Does Yoga Build Muscle

Does Yoga Build Muscle?

Yoga is commonly referred to as an activity for women to stay lean and healthy. But over the past few years, more men have begun to partake in it. The growth in men participating in yoga has developed so much that a school titled, “Broga” was created to provide a slightly more masculine form for men to join in the fun.

Yoga essentially uses different poses and positions to target all areas of your body to see serious flexibility improvement. Flexibility and consistent stretching can truly benefit any male or female who hits the gym because it can help prevent injury and setbacks.

Historically, most bodybuilders and athletes were concerned with just gaining brute strength and muscle mass. However, a recent trend in yoga has revealed its ability to create a ‘ripped’ and ‘toned’ physique.

Does Yoga Build Muscle?

The answer to this question is a mixture of a yes and a no. The truth behind yoga is that it does a whole lot to the body, and it is a great way to improve your core strength and overall agility. Yoga is not exactly the activity to do if you want to use it as merely a way to gain muscle. If you want to see muscle growth and see serious gains, you need to hit the gym and lift heavy first and foremost. Doing yoga will be a great way to achieve overall fitness goals. However, to step up your game and truly improve your muscular growth you have to implement various forms of workouts to your regime.

You may think that since you’re not carrying any weights that you won’t build muscle, but for a second just think about your bodyweight. To be able to carry yourself with ease takes a lot of strength. Yoga helps to slowly build up that ability and so if you want to be more capable and have more reliable muscle, doing yoga 3 to 5 times a week can be highly beneficial.

Why Yoga Is Seriously Powerful For Improving Your Core

When you do yoga and you start incorporating more of the tougher poses and/or weights into every single session, you’ll slowly be improving your entire body. What most people don’t know about yoga is how well it can help you improve your core. The harder poses truly challenge you to get into inversions and improve your stomach, legs, arms, and your entire core.

Sometimes you won’t even know if somebody is practicing this activity simply because it’s not always obvious based on their bodies if they have intense core strength or not. Yoga is ultimately one of the best ways to achieve physical strength and flexibility because with every pose, you’ll be able to gain more mobility from your head to feet.

The Benefits of Yoga

Stress Reliever

One of the main benefits to yoga is the fact that it’s such an effective stress reliever. If you’re going through some stressful times and you can’t seem to control your emotions, then doing 15 to 30 minutes of yoga a day can help to mend your mind and give you spiritual peace. When you breathe deeply and you’re allowing your mind to relax with yoga, no matter how stressed you get, you will without a doubt feel more calm and relaxed. That is why almost every yoga instructor is always so Zen because they have mastered the art of breathing deeply and in control.

Improves Posture

In addition, yoga has been proven to help improve your posture tremendously just from the poses that are done. Every single pose practiced from yoga elongates the spine, stretches every limb, and prevents damage in the tissue. You really are exercising every part of your body without stressing your muscles in any way like most other workouts. Just be sure to properly warm up and only do poses that are done by actual yoga professionals. Knowing your limits is also important to avoid injury and other potential setbacks.

Fertility Aid

In recent years, many medical professionals and yoga instructors have claimed that yoga can effectively help with fertility, as it does rid stress in the mind and body. That is why pregnancy yoga has become a huge thing in couples throughout the years. When the possible mother is relaxed and calm it is way easier to get pregnant, but not only that, when you are pregnant, doing yoga can help to keep the baby healthy and strong. Flexibility also plays a role in yoga helping with fertility because being able to move freely can make intercourse a lot more fluid.

Muscle Growth and Exercise

So no, you will not see an incredible amount of muscle gains by performing yoga. Muscular gains are typically proportionate to the amount of strain that’s put on the muscles. Thus, the best exercise to see large amounts of muscular gains is lifting heavy weights. Typically, the heavier the weights, the more the muscles strain and eventually the larger they grow.

However, yoga provides two key benefits that go hand in hand with lifting heavier weights for muscle growth. First, yoga is able to tone the muscles by using stretching and bodyweight exercise to create a mix of strength and cardio training. Hot yoga is especially beneficial when it comes to burning excess calories and creating a toned, cut physique. Second, yoga complements larger muscle gains by enable functional flexibility to enable to body to perform at its highest level. This is why it’s not uncommon for high performance athletes to regularly do yoga.

Supplements and Yoga

Supplements are essential for every single type of workout. No matter what type of body you are trying to achieve, supplements help you create the ideal environment within your body to accomplish your goals.

However, what supplements you should take will always depend on your individual goals. Have a look at our store and see what supplements can help you improve your performance and reach your fitness goals sooner.


In conclusion, yoga isn’t just for women anymore. It’s important for both men and women to maximize their body’s abilities. While it won’t generate a ton of muscle mass, it will definitely improve the body’s ability to carry and functionally use the muscle mass created by other forms of exercise. Always focus on improving your ability and strive to reach a more advanced level of yoga.