whey Protein
  2. Glutamine
  3. Creatine
  4. ZMA
  5. Thermogenics

We know we need protein and amino acids to build muscle. We know that we need glutamine because the body cannot create enough of its own, it is a branch chain amino acid that is essential to body function. Glutamine is depleted during heavy workout sessions so it is a very important ingredient in any supplement.

Creatine is a great supplement for increasing lean muscle mass. It works best with glucose bases and can easily help you to get to the next level in body building. It can also help to jump start your regime if you are new to fitness.

ZMA is a natural way to boost testosterone levels in the body. It can help to enhance muscle size and stamina during workouts. ZMA is Zinc, Magnesium and Asparate. It works by synergizing with the natural levels of testosterone in the body and increasing production to the maximum production levels.

Thermogenic compounds are used to burn fat. They are not as essential as the other ingredients unless you need to lose some fat, then of course they will take a front seat in what supplements should I take. Thermogenic compounds are a combination of chemicals some as simple as a three ingredient compound (ephedra, aspirin and caffeine) that are proven to reduce the fat in your body.

Choosing Your Supplements – Answering What Supplements Should I Take

Now that you understand what supplements are most essential and what they do you can start shopping. You can buy an all in one type supplement that contains most all the ingredients but you are likely better off creating your own regiment buy purchasing separate supplements that contain each of the ingredients.

When you devise your own supplement regimen by buying for example a whey protein powder and a formula that focuses on ZMA you can control how much you take of each. You have the ability to customize your supplements that you do not get when you buy an all in one. Of course customization requires a little extra work and likely added expense as well.

As a side note before you take any supplements be sure that you are aware of all the ingredients and take note of any allergies that you may have. For example if you have a nickel allergy you will have to pay attention to the ZMA formulas because nickel is often one of the ingredients. Knowing what you are taking is well worth the added effort of having to look everything up. You do not want to have to deal with a reaction which typically shows up as a stomach issue. It can keep you home out of the gym and that would just side line all the effort of taking the right supplements.

If you take any medication regularly you will want to be sure to speak to your doctor about any supplements because even the “all natural” supplements can interact with prescription medication.

Do your research and browse through our shop. If you need any help finding the right supplements, just shoot us an email.