Does Flexing Build Muscle

Does Flexing Build Muscle?

Have you ever seen those professional body builders showing off their muscles in competitions? Have you been awe struck enough to wonder how they did it and wished you could do it too?

You may not believe this, but those results are due, in part, to simply flexing. Trust me; I know you’re skeptical of that statement and rightfully so.

But let’s go a little bit more in depth and take a look at the long answer.

Flexing the muscles is an isometric exercise. This simply means that it’s a passive exercise. It’s performed in isolation and it may not be impressive in terms of achieving enormous muscular gains. But when it is combined with progressive resistance training or advanced forms of exercise, it is very beneficial as a complementary exercise.

A Closer Look at Isometric Exercise

When you flex the muscle and hold it in the flexed position for anywhere between 5 to 30 seconds it is an isometric exercise. For example, if you flex the arm at the shoulder, press it against your chest and hold it for a few seconds. You can even help blood circulation by squeezing the muscles of the arm. Every muscle in the body can be flexed via an isometric exercise.

The Benefits of Flexing

There are quite a few benefits that you can get out of muscle flexing. Some of the more important ones are:

  1. Improved control – Flexing the muscle and holding will give you more control over the muscle. The more frequently you do this, the more control you acquire. This will send signals to the muscle through your brain and help you recruit additional muscle fibers. Ultimately the muscle becomes stronger and better trained.
  2. Tone the muscle – Who doesn’t like a toned body? Flexing exercises enable your body to get a more toned and attractive look. The abs are one of the more popular areas to target through flexing (for obvious reasons).
  3. Improved blood circulation – When you keep the muscles flexed, blood and oxygen are drawn into the muscle, giving it that pumped up look. This is again more important for the professionals.
  4. Helps to improve posture and pose – For professional body builders, it is important to strike the right poses gracefully and well. Flexing exercises help with this by improving muscle control. However, for this, it is important to flex the muscles of the entire body simultaneously and not just individual muscles. Otherwise there may be a lack of symmetry while posing in a competition.
  5. Boosts self-confidence – Good control over the muscles gives you a sense of being in command. Initially, you may find that there is a shake in the muscle if you try to flex and hold a muscle for a long time. Gradually, with improved control, the muscle grows stronger and you are able to hold for longer periods and the shakes disappear. This will certainly boost your confidence as a body builder. Especially, when you’re on stage.

Flexing the Right Way

Flexing can be done anywhere although it’s usually in front of the mirror. The important thing is to concentrate on each individual muscle while you flex and stretch it. In this manner, you can go from your toes to your head, progressing systematically or proceed the other way from top to bottom. You can even say it is somewhat like meditation because of the absolute mental focus that it demands.

So, Weight Lifting or Flexing?

Easy, both! These are not competing exercises, they are very complementary to each other. In fact, weight lifting also involves flexing the target muscle, but against resistance. As such, it is not called flexing because when we use the term flexing, it refers only to the isometric exercises and not resistance training.

Stretching After Flexing

This is also equally important. The muscle should be kept contracted both while flexing as well as while stretching. Otherwise you may not accrue full benefit because gravity and momentum take over part of the work that your muscles should be doing.

Diet and Supplementation are Always Key

The importance of dieting when it comes to bodybuilding cannot be over-emphasized. Many people tend to eat a very high calorie diet and end up gaining more fat than muscle. Therefore, it is important to have the right combination of nutrients and exercise to achieve your muscle building goals. Supplementation allows us to give our body the ideal level of nutrients to produce superior results.

Big Mass Weight Gainer is a supplement that was designed by nutritionists. It not only contains the right ratio of proteins and carbs to promote massive muscle gains, but also contains important amino acids essential for muscle growth.

For the Professionals

If you are already a professional body builder or an aspiring one, muscle flexing exercises are all the more important to help you strike the right pose on stage. In this case, flexing should follow a more rigorous progressive resistance training session.

The Final Word on Flexing

We can safely conclude that muscle flexing does indeed help in muscle building. Even though it may not be very effective when performed on its own, it plays an important role in improving muscle control and endurance, and is particularly useful when combined with resistance or strength training workouts.

So, whether you are an amateur body builder or a professional, remember to flex the muscles of your entire body during or after each session in the gym. This will definitely expedite and improve the process of achieving your body building goals and figure.