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Does Lifting Weights Burn Fat?

When paired with a successful weight loss regiment, its true lifting weights can help burn body fat. Using weight lifting as an exercise can actually do many other things, too. It can aid you in losing fat, building and/or toning your muscles, and changing how your body looks overall. Simply put, lifting weights to lose weight is the best way to lose weight naturally.

That’s why weight lifting to burn fat has become a popular theme amongst body builders. It has multiple benefits for those of us that are lifting correctly during our workout routine.

For the best results, you need to be known the proper techniques for each exercise that you perform. If you are new to weight lifting, you may want to consider consulting with a personal trainer. Start with lighter weights if you’re just starting out and increase slowly. This way there is little to no risk of injury. While, lifting lesser weight is often seen as “weak” or “bad,” building the proper form will allow you to accelerate your growth down the road.

The great thing about weight lifting is that it allows you to work on trouble areas. So if you want to tighten the skin on your stomach or on your arms, weight lifting can help with that, too. Each exercise caters to specific areas of the body, so catering lifting to your goals is easy when you know what you’re doing.

Lifting Weights to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, you have to increase your metabolism rate. Lifting weights not only increases metabolism, but it keeps it up longer after you’re done with your workout. Why? This is because your body demands oxygen after a workout, registering an increase in metabolic rate to get that oxygen.

In addition, lifting weights aids in the development of muscles. A pound of muscle can help the body burn up to 20 calories a day, while a pound of fat, on the other hand, can only burn five calories. High intensity workout routines are ideal for building muscle while simultaneously burning fat. Because of this, they’re quickly becoming more and more popular among athletes and weight lifters.

In addition increasing metabolism, lifting weights with a focus on high intensity workouts contributes to bone strength and increases endurance levels. To get the most out of your workout, combine weight lifting with more cardiovascular based activities.  This is achieved through taking less rest before workouts or performing other activities like jumping jacks or jump roping between reps to keep the heart rate up.

Burning Fat 

To get the best results with burning fat, building muscle, and losing weight, lift weights at least 3-times a week. Also, pay close attention to your diet. Go on a strict diet that works and matches your goals. Add aerobic exercises, too, to help with your cardiovascular system. By concentrating on all three aspects, you will build lean muscle and lose weight.

How to Lose Weight Whiling Using a Weight Lifting Workout

It’s important to push yourself to your limit when it comes to lifting weights. You need to lift more than what your muscles are used to in order to achieve the maximum results. But, make sure that you follow our guidelines to lifting weights safely.

Increase the amount once you feel your body getting used to the weight. You should be complete reps with difficulty, and changes should be happening to your weight amounts regularly. Always remember to lift more weights than your muscles are used to.

Choose between rep ranges and lifting exercises that target different muscles and different parts of the body. Make sure you don’t concentrate on the same muscle groups over and over again.

Adopt a split routine, meaning two days you work on one area of the body, like legs and back, and for two other days, focus on the upper body. When lifting, lower yourself slowly breathing out when doing so. Keep your balance. The slower you move during these exercises, the harder it will become, but it will give you a better results.

The remaining three days on the split routine can be used to rest. It’s important that the body get enough time to recover from the exercises because you are essentially damaging your muscles to build them up. If you’re going to work out more than four days per week at a high intensity level, your other workouts should be slower and focused toward maxing out your reps.

And of course, always make an effort to warm up before workout regiments and cool down after to prevent any injury.

Something to Think About 

Lifting weights can be very beneficial in burning fat and losing weight, especially when paired with a proper, well formulated diet and the necessary recovery time.

It is important, though, to know how to best manipulate the exercises to give you the best results without injury. If you want to burn fat, it is best for you to lift at a weight that will bring you to a point of exhaustion with your reps then minimize the rest you take between reps. Focus on keeping your heart rate up.

To properly use the equipment at your gym, it is wise to ask a trainer or someone who is very familiar with it before trying to lift on your own. For the best results with your exercises, try a split exercise routine, working on different areas of the body on different days, while leaving enough time for your muscles to rest, regroup, and grow.

When it comes to a time frame and seeing results, don’t become discouraged if you aren’t seeing what you want to right away. Making the decision to burn fat and lose weight is a lifestyle change. That means it’s a long term commitment.

Change will happen slowly, but it will happen — be assured. You just need to stick with a great weight loss routine, the diet, and the lifestyle changes. Set smaller goals for yourself and try not to look at the end result to keep you motivated.

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