Beginner CrossFit Workouts

All About Beginner CrossFit Workouts

This high-intensity workout regimen is a hit everywhere. With functional exercise movements that vary constantly, it is the perfect workout for anyone that’s looking to crank up the intensity of their workouts. Each CrossFit workout can be customized to suit anyone’s fitness ability. This makes it the ideal workout for beginners or experienced athletes.

What is CrossFit Training?

CrossFit is a fitness regimen that was created by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in Santa Cruz, California in 2000. It has a registered trademark, but the core exercises can be done at just about any gym that has an official affiliation with the Washington DC-headquartered company.

CrossFit builds strength and body conditioning through extremely challenging but relatively brief workouts.  Each day the workout a person undergoes tests a different part of his or her functional strength. The exercises do not focus on a specific area like the glutes or biceps. Instead, they are done with the goal of the body working out so intensely that the whole body gets conditioned.

The exercises are also more than just weight lifting and bench presses. The routines can be filled with cardio but you do not have to take an aerobics session or anything like that. The entire set of exercises are comprised of core moves that, when done correctly with the correct equipment, offer fast fitness results.

Whether an individual is looking to beef up an already-buff physique or is looking to shed 30 or 50 pounds, CrossFit offers an excellent way of reaching fitness goals. No special skills are needed.  According to the founder, routine is the enemy of failing to meet physical fitness goals. This is why CrossFit can include gymnastic exercises, swimming, rowing, pirouettes and just about anything beyond the essential exercises that are part of most CrossFit sessions.

The workouts, including the warm ups, change each day or week depending on how often a person does them.  When a person follows the routines, they can expect to see results by doing just 15 to 25 minutes a day. CrossFit makes use of some essential gym equipment like weightlifting bars, kettlebells, and medicine balls – especially at the start for beginners.

What are the Terms Used in CrossFit?

When you are ready to take on these sessions, you will want to know a little bit of the terminology that is bandied about in the world of this fitness sensation. The most common is “WOD.” A WOD is the Workout of the Day. This exact workout will be posted at the official website. However, it can also be created and set up by the gym at which you take CrossFit training.

You will also hear about the CrossFit Games. These are the official “Olympics” of the fitness brand. The best performers come each year to attempt to win the title of World’s Fittest Man or Woman. These are great to aspire to even as you embark on the fitness regimen as a beginner. When you discover what CrossFit is all about and you see yourself losing weight and shaping up even if you are not athletic to begin with, you might aspire to joining the games someday.

What are Typical Beginner CrossFit Workouts Like?

Beginner workouts can be comprised of a quick warm up that will last approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Warm ups in any type of fitness routine are an essential part of the routine and should never be skipped. These light exercises get your muscles warmed up and help prevent strains, sprains and more.

Basic warm ups in a beginner CrossFit workout can include running, jumping jacks, burpees, pushups and sit ups.  Repetitions of these exercises have to be done enough to at least start breaking a sweat. As with any workout, do not start doing the full routine “cold.” Make sure, especially with CrossFit training, that your body is totally warmed up.

Once the warm up has concluded, the actual fitness routine can begin. Each day or week, you will likely do a different type of WOD with a special name given to it by your gym professionals. For example, some gyms will call a particular combination of CrossFit exercises “Louise” or “Darla.” The reason is really just a way to give a particular type of work out a name and also a different challenge.

It also provides you with a convenient way to remember the set of exercises you did in case you want to repeat them with your fitness routine again. You can create your own CrossFit routine with your trainer as you progress. However, there are some exercise forms that you will find in all beginner CrossFit workouts.

What are the Essential Exercises?

While the aim of CrossFit is to keep things varied, there are essential exercises you will do in a 15 to 25-minute routine. You want to be absolutely sure to perform them correctly and in a safe manner.

You will most likely start with your warm up and move right into working out with your weightlifting bar. Again, variety is the spice of CrossFit, so your gym coach or trainer might instead start you off by tossing a medicine ball against a wall and catching it. You also might be doing a few reps of squats all while holding the kettlebell.

Whatever grouping of exercises you do, you will do each for about a full minute each round. When doing each move, your body will go through a lot of fatigue. Your arms and legs will shake, but you must let this happen, fight through it and not quit.

This will be the case especially when you are a beginner. However, since you need to be safe, your trainer or gym instructor can help you modify any movements as you get closer to completing the session. You must finish your full session each time.

According to the CrossFit website, beginners must observe proper form. “Start by moving well,” is one of their mottos.  You want to move well but not fast.

While there are no exact routines with specific exercises listed on the website except for their own WOD, you have to be careful and do all reps with perseverance. These exercises are hard even for world-class athletes, but you – like so many other beginners – can do it.

Essential exercises will be a mix of strength-training, cardio and endurance.  If you are getting ready to start a regimen, you can find many basic exercises on YouTube. Do not do them just yet. Give yourself a chance to get an idea of what types of weight lifting and squatting you will be expected to do in a real CrossFit session.

Each individual exercise in any CrossFit session, including beginner sessions, is broken down into rounds of three. If you are asked to do 21, you do three rounds of seven reps.

Where are the Best Beginner CrossFit Workouts Available?

The beauty of beginner workouts is that they are available anywhere. You can gather up the basic equipment like the kettlebells, the medicine ball, and weights and do the exercises at home. A lot of people find that garages make the perfect at-home CrossFit training “gym.”

Since the form you do in each exercise is critical, you should visit a local CrossFit gym first to get professional training done one-on-one or while in an actual class that is offered. It is not hard to find a gym near you that will offer CrossFit because of its popularity.

If you are interested in beginner CrossFit workouts you probably need to take a class first. Once you are skilled at the forms your body needs to take in order to perform the exercises correctly, then you can proceed to do your routines at home or on your own. Safety is the most important factor and coming in a close second is form.

Watch YouTube videos for a better idea of what beginner workouts entail. Then, visit a gym affiliate to start taking a class. Once you have the basic moves and form down, then you can take your workout wherever you want whether that is at home in your garage or in a spare bedroom. You can also be sure that your beginner routine can continue anywhere in the United States if and when you have to travel.

Getting Started in CrossFit Training

Classes can be found by searching online. Another way of finding nearby classes or programs is to visit the official website to search for affiliates. This listing will provide you with those gyms and trainers that have the official certification for training you in CrossFit.

Once you start, you will want to push yourself to become much more than a beginner. As long as you focus for just your daily routine, you can achieve all of your fitness goals. Once you get going and are ready to see results, step up your gains with muscle building supplements.