Upper Body Workout

An Upper Body Workout Routine for Massive Gains

The best upper body workout routine is going to be the routine that fits into your lifestyle because it is going to be the one that you are able to get done. In a perfect world getting to the gym every day is easy and you would have hours to spend at the gym.

Most of us do not live in a perfect world. Most of us have responsibilities like work, family and a social life. The goal is to have an upper body workout routine that gives you results that you want while fitting into your daily lifestyle.

You want to make sure that every minute you are investing in the gym pays off with gains. Getting the most of out the barbells, weights and machines really comes down to the technique that you use. Below you will find tips for getting the most out of the gym equipment.

There are some standards that you just cannot beat for an upper body workout routine which we will discuss and help you to perfect your form to get the most out of your workout. We are going to look at one of the most effective routines to work the upper body.

This workout will alternate the 4 major movements of multi joints in the upper body. These movements build the chest, upper arms, shoulders and neck. After each set of reps rest for a minute to a minute and a half. Then between each round of exercising rest two to three minutes.

All of the exercises on the circuit should be completed to get the most benefit out of the workout. If you are pressed for time it is better to reduce the number of repetitions in the circuit than it is to skip out on part of the circuit. The number of reps for each cycle should be 3 sets of 10 but if you need to reduce the amount of time than you can reduce to 3 sets of 6 or 7.

Bench Press and Overhead Pull Downs

For upper body work the bench press is hard to beat. To get the most out of bench pressing you want to use the right form, alternate weights using a progressive amount of weights and switch out your reps from time to time.

Your position should be flat on your back with a slight arch in your lower back. Be sure your feet are flat on the ground. You want to pull your shoulders back toward the bench and keep them shrugged downward. Hold your rib cage high as you lift off.

Bench press with the lowest weight that is mildly difficult to lift and increase at 10 pound increments. You can alternate bench presses using the barbell and the dumbbell. Switching your arm position and your grip will work different groups. If you are new to the gym you may want to work out with a partner to spot you for safety reasons.

Pull downs are a great back exercise and a staple in every effective upper body workout routine. You want to stand with your feet hips length apart, your back to the machine and use progressive weight to pull down overhead first, then outward pull downs and finally one at a time alternating arms. Do a complete round and take the rest periods in between. This will work out your shoulders, neck and upper arms.

Rowing, Triceps and Biceps

Rowing is also an excellent upper body workout and should be a part of your circuit of training. You can either do a seated row or a bent over row. Rowing works the chest and upper arms. Working the biceps and the triceps on the curl machine offers great results as well.

You row using your shoulders and chest. Sit up straight with your lower back pressed firmly against the seat, make sure that you are using good posture so that you use the right muscle group to row. Rowing also will strengthen your core if you use the machine the right way.

The proper bicep curl really depends on the placement of your elbows. Many people make the mistake by overloading on the weight then moving their elbows out from the sides to be able to lift the load. If you are not keeping your elbows pinned to your side when you are doing a curl you are working out your wrists and your shoulders not your biceps.

The proper form will pay off. Keep those elbows pinned to your side and use weight that you can lift and gradually increase it over time. Curls are only effective if you are doing them right, if you over do the weight and you lose your form you will not see the gains.

Balancing your bicep work with strong triceps work will ensure that you build strong arms to go along with your upper body. Pull downs (again), this time you will stand facing the machine, grab the bar suspended from the cable in a pronation position and push down on the bar, hold for a count of 5 with your arms straight, allow the bar to slowly come up and repeat. Add weight progressively as the resistance becomes easier.

End of Upper Body Workout

It may seem like there is a lot you are expected to do as part of your upper body workout routine but you will only be spending a relatively short time working out each cycle. The entire workout should not exceed an hour. It is just as important what you do after your workout as you do before.

Make sure that you are consuming the right foods after your workout to help replenish your body’s nutrients, grow your muscles, and recover quicker. If you’re committed to working out and making gains, then its time to invest in your muscle building and take your results to the next level with supplements. Do some research of the best supplements for building muscle like whey proteins, mass gainers, creatine and testosterone.