How to Become a Bodybuilder

8 Pro Tips on How to Become a Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding has many benefits and it is because of these numerous benefits that it is considered one of the greatest and oldest sports in the world. As a beginner in bodybuilding, you will gain confidence in almost everything you do because you will be in great shape. It has no age limit whether you are 20 or 50, male or female, you can start bodybuilding and build muscle, lose fat, and get into picture perfect shape.

But the truth be told, bodybuilding is not an easy sport. It takes dedication, personal discipline, hard work, perseverance and patience for you to see results. Most beginners expect to hit the gym today and wake up tomorrow jacked. Okay, maybe their expectations aren’t that unrealistic but the point is that building muscle takes time. The following are pro tips on how to become a bodybuilder:

  1. Start with a Specific Goal 

Anyone can hit the gym and start working out. What separates a determined person from a joker is the reason for hitting the gym. However we have different goals. Some people go to the gym to lose weight, some to gain weight; others to be in good shape while others go to become bodybuilders. If your goal is to become a bodybuilder then let everything you do in the gym revolve around bodybuilding and work hard to become one.

Having a specific goal starts with knowing your capabilities and where you want to get to. This requires you to develop a weight lifting and nutrition plan and stick to it. It’s important to have or set realistic goals; goals that are achievable and reasonable. When setting your goals, it is important to remember that bodybuilding is a gradual process not an overnight thing.

  1. Learn Form and Technique 

A big part of what differentiates a novice and a pro when it comes to bodybuilding is utilizing proper technique and form. For a beginner, it is important to have an experienced gym instructor to guide you on the best techniques and forms of training. In some circumstances, bad technique or form can lead to injury. Take your time to learn the techniques and the movements and you will be able to achieve your goals. An experienced bodybuilder that uses proper techniques maximizes each set and each rep the way that exercises are designed.

  1. Learn the Basics

In almost everything, the basics are what enables someone achieve his or her ultimate goals. Bodybuilding also has basics and if followed to the tee, these basics will enable you become a bodybuilders. The basics here include how do all the variations of deadlifts, dips, presses, rows, squats and other exercises. For you to become a pro you must learn and master these basics. Once you have mastered the basics, you can improve them by using endless types of rhythm manipulation techniques in the compound movements. By manipulating the techniques, you will make your exercise harder, more stimulating and more interesting.

  1. Build an Excellent Strength Base

Have you ever wondered why most bodybuilders have huge legs, or huge arms or backs? The answer is simple; they concentrated on building a good strength base when they started working out as beginners. This does not mean that you should kill yourself with heavy weights all of a sudden. No, it definitely takes time for someone to squat something like 600 pounds or press something like 400 pounds.

However, with the right technique and dedication you can consider incorporating heavy weights into your training routine. For instance, you can do 10 sets of squats for 3-4 reps each. This basically means that for you to build a perfect strength base, you will have to exercise using heavy weights and maintain low reps for a high number of sets. You can then change the rep ranges of the compound movements each and every week.

  1. Fuel Your Body Before and After Each Workout

This is one of the most important bodybuilding tips that anyone who wants to be a body builder should know. Although eating the right foods will help you build muscle, eating is not enough to give you all the nutrition required to be a bodybuilder. You must also consume food at the proper times. While most bodybuilders will eat 15 to 20 times their bodyweight in calories each day, these meals are generally spread out throughout the day. This means that they body is getting the nutrients it needs throughout the day without any breaks or shortages. It’s also extremely important to consume high protein meals just before and just after you work out. This gives your body the nutrients it needs at the two most important times.

Failing to get the right amino acids your body needs to synthesize new muscle mass or the right amount of carbohydrates that will provide adequate energy to formulate the new muscle tissue, your body will not grow as desired. Therefore, it is important for you to consider using supplements if you don’t have the time to cook and track every single meal.

  1. Never Get Complacent 

Make sure you change your workout routine every two to three weeks. This is one of the basic plateau muscle-busting bodybuilding tips. If you have ever reached a point with your workouts where it feels as though you are just not making any progress as far as muscle building is concerned, this is a clear indication that you are in a plateau. A plateau is basically a point in time where you go more than two weeks without any type of progress. This is wasting your gym effort and time. You should avoid this as it is a recipe for disaster.

Since your goal is to become a bodybuilder, you should never let plateauing creep into your training routine. In order to avoid boredom or a plateau setting into your training regimen, you should ensure that after every two or three weeks you do something new or you change your program. This can be the way you perform your exercises, the intensity with which you do your exercises or the type of exercises you perform. Always aim to challenge or push your body to the limits. As they say, no pain, no gain.

  1. Rest

For muscle mass to develop and grow they require adequate rest. Most beginners put so much stress on their bodies by training too hard and too frequently that they forget to give the body time to rest and recover. It is important to understand that, if you do not give your body adequate rest before going back to the gym, you will not be doing your body justice. In fact, instead of getting stronger, you will be breaking it down and even making it weaker. Give yourself a day or two off from training each week.

  1. Get a Coach of a Lifting Partner

Most bodybuilders have coaches or partners who help them understand what is required in bodybuilding and are also striving to reach a similar goal. For starters, having a coach can be expensive but getting a training partner definitely isn’t. Therefore, find a training partner in the gym where you train who is experienced. He will guide you through your training program and you can push each other to stay motivated and achieve results.

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