Creatine For Women

Creatine For Women: Here’s What You Need To Know

Creatine, which is a chemical compound that is commonly found in the body (especially in the muscles), and is a special nitrogenous organic acid whose fundamental role is to supply energy to all of your body’s cells. The chemical compound can also be obtained from certain foods like meat and fish or from certain bodybuilding supplements.

Women are increasingly venturing into bodybuilding just like their male counterparts in order to obtain a perfect body or to improve their overall beauty. This has made them embrace the use of creatine supplements to maximize workouts as they can help them perform and greatly improve their physique. This article will help explain the benefits of creatine for women and help you understand if it is the perfect bodybuilding supplement choice for you.

Does Creatine Work For Women? 

Before we venture deep into understanding whether or not creatine is good for you, it is crucial to find out if the bodybuilding supplement really works. Creatine supplements were developed to compliment the creatine compounds that are naturally available within the human body. Research findings indicate that just like its proven efficiency in men, creatine can also work wonders for ladies.

Creatine, when used by women, supplies them with much-needed energy for their muscles, increasing their overall high-intensity performance while boosting their muscle recovery. This in turn increases their lean muscle mass while maintaining their post-training activities. When used appropriately and as recommended by experts, creatine is totally safe.

Rest assured that there are no additional or unusual effects of using the creatine as opposed to when used by men. Essentially, creatine has the same effect for women as it does for men. 

Contrary to the common myth, creatine is not an anabolic steroid. The compound is naturally produced in our bodies, but in lower quantities. Supplementation is what allows the body to make full use of the role creatine plays within the body and it’s muscle building functions. Because the body is naturally capable of producing lower quantities of creatine, the effects of creatine are heightened when larger doses are entered into the body. But, unlike steroids that are known to have serious negative side effects to the body, creatine is a natural supplement with a few side effects if any.

However, it is always wise to ask for the professional medical opinion of a medical expert before starting to use any fitness supplements – especially creatine. This is because scientific research indicates that women have naturally higher levels of creatine than men, hence are unlikely to get any immediate effects of using the supplements. By consulting your doctor first, he or she can help determine the average amount of creatine you have in your body and provide quality recommendations as to what amount of dosage will work perfectly for you.

The effects of using creatine have undergone thorough scientific scrutiny and research. This became necessary when there was a significant increase in creatine production and insatiable demand from bodybuilders. What makes the supplement stand out from other competitors in the market is its ability to provide increased strength and clearly defined lean muscles which are a result of scientific based ingredients and formulas.

By helping improve your workout sessions, creatine ends up improving your lean muscle, making you look and feel good while giving you less trouble with calories as opposed to those who don’t use it.

Creatine provides you with an extraordinary stamina during workouts, helping you burn a significant amount of calories and fats. This can be highly beneficial in getting rid of any unwanted fats in your body, resulting in a better, more toned appearance. By replenishing body energy, creatine restores the exhausted muscle energy providing you with extra strength to use during your workout. This results in an overall increase in the effectiveness of your workout which improves results.

When it comes to appearance, using creatine to develop lean muscles helps makes one’s body firm, more bodacious and curvy than that of an average lady. This will in turn transform your body image into one that will make you more attractive as a fit, athletic woman. Contrary to the popular misconception that using body building supplements may turn you into a “she-male” with even broader shoulders and masculine like characteristics, the supplement helps you achieve a more pleasing and fitting body when combined with an appropriate fitness plan designed to obtain your fitness goals.

Types of Creatine For Women 

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is considered to be the oldest and most researched form of creatine supplement available for use by women. This creatine type is often associated with water-weight hence is recommended for you as a lady if you are the type that goes to the gym for professional competition and not specifically to achieve beauty alone. 

Creatine HCL

Creatine HCL is a relatively new form of creatine that is surprisingly better at dissolving in water due to its hydrochloric properties. Unlike creatine monohydrate, using creatine HCL will not expose you to water- weight and takes just a little water to mix with the supplemental dosage. Another advantage of the supplement over creatine monohydrate is the fact that the latter will make the body muscles appear softer. 


When it comes to creatine, it is the perfect supplement for both men and women. Any athlete or bodybuilder that is serious about gaining lean muscle mass, improving their physique, and improving their overall body should be taking a creatine supplement.  

Taking the right amount of creatine for women supplement dosage helps one improve their athletic performance, eliminate any form of creatine deficiency and build an incredible muscle mass. The only way to achieve all this at a single dose is to obtain a boost from natural creatine products. There aren’t any other supplements that stack up to what creatine does for the body. Creatine should be a mainstay of any athlete or bodybuilders supplementation routine. Other supplements should be used around creatine, depending on your workout goals.